Twisty Road Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Argh, Twisty Road! If you’re not looking for something that will challenge your patience, you should probably steer clear of this arcade endurance test. You control a ball rolling along a very, very twisty road. You can steer the ball left and right around tight turns and your goal is to get as far down the road as possible without falling into the void.

Yeah, good luck with that. We’ll try to help:

Doing the twist

If you’ve played other games that involve controlling a ball down a road, like Balls Race, you might at first balk at the control scheme. You don’t direct the ball back and forth with your finger. Rather, you tap one side or the other of the screen to steer it as it goes. You can hold your tap to steer the turn tighter, or tap lightly just to adjust. Mastering the feel of these turns and knowing exactly when to turn and how much is key to surviving for long.

twisty road

Practice, practice, practice

There isn’t much else to the game and few actual maneuvers you can use to give yourself an advantage. It’s really all about learning how to navigate each turn carefully and accurately. That’s why the biggest key to Twisty Road is practicing often. Early on, it’s not worth it to burn Continues, watching an ad to keep going. If you didn’t travel farther than you could get during a 30-second ad, don’t bother. Later, once you’re farther down the track, you can start using Continues to up your score rather than just trying to get better at the game. Consider the moment using them becomes worth your time your initiation into Twisty Road Mastery.

twisty road

Jump at your own risk

Okay, I lied. There’s one thing you can do to improve your distance without twisty-roading around, but it’s risky. You can jump off the track and try to land on a piece of it further below.

This is horribly inefficient unless you’re dedicated to practicing it and doing it properly. After you fall off the track, you have a certain amount of time before the screen goes black and you actually Game Over. During that time, if you touch the track again, you’ll be safe. If you fall again, the clock resets, and if you land, you’ll automatically keep going and your score will adjust with the next gate you pass. If you land going the wrong direction, the game will even turn you around!

This can be a way to recover if you fall off accidentally, so it’s good to see how often you can do it during accidental deaths. It’s definitely a risky way to play, though, so I only recommend it if you’ve already mastered Twisty Road as it’s intended to be played and want a greater challenge and higher numbers.

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