Undecember Archer – Ultimate Guide!


LINE Games has released a new ARPG, Undecember, and with it comes a classless system! You can change from archer to mage whenever you like in this new hack-and-slash epic, but it’s easy to get lost. Not to worry – we’ve created an Undecember archer article to help you on your way to becoming the most accurate sniper.

By the end of this article, you’ll be using your bow as if it’s a semi-automatic shotgun, sending hordes of monsters into the abyss. We’ll add in a little teleport so that you can take the enemy by surprise, shooting them from all angles, as well as plenty of longer-ranged options in case you need to keep a safe distance.

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Undecember Archer Guide

Now, let’s talk bows…


  • Any bow high in physical damage, attack damage, critical damage, speed, and gear critical rate
  • Quiver that’s high in critical damage, physical damage, and attack speed
  • Any accessories that will increase the physical damage and provide some decent resistance e.g. plain compass necklace
  • Armour that’s high in resistance, features HP on kill, projectile damage, and physical damage

Undecember Archer – Skills

  • Piercing arrow
  • Find weakness
  • Slaughter
  • Attack DMG increase
  • Rain of arrows
  • Illusion arrow
  • Teleport


  • Split priority between strength and dexterity equally
  • Ignore intelligence (leave at level 10)

That’s all for now. Check out the related Undecember articles in paragraph three, and make sure to bookmark this guide to come back soon to learn more as we update the article.

Find out more information on Undecember by joining the official Discord. It’s a great way to join the community and to find groups, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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