Tropical Farm Walkthrough

Welcome to Gamezebo's strategy guide for Tropical FarmGeneral Tips:Before each level you will learn your goals and how much time you have to reach those goals in expert time:        At the end of each day all your money will be deposited into your bank account. The quicker you finish a level, the more bonus money you will receive on top of your sale earnings. Apart from this you also get to know the new features for the following day:        From the map you can start the next level, constr…

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Welcome to Gamezebo’s strategy guide for Tropical Farm

General Tips:

  • Before each level you will learn your goals and how much time you have to reach those goals in expert time:


  • At the end of each day all your money will be deposited into your bank account. The quicker you finish a level, the more bonus money you will receive on top of your sale earnings. Apart from this you also get to know the new features for the following day:


  • From the map you can start the next level, construct buildings on the island and view your character stats:


  • As you can see on the screenshot below, you can chain your actions, and you are able to send your character anywhere you want to by just clicking on a ground. If you want to cancel any future action simply press the right mouse button. But take into account that all following actions are cancelled as soon as you do this:


  • From the 19th day on you will occasionally receive additional orders throughout any level. In this case it is important to have enough money to immediately buy the necessary animals or seeds for new orders.
  • In the beginning of each level you should always make a plan which things you want to do first, and which things you can actually afford to do. In that way you can immediately start to plant and won’t waste any precious time.
  • You should never buy more stuff than you actually need to finish the level in expert time. You only earn money for fulfilling orders, but not for additional products, so if you have to sell six tomatoes, it is no use to plant six seeds.
  • For each unit of water in the watering can you have to pay $5.

Seeds and Farming:

  • Take into account that each seed that you are planting costs money, one tomato seed is $5, for example. At the beginning of each level you won’t have enough money to purchase all required seeds for your goals at once. In this case you should concentrate on the order which will take you the longest and plant those seeds first.
  • Whether you want to weed, water, or harvest anything, you have to click the appropriate tool at first. 
  • Sometimes you have to grow certain seeds, and then take the harvest to further production. Early on you will have to produce olive oil. To do so, harvest the olives, carry them to the truck, and press the arrow-button in the small table below the truck:


  • You are always able to replace seeds with any other seed. Just as an example, if you already have fulfilled your tomato orders, you can replace all your tomatoes by any other product that you still need. Of course you still have to pay for the new seeds, but you do not have to remove the tomatoes beforehand.


  • The first animal that you will have to take care for is the ostrich. This animal will produce eggs in turn. You will have to buy and plant grass for the ostrich wherever you want to. On a regular basis the ostrich will then lay eggs and you have to click and deliver them to the truck just like every other product. But do not forget to do that, because they will vanish after some time:


  • The next animal you will have on your farm will be the goat. It produces milk and eats grass, too, so the routine is pretty similar to that of the ostrich. However you have to milk goats by first clicking on the basket, and then clicking on the goat:


  • Bees are the third animal species that you can care for. You can build a bee hive for $300 anywhere, but to produce honey the bees also need flowers. In contrast to grass, which is eaten by ostriches and goats, flowers do not have to be replanted, but you have to water them on a regular basis. On top of that you should also plant the flowers right next to the bee hive, so that the bees can produce honey as quickly as possible:


  • The peacock will be the last animal introduced throughout the game. The routine itself is exactly the same as with the ostrich, with the only exception that you will collect feathers instead of eggs. Each peacock costs $400, and you also have to plant grass for this animal.


Further production:

  • The production of orange soda is very similar to that of orange juice and olive oil, only that it requires two steps. After harvesting an orange and producing orange juice, you have to click on the second little table to produce orange soda. 
  • To produce flour, you have to plant wheat. The production itself is exactly the same as with olive oil and orange juice.
  • The production of bread can be compared to that of orange soda. Simply harvest wheat, turn it into flour, and use the flour to produce bread, as always by clicking the arrow-buttons below the truck.
  • To produce wine you first have to grow grapes, produce grape juice, and then turn this grape juice into grape vine.

Skill upgrades:

  • On a regular basis you will also be able to upgrade your skills. Here you can choose between various possibilities. Each skill upgrade costs a different amount of money, but you should always have enough money in your bank account to choose between all of them, especially if you finish each level in expert time.
  1. Basket Capacity
  2. Weeding Speed
  3. Gardening Speed
  4. Watering Speed
  5. Watering Can Capacity
  • Above you can see your skill-upgrade options. In the beginning it might be good to upgrade the basket capacity to four units, so that you can harvest more units at the same time, thereby earning more money sooner.
  • After that you should upgrade your skills equally. All of them can be upgraded three times.


  • As soon as you have fulfilled any order in any level, you do not have to care for those plants or animals any longer. No matter whether they need water, grass, or weeding, just concentrate on the other plants/animals associated with orders you still have to fulfill.
  • Your basic strategy always depends on how large orders for each product are, and at which point of the level they appear. If you have to sell for example 9-12 corn/pineapples/etc, it is always good to plant three seeds of that sort, and two seeds if the order is smaller. If it comes to orders of products produced by animals, you can even go with smaller numbers, one bee hive is always enough for up to six honey jars, and two ostriches, goats or peacocks are more than sufficient for up to eight feathers/eggs/milk.
  • In the beginning of each level you already see which seeds and animals are purchasable, and this is a good indicator which additional orders might come in later on.
  • You can always click on the truck in advance, even if it drives away for a short time, the action will stay registered.

When you have built the Statue of Victory, you have completed the game. Of course you are still able to replay any level you want to: