twofold inc. Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Grapefrukt’s latest puzzler, twofold inc, has us addicted to its deceivingly simple color matching action. It’s a really easy game to pick up and play, but as your clear more and more requests, it can be nail biting to try and fulfill the increasing number of blocks needed to progress. Don’t worry though. we’ve played twofold inc. tirelessly to make sure that we can help you get the highest scores time and time again.  Follow Gamezebo’s twofold inc. tips, cheats and strategies, and you’ll become exponentially better at this game in no time.

The Basics


twofold inc. is intriguing in that it’s much different from other puzzlers. You may be used to games like Candy Crush Saga or apps that find you matching colors and gems, but if you’ve played games like Threes!, you’ll feel much more at home here. The goal is to slide the game board to make chains of colored blocks that you’ve got to be able to clear out with one swipe. The concept sounds simple, but it’s about numbers that grow exponentially — that’s why you’ll see the numbers pop up when you’re swiping on the blocks.

Each sequential block you add to the chain makes the value of the block increase. Just watch out for how long you make it, because it gets harder to connect everything with one swipe. This means you’ll have to worry about clearing out small areas and creating larger chains. It sounds simple, but it can get extremely challenging. That’s the essence of any good puzzler though, right?

Improving Your Technique


It’s difficult to give any unique tips for the game since it relies for the most part on your being able to fulfill the quotas asked of you at the top left of the screen, but there are some things to consider while playing that can end up making twofold inc. a much more enjoyable endeavor.

If it makes things easier for you, you might need to break bigger requests into smaller moves so you can take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

Each of the “recipes” you’ve got to clear out can be seen at the top of the screen. They’re requests, and they’re the main part of the game that you should concern yourself with.

Once you clear out a request, you’re rewarded with a bonus move. Use this wisely, because it can mean the difference between advancing or failing. Similarly, completing a request nets you bonus moves to other requests. This allows you to use as few moves as possible. You can form chains like this very easily, and it’s a good strategy to remember since later on in the game you won’t get to be nearly as free with your moves. Make sure you’re being proactive about triggering extra moves for later. You’ll thank your past self when you get there, trust us!

Things to Remember

When fulfilling requests, remember that you can actually go over the request number’s limit. It’s okay if you don’t actually match the request exactly. This should alleviate some of the difficulty you may run into going forward.

Any quota you rack up over the requests at the top of the screen will go to the boxes at the bottom of the screen. You can see them below the game board. These boxes may be dragged upward into the game area and may fill up to four squares with the color of your choice. Don’t be too stingy with them, because once you’ve stored four of one color, you can’t store anymore. Don’t use them too often either, because it takes a while to fill them back up.

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