TypeShift Tips, Cheats and Strategies

TypeShift is the latest word game to come from the mind behind SpellTower. It’s a mixture of many word games including anagrams, word searches, and crosswords. An extensive vocabulary is one of the most important skills to possess but there’s a few other ways in which you can play through TypeShift even more effectively.

Gamezebo’s TypeShift Tips, Cheats and Strategies will give you a few helpful suggestions on how best to tackle those tricky word puzzles, ensuring you’ll be flying through them in no time and even learning a few new words along the way.

The Basics

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  • TypeShift offers two different types of word game. The basic word game side of TypeShift is simple. You shift columns of letters up and down to spell as many words as possible. Each round has a core supply of words you have to find with extra credit given if you find the bonus words alongside them. It’s simple stuff. You ‘win’ by changing the color of all the tiles to depict you’ve used them at least once.
  • The clue puzzles work more like a crossword puzzle. You’re given a selection of clues and have to solve them by creating words from the letters available to you. If a letter is only used for one word, it’s removed from your selection, meaning you know not to bother with it while creating other words.
  • Regardless of which mode you play, take your time figuring things out. Ok, TypeShift does keep an eye on how long it takes you to finish a puzzle but there’s no penalty for taking a while. This is a logical puzzle that requires brainpower, not speedy precision. Treat it accordingly.

General Tips

  • Take a look at the letters available and see what you can concoct from it. Experimentation is key to your success. Try sliding a few letters around and seeing what comes out. Sometimes, you’ll grab onto a good idea this way.
  • Pair a consonant followed by a vowel at the start of the word. It’s a good way to see what potential words you can create from here.
  • Created a word? Maybe try swapping just one letter at a time. Variants often pop up this way.
  • An ‘s’ at the end of a word is always a good way of expanding it.

Thinking Things Through

  • Think outside the box. Try to think of words you don’t normally use. Sometimes, you can come up with a random word that just happens to be the clue solution you were looking for. It’s a handy way of stumbling across the correct word.
  • Taking a break does actually work. Stepping away from the game for a little while gives your brain time to refresh and oftentimes, you’ll be much stronger mentally when you return.
  • Not afraid to cheat a little? Try googling for the solution. Either enter the clue or google for synonyms of what you think the answer is. It won’t always lead you directly to the correct word, but it’ll give your brain something else to think about. Sometimes, that’s all you need to figure things out.

The Failsafe Option

  • Friends are useful for many reasons. In the case of TypeShift, you can ask them for help any time you’re both online at the same time. They’re generally more effective than hints but bear in mind – your friends don’t care if you’re stuck at 3am.
  • 3am is when hints are the better path to pursue. You earn more for completing puzzles so you’ve generally got a steady supply on hand.

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