Tropicats Tips, Cheats, and Strategies


Tropicats from Wooga is a fruity match-3 with a side of resource management and some world building for added flavor. There is a lot happening on this tropical island inhabited by cats — from broken totems to missing shamans to secret loves. You’ll need to collect gold coins and golden butterflies, decorate your village to increase your Village Rank, and solve match-3 puzzles to unlock new levels and the pawsome storyline. Blue diamonds will get you premium village decor and will help you continue your gameplay if you run out of moves in your match-3. There are a lot of elements to track, so to make the most of Tropicats, here are Gamezebo’s tips, tricks, and strategies.

As is to be expected with match-3s, you get bonuses by matching four or five in a row which will clear a row or clear a color on the board, respectively. The best power moves come from doubling up two boosts and getting even more impact. However, in Tropicats you can also get butterflies for completing a square (2×2), which will knock out one tile that has an obstacle such as rock or ice. This feature is handy for levels with limited free space, but beware that the tile which is removed is random so it may mess up any alignment you’re trying to set up.

tropicats tips cheats strategies

If you need to help a bird fly, focus on matching feathers before anything else. The only way for the bird to exit the board is with feathers, but if you’re on a level where you need collect something as well, you’ll likely get matches for other things while working on the feathers. Also note, birds can break through rocks and vines and pass through and over ice; but they will not break the ice.

If it’s available, watch the video to spin the “Wheel of Furtune.” But when you do, make sure you have time to play for a while. One of the prizes is unlimited lives, and if you win that for ten or fifteen minutes, you don’t want to miss out on the bonus by having to close out of the game.

tropicats tips cheats strategies

To make the most of your time in the game, don’t do architectural things while your lives are full. Wait until you’re down on lives and use your refill waiting time to build, reposition, and otherwise design your town.

Look out for dark green patches in any grassy areas. Regular grassy areas can only be filled if elements pour into them. But the darker green areas do not have to be filled by anything to be able to swipe other elements in and out of them.

You’ll periodically unlock a new bonus powerup or be given a free one. You don’t have to use it, even if though it’s suggested that you do. You must click once to get back into the game, but if you click the powerup, instead of clicking into the board, you can unselect it and not waste it so early in the game.

tropicats tips cheats strategies

Are you a builder or a puzzler? To properly manage your gems, gold, and lives you’ll need to prioritize what kind of player you are. If you want to build up your island, you’ll need to focus on earning gold and gems for decoration purchases; this means no wasting gems on continuing levels you may have failed. If you want to advance through the story, as well as the puzzles, you’ll need to focus on the quests and collecting the requisite components to complete each area.

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