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Game Introduction – Triple Town

Welcome to the Triple Town quick start guide on Gamezebo. Triple Town is a unique match-3 game developer by SpryFox, and is currently available for Facebook, Google+, iPhone, iPad, and Android. Construct a town by matching three or more like items to create something new – but watch out for the bears! Gamezebo’s quick start guide will give you all the tips, tricks, and instruction you could ever need to start your new career in match-3 city planning.

Quick Start Guide

The Basics

  • The object of the game in Triple Town is to place items in such a manner that three identical pieces will be touching each other either horizontally or vertically.
  • Pieces can be both beside and above in a single match, meaning “L” shaped matches will work just as well as “I” shaped matches.
  • Once matched, the pieces will upgraded into a single new piece.
  • The point of the game is to continually match these pieces into new pieces, upgrading as you go, until you eventually have a community filled with castles, cathedrals, and more – all waiting to be matched themselves.
  • TIP: If you match four pieces instead of three, you’ll be awarded with a special version of the upgraded piece. This is worth more points, and can be matched with non-special versions of the same piece.

Triple Town

Matches starting with grass

  • 3 grass = bush
  • 3 bushes = tree
  • 3 trees = hut
  • 3 cottages = house
  • 3 houses = mansion
  • 3 mansions = floating mansion
  • 4 floating mansions = Triple Castle
  • 5 floating mansions = ?

Triple Town

Matches starting with a bear

  • When starting with a bear, you’ll need to trap it to create a tombstone. Trapping it means placing playable pieces in such a way that the bear can no longer move. If he has nowhere to move, he will transform into a tombstone.
  • Trapped bear = tombstone
  • 3 tombstones = church
  • 3 churches = cathedral
  • 3 cathedrals = small treasure chest
  • 3 small treasure chests = large treasure chest

Triple Town

Saving items for future use

  • If your next piece is a crystal that you don’t quite have a use for yet, or a bush that you don’t really need, you can save these items for future use.
  • In the top left corner of the screen, you’ll see a space that looks like a small brown plate. This is your storehouse. When you have a new active item you want to store, place it here instead of within the confines of your city.
  • Your storehouse can only hold one item at a time, so if you want to put something new in there, you’ll need to swap it with whatever you’re already storing.

Triple Town

Using Crystals to complete matches

  • Crystals act as something of a wildcard in Triple Town. You can use these to fill in the gap between any two matching items to complete the set and create the corresponding upgrade on the board.
  • TIP: Because crystals are so powerful, it is best to save one in your storehouse until you need to make a higher level match. After all, you’ll have plenty of grass options to create bushes with. Wouldn’t you rather save it for when you’re trying to upgrade two houses into a mansion?

Triple Town

Clearing Spaces with the Imperial Bot

  • If you’ve accidentally created an area where no match can happen because a certain item is blocking the way, feat not! The Imperial Bot is your solution. Like other items, the Bot will show up randomly as a playable piece. Place it on top of any existing piece, and it will remove it from the board.
  • The Imperial Bot is also the only way to get rid of rocks that may be blocking your way.
  • The Imperial Bot is also the only way to deal with a Ninja Bear. Ninja Bears will jump around from space to space until removed by playing an Imperial Bot on top of them.
  • TIP: If you clear away a large rock with an Imperial Bot, you will be rewarded with a small treasure chest.

Triple Town

Turning Rocks into Gold

  • Rocks are generally seen as a nuisance in Triple Town, but if you play your pieces just right, they can actually turn into a nice payday in terms of points. Match any three small rocks to create a large rock. Match three large rocks to create a large treasure chest.
  • Because Triple Town doesn’t provide you rock pieces to play with, you might be wondering how you go about finding new ones. Here’s how: you’ll need to sacrifice your crystals by playing them in spaces that won’t create a match.

Triple Town

Opening Treasure Chests

  • To open a treasure chest simply click on it, regardless of which piece you are currently holding to place. The piece you are holding will remain unplaced as you do this.

Triple Town

Challenge Missions

  • When you complete a settlement (ie the board is full and your town is finished), you’ll return to a world map. On this map, treasure chests will appear that will open up new areas for you to start other new settlements in. Some of these will offer specific challenges, such as reaching a certain number of points.
  • When you are playing a challenge, you will see your progress in the top right corner of the screen.


You’ve just completed Gamezebo’s quick start guide for Triple Town. Now you should be all ready to dive into the exciting world of match-3 city building, and start working your way towards the coveted Triple Castle. Be sure to keep reading Gamezebo for more news, reviews, and guides for all of your favorite games!

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