Turbo Fiesta Tips Walkthrough

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Check out our tips and tricks for Turbo Fiesta.


  • When you have an order in your hand that a customer is waiting for, their thought bubble will start pulsating. This can help you cut down on time trying to guess who gets what order. Just automatically click on the pulsating thought bubbles to deliver the orders, no need to figure it out.
  • If someone has a double thought bubble it means that they want 2 items. Make sure that after you give them their first order that you check and see what their second order is. You cannot know for sure what their second item will be but sometimes you can make correct guesses as to what they are.
  • If you make a mistake and prepare the wrong order, you have two choices. You can throw it away in the Recycling Bin or you can just make the right item. Once you make the new item it will automatically replace the item that was already there.
  • For example, if you make a plain burrito but you needed an avocado burrito, just make the avocado burrito and the plain one will be automatically replaced with the avocado one. There is no penalty when you throw away an item, so do it as often as you like.
  • Learn what all the little icons mean. Items that go in the atomic powered oven will have a yellow and black icon attached to them. Make sure that you put those items in the oven before you try to deliver them or the customer will not accept it.
  • Items that have the lightning bolt on them go in the laser fryer. Whenever you see a white, green or red drop it means that you have to put a condiment on those items.
  • Rebecca can carry up to 3 items at a time pretty early in the game when you purchase the Handbot. She can also do other things while her hands are full, like place orders and cash out customers.
  • You will start each new restaurant with enough space to only hold one item on the RoboChef, buy the upgrade that allows you to have a bigger counter for the burritos. As you go through other locations you will start with a RoboChef that can hold 2 items and eventually up to 3.This way you can have several burritos prepared ahead of time.
  • If you’re making two items in the oven, you can swap an item in your hand with an item that is in one of the machines, like the oven, fryer or the re-hydrator. For example, you have an ice cream in the laser fryer that’s ready and an ice cream in your hand. If you click on the laser fryer twice, the fried ice cream will be in your hand and the plain ice cream will be automatically cooked in the laser fryer.
  • Read what it says at the beginning of a level it will let you know what to expect for that day. In some instances it will let you know that people will only want items that do not require the oven or the fryer for that day. All you will sell will be mostly ice cream, nachos and sodas. So don’t bother putting things in the oven or laser ahead of time because you will not use them.
  • If you decide to replay a level you will not be able to purchase new upgrades for that shop, you will have to play the level over with the same upgrades. That’s why it’s important to choose your upgrades carefully.
  • Some orders will require you to put salsa, sour cream or guacamole sauce on them. These condiments can be added before or after these items have been placed in the oven or the fryer.
  • When you’re trying to put food in the oven that has three doors, it can be confusing as to which door is available if there are other things in the oven at the time. Just place your cursor on the oven and when you see part of it light up, click on it and it will go in the oven. It will keep you from picking up a pre-made order by mistake.


  • In the early stages of the game, let the money accumulate on the counter since the thief has not been introduced yet. It will give you a chance to catch up on some orders, and you need some extra time before the next set of customers come in. The thief will not come into play until level 36.
  • In later stages of the game it can be harder not to pick up the money because the thief will steal it. If a Happy Cake is ready, use it to kick the thief out. This will give you extra time to collect more tips at once.
  • If the Happy Cake is not available then just wait until the thief gets closer to the money and collect it before he does. This will give you some extra time to cash out other people thus giving you a chance to make a bigger tip combo.
  • If you’re serving the last customer of the day, just let the money sit on the counter so you can earn some extra combo points. Once the store closes you will no longer get any more customers through the door so there’s no need to pick up the money until you’ve served your last person. When you pick up all the money at one time, you will earn bigger combo points.
  • There are some items that you can prepare ahead of time since they either take a little while to prepare or they. Once you have the three ovens, make 1 nacho and 2 burritos of your choice ahead of time. Then you will not have to keep the customers waiting too long for their food.
  • If you have the RoboChef counter that can hold 3 items, you can make one of each burrito as soon as the level begins, even before you serve your first customer.
  • You want to keep the customers happy by serving them as fast as you can, when the customers leave happy they leave you a bigger tip. You can tell how big your tips are by the amount of coins that are left on the counter. 1 coin means that they were not very happy. Two coins means that they were somewhat satisfied. 3 coins mean that they were very happy once their orders were completed.
  • There are only a certain amount of customers that are scheduled to come in during any given day, if you get all the customers through the door early no other customers will come and Rebecca will just stand around until closing time.
  • If you reached your goal during a level but lose points before the level ends you may end up losing that round. The main cause of this is when a customer leaves because they waited too long. Each customer that leaves will make you lose $300.
  • If you see the shop is about to close, cash out as many people a you can so others can come in. Those last minute customers can really boost your sales.
  • Try to pick up all of the same items at once in order to save time and to keep Rebecca from having to walk too much. If you have several orders for sodas, pick up three at a time. Then go back and get the next items that you may have a lot of like nachos, or rice beans etc. It’s a lot easier to pick up three of the same items than it is to pick up 3 different orders.
  • Try to deliver food to the people that are closest to you. If Rebecca is close to the ice cream machine and the rice beans, deliver those orders first.
  • Do things in a fashion that will make Rebecca more efficient. Collect all the money from left to right. As you cash all people out  in a row, retrace your steps and hand out menus, from right to left.
  • Replace items right after you picked them up. As soon as you take one burrito off the counter place the next order so it can be ready for the next customer. having things ready will save you a lot time, especially when things start getting hectic.
  • Earn as much money as you can in every round, the more you make the more you can afford to buy in the Fiesta Shop. When you earn more money you can buy better upgrades. Better upgrades, mean you can work faster and earn more money because the customers will leave bigger tips because they received their food in a timely manner.
  • When you replay a level try to remember what the customers were ordering for that day. If you noticed that they asked for a lot of nachos in the oven, then make some ahead of time so you can be ready for the crowd.
  • Whenever possible try to serve the most impatient people first. You don’t want them to get angry and leave because it will cost you $300 for every customer that leaves. When you take care of the impatient people first you will get a bigger tip because they left happy.
  • Try to wait until you have a counter full of customers before you hand out menus so you can earn a bigger combo bonus. Sometimes those last two people that you hand a menu out to can make a big difference.
  • You can sometimes predict what a person is going to ask for so try to anticipate what they are going to ask for and have it ready for them.
  • In the early stages of the game, the customers will always ask for a soda as their second item. As you get through higher levels, ice cream and nachos will be what they ask for the most as their second order.


  • There is a mini-game that will appear AFTER the 7th and 14th level of every new location. You will only find this mini game right after levels 7, 14, 27,34,47 and 54.
  • In this mini game you will have to connect all the pipes so there are no open ends.
  • This mini game is not just for fun, it also allows you to earn some bonus money that will be added to your total and can be used to purchase upgrades.
  • The best way to connect the pipes is by finding the right connection to the large piece in the middle. Once you find that piece you’ll be able to see what pieces are connected properly since they will light up.
  • Keep turning the pipes around until all the pieces are lit.
  • The small pieces that do not look like pipes are placed there to close any open ends that cannot be connected to other pipes.
  • If you see that you cannot finish the puzzle in time, exit out of it before the clock reaches zero. Once you get back to the game it will start you back from the beginning and the timer will reset itself.
  • Once the clock reaches zero you will not be able to replay the mini game, unless you start the game completely over.


  • Here are some screenshots for all the pipe puzzles that I encountered during the game.
  • Please keep in mind that the solutions may be random so everyone may not have the same results.
  • If your solution is different than mine, then use the photos as a guide to help you make the right connections.








  • The thief will steal your tips off the counter. He will approach your counter slowly, a step at a time. He will only take the money once he is close to the counter. This gives you time to help some other customers before he steals the tips.
  • If you want to get rid of the thief, there are 2 ways to go about it. You can pick up the tip before he gets to it or you can get a Happy Cake and Rebecca will throw it at him. to get rid of him.
  • To use the Happy Cake simply click on the cake and then on the thief. Rebecca will throw it at him from where she is standing. The Cake will hit the thief on the head and the Thief will leave your shop.
  • It’s good to throw the cake at the thief whenever you can because it keeps you from breaking your tip combo and prevents another customer from entering the store.
  • Even though the thief steals your tips, he will only steal the tips that he is standing in front of.
  • Even if you don’t see the thief right away you can hear him make a hissing sound when he’s close by. Whenever you hear that sound, throw a cake at him or pick up the tips he’s closest to.
  • Once the "closed" sign shows up, the thief will not enter the store, so you don’t have to worry about picking up your tips. just leave them on the table so you can earn a bigger tip combo.
  • If you have to pick up the tips because the thief is near just pick up as many as you can so you can do a bigger combo.
  • If you don’t see the thief in the early stages of a level that means that he will not show up. He never appears for the first time in the middle of a level.


  • Happy Cakes will be introduced in level 32, you can use it to restore a customers happy meter to its fullest potential.
  • Whenever you see a customer that is losing its  patience, just click on the Happy Cake dispenser and  give that cake to the customer that has the least amount of patience. You can tell who’s about to leave by looking at the meter that is ext to their heads.
  • When the happiness meter is green it means that the customer is very happy.
  • If the meter is yellow, they are getting unhappier by the second.
  • If their meter is red, they are about to leave at  any minute. Give these customers a Happy Cake right away and their meter will be restored to green instantly.
  • The happy Cakes dispenser needs a little time to refill after each use. You can tell the machine is ready when it is no longer spinning.
  • If you have a Happy Cake in your hand and another food item in another and you click on a customer, they will always get the happy cake first.
  • Giving out Happy Cakes does not break your chains.
  • Later on in the game you will be able to update to a faster version of this machine which will refill the cakes  in less time.


  • There are several combos that you can make in this game, a "menu combo" an "order combo" and a "tip combo"
  • A combo consists of making the same action more than twice back to back without interruptions. The bigger your chain is the bigger the reward will be.
  • If you hand out 2 or more menus in a row without doing any other actions you will get an "order combo" The same goes for collecting tips and handing out food orders.
  • Giving Happy Cakes does not break your chaining combos.

Regular Mode

  • There are 2 modes within the game Regular mode and Turbo mode.When you perform combos in Regular mode, your combos will not add points to your score, rather they fill up the Turbo Service Meter.
  • You want to make long chains because the longer the chain is the less time it will take the meter to fill up.
  • Making several combos in a row will activate the "Turbo Service Mode" and your tips will increase in value at that point.

Turbo Service Mode

  • This will be activated once you’ve made several combos back to back.
  • When Turbo Service Mode is activated each combo you make will add points to your score.
  • You can tell when Turbo Service is activated because you’ll see that all 5 stars above the meter will be filled. Activate it 3 times and you’ll activate Fiesta Mode.
  •  Once it is activated everything in the shop moves faster. Rebecca walks faster, RoboChef prepares the food in no time at all.The appliances also cook food in a matter of seconds.
  • When you make  3 or more combo chains while it is activated you make some extra money.


  • When the game is in Fiesta Mode, all the customers in the shop will automatically have their happiness meter filled to capacity.
  • Their happiness level will stay at its full capacity as long as Fiesta Mode is activated.
  • Another great benefit of Fiesta Mode is that the ovens and the fryers will cook really fast during this time.
  • Fiesta Mode will be automatically activated once you’ve filled the Turbo Service Meter 3 times in the same round. It’s effect will only last for a few seconds.


  • This feature will appear once the Turbo Service Mode has ended. You will see the Insti-Turbo appear in the lower part of the screen.
  • The meter will start counting down the clock starting at 25 seconds. If you can fill up the 2 stars that appear on the side before time runs out you will activate the Turbo Service mode again.
  • When you activate Insti-Turbo twice during a level you will activate Fiesta Mode.


  • In the Fiesta Shop you can buy upgrades for your restaurant, each upgrade will serve a different purpose even if the item is only there for decoration.
  • New upgrades can be added to the list at any given moment. There will be upgrades added later on in a location that were not there when you first started. Always make sure that you check your upgrades regularly to make sure that nothing new has been added.
  • The upgradable items will be on the left side of the page, if you hover your mouse over any item you will see its description  in the middle of the screen.
  • You don’t have to buy the items in any particular order and you also don’t have to buy something at the end of each level. In certain circumstances it is best to save your money and buy a more useful item in the next round.


  • The decorating items will add a half a star to the Turbo Meter for each one that you purchase.
  • There are usually 6 decorating upgrades that you can purchase in each restaurant. If you buy all 6 of them you will have 3 stars automatically filled in at the beginning of each round.
  • Those upgrades do not go with you from restaurant to restaurant so you will have to purchase them as soon as you can afford them.

Food Upgrades

  • Food and drink upgrades will allow you to charge more money per item.
  • For example when you buy the Super Soft Drinks you will get an additional $10 for each drink that you sell. Over a course of a day that can add up to a lot of money to your bottom line.
  • The same upgrades can be purchased for the tortilla chips, beans and rice, sour cream, to  any of the condiments and to the ice cream. Buy them as soon as possible so you can start earning more money per transaction.

Helping Handbot

  • It’s like having a third arm, it will help you hold three items at a time.
  • The Helping Handbot is offered in the first restaurant for $7,000 because the game says that it is an introductory price.They just set the price low so you could purchase it early on in the game, take advantage of that price and buy it by the 3rd or 4th level.
  • Being able to carry more things at once will allow you to make more money since you can serve more customers at once.

Extended Burrito Table

  • This is an upgrade that should definitely be purchased as soon as possible.
  • When your table can hold more burritos at once it allows you to prepare more things in advance.
  • The maximum upgrade you can buy on this item is for a table that holds up to 3 items.

Personnel Upgrades
Server Course

  • It will make Rebecca work faster which means people will get served quickly.
  • The faster Rebecca can get to the customers the more money you will earn.
  • Try to buy the Server Courses as you approach the last few stages of a location. Things will get hectic and you will need that added speed to Rebecca to keep up with the demands.
  • When you don’t have the upgrade, make sure to make big chaining points so you can activate the meters. Once the meters are activated everything will work faster, from Rebecca down to your equipment.

RoboChef Upgrades

  • This upgrade will cut down on the time that it takes to prepare the burritos.
  • This course can cost a lot of money so buy it as soon as you can afford it.
  • The faster the RoboChef cooks the more things you can get done in a short amount of time.

Equipment Upgrades

  • You can upgrade all of your appliances to cook faster.
  • Your first extra oven will automatically be upgraded to hold more items. The first oven you get will only be able to hold one item. The next one that holds 2 items will be introduced in level 12.
  • Once you get to the second location, Mars, you will be able to purchase the oven that has three doors for $15,000. Buy it as soon as you can because it will allow you to prepare some foods in advance.
  • With each oven that you have, you can buy an upgrade that will make the oven cook 20% faster than its predecessor.
  • You can also buy an upgrade that makes your laser fryer cook faster. Anything that makes your food come out faster is always a good investment.


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