Turbo Dismount Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Turbo Dismount may be a goofy physics sandbox, but the game also has a high score component. Sure, it might seem random, but with some experimentation, some common tactics to get high scores can be discovered. Gamezebo’s Turbo Dismount tips, cheats and strategies can help you rack up multi-million points scores.

High scores are always about injuring Mr./Ms. Dismount

Turbo Dismount Tips Cheats StrategiesIt may be tempting to try and wreck vehicles or the landscape for the impressive damage, but the way to get high scores is always about getting Dismount as hurt as possible. So, the goal with your obstacle layouts needs to be to get Dismount as hurt as possible. In general, this is done by getting Dismount flying as high and far as possible. Set your obstacles up in a way that gets them launched high into the air at fast speeds. And if you can find a consistent way to get Dismount to land on their head, well, good job – that’s worth more points. Vehicle damage is worth some points, but Dismount damage is worth more, so focus on that.

Minefields are your friend

Turbo Dismount Tips Cheats StrategiesThere is one obstacle that you will pretty much always be using in order to get high scores, and those are the minefields. Nothing helps cause chaos quite like a big explosion. Pretty much every six-million-plus score I’ve had has been because I’ve punctuated my run with land mines. Remember as well to keep them laid about even in spots that you might not be traveling to – you never know where a stray body part or vehicle will land, and hey, gotta get those points.

Learn which vehicles to use

Riding in a shopping cart or office chair sounds fun, but for high score enthusiasts, these vehicles swiftly reveal themselves to be slow and unreliable. There are several vehicles, which depending on the map, prove to be quite handy. The Ranger, which is the green jeep, is a good all-around vehicle: it picks up decent speed and it has a solid mass, meaning there’s the potential for plenty of damage points along with the possibility of sending Dismount flying far. The Wedge, the yellow sports car, is great for if speed is a must-have for the proper high-score dismount, though it can be difficult to control. The pink Smooth Cruiser is a good choice as well; it’s big but gets decent speed, and its mass is great for landmines, when it can become possible to get two hits, which send Dismount flying very, very far. Its open top helps with getting Dismount flying.

Speed isn’t everything

Turbo Dismount Tips Cheats StrategiesIt might be tempting to just go at top speed for every single dismount, but this is not the key to getting high scores. Faster speeds can lead to wider turns, which can have adverse effects (or good ones if you’re planning on them!) The Big Air Compo level is a fantastic demonstration of this principle of “don’t always go fast” in action. With a light tap, I’m able to hang on the slope, hitting the turbo pads and then the minefield at the end

Small changes can lead to big scores

Turbo Dismount Tips Cheats StrategiesSurely just changing the pose of Dismount couldn’t change that much, right? Wrong – it can have a huge effect on their launch angle, which can lead to huge point differentials. Same with speed – a slight increase or decrease in speed could mean the difference between hitting an oncoming car, or hitting a ramp just right to send Dismount flying further. This is why it’s worth experimenting even with things like poses – maybe one is the one that gets Dismount to land on their head instead of their butt, and gets you the high score you want. This game is extremely chaotic, so don’t be afraid to play around with the chaos.

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