UFO Money Strategy Guide – Suck up More Humans With These Hints and Tricks

UFO Money is a game about UFOs and money, surprisingly enough. You’re controlling a spaceship that’s hovering over a building. It’s up to you to suck up the building, its inhabitants and anything else that might get in your way. The more you beam into your ship, the more cash you’re going to make.

It’s a pretty simple idea, but there are a few things kicking around here that you’re going to need to get to grips with if you want to get the most out of the experience. And since we want you to get the most out of the experience, we’ve decided to write this guide. It’s packed full of the best strategies we’ve discovered during our time playing UFO Money, and now we’re only too happy to share them with you.

It doesn’t make a single bit of difference if you’re about to suck up your first terrified human or you’ve already swapped out your spaceship for a more powerful version – there’s going to be something here to take your skills to the next level. So let’s do this – here are the best hints, tips and cheats for UFO Money.

Spread your upgrades

When it’s time to spend cash on your upgrades, try and spread your money out evenly. All of the upgrades are going to make you stronger and earn you more cash as you play, so it’s worth trying to keep them all around the same level. As they get more expensive that isn’t always possible, but try to ensure you’re keeping a decent balance.

Be methodical

Don’t just focus on a single place in the level, instead keep on the move and suck up as you go. You’re not going to be powerful enough to get everything in a single pass, so clean up the smaller items to make your ship stronger and put you in a better position to get the bigger items later on.

Unlock the new skins

The new skins aren’t just cosmetic items – they’re also going to give you a boost to your skills. So you’re not just getting a cool new look, you’re becoming more powerful at the same time. You do have to watch a video to get the skins, but it’s worth the effort to give your ship some more oomph.

Watch out for the cops

The cops come in various guises, from cars to helicopters to tanks, and they’re going to try and stop you in your rampage. When a red exclamation mark flashes on the side of the screen, head towards it. You can take the cops down pretty quickly, but you’ll need to be on your toes if you want to make sure they don’t harass you too much.

Increase your earnings?

At the end of the levels you’re given a chance to watch a video to earn some extra cash. For the most part, it’s not worth the effort. You’re going to be watching videos to get the new skins, which will make you more powerful anyway. Just use the cash you get wisely and you’ll do just fine.

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