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Trinklit Supreme – Game Introduction

Welcome to the Trinklit walkthrough on Gamezebo. Trinklit is an arcade puzzle game played on PC created by Funkitron. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide to how to complete Trinklit.

General Strategy

The greatest thing to keep in mind when playing Trinklit is to be quick and always try to match same-color pieces together three times in a row. By being quick, you can run up the speed meter for big bonus points and you can take advantage of sparkling pieces that emerge from matching same-color pieces three times in a row (all of which will be explained later in this guide). Lastly, you should also establish what works best for you when matching pieces. There are two different methods; click on each matching piece, or you can click and drag a piece to its matching counterpart. Establishing what makes you comfortable will ultimately make you faster at making matches.

Getting Started

First the basics:
1. You have the ability to boom rows. What this means is, you must match three same-color pieces to obtain a sparkling piece. To add some clarity, this means that you must match 2 blue pieces, then 2 blue pieces again, and finally another 2 blue pieces to succeed in getting a sparkling piece. You cannot, however, match 2 blue pieces, then 2 green pieces, and then 2 orange pieces. When this sparkling piece is matched, each piece in that row will be considered a match and added to your score. Additionally, those pieces that were “boomed” will show up on the board to be matched again later for more points.
2. Rainbow pieces are essential to gameplay. They are the pieces that can match any piece on the board. They can help you when there are no other matching pieces on the board and should be saved until the end. If you happen to have any rainbow pieces left over, they can be sold for 1000 points each, but it may be worth using up your last remaining match-able pieces. Each rainbow piece matched with another piece is worth 1260 points.
3. There is also a single secret ring hidden in the game and is worth thousands of points. The sooner you find it, the more points it’s worth. This piece can be noticed if you see a piece briefly twitch in place (this hint doesn’t help much once you get more powerups as the hint will indicate that there is a powerup piece hidden there).
4. And, as mentioned before, being quick is very beneficial as you can make the speed meter give you giant bonus points:

Number of Quick Matches

Value of Bonus























13 and up


Also, when playing the game you will without a shadow of a doubt see that there are powerups, slots, and stars to unlock. And, each will be explained beginning with powerups.


Powerups in this game enhance your experience by allowing you to have new ways to gain bonus points, make matches easier, and make matches more challenging. Let’s go through each:

Specials (Costs 1 Star) – With Special Pieces you try to find matching themes that generally benefit your score. Playing with this powerup will help you get new stars and slots as well as unlocking Extra Specials.
Moon – This is matched with a piece with an engraved shape of the moon and is worth 120 points.
Fire – This is matched with an ice-cube and is worth 140 points.
Star – This is matched with a piece with an engraved shape of a star and is worth 160 points.
Pot – This is matched with a Rainbow and is worth 200 points.
Chest – This is matched with a key and is worth 450 points.

Extra Specials (Costs 5 Stars) – This is the same as Specials, but with a lot more special pieces. This powerup will help you get new stars and slots faster as there are more specials to match.

Gems (Costs 2 Stars) – You can click these for more points. Playing with this powerup will help you unlock stars and slots as well as unlocking Super Gems.
Gold Coin – These are worth 100 points.
Orange – These are worth 200 points.
Green – These are worth 300 points.
Pink – These are worth 400 points.
Purple – These are worth 500 points.
Blue – These are worth 600 points.
– These are worth 1000 points.
Stink Bomb – Avoid these, they take will take away 1000 points.

Super Gems (Costs 5 Stars) – This provide you with even more gems and makes them more valuable. Adding this powerup to your slots will help you get more slots and stars as well as giving you a higher score.
Gold Coin – These are worth 1000 points.
Orange – These are worth 2000 points.
Green – These are worth 3000 points.
Pink – These are worth 4000 points.
Purple – These are worth 5000 points.
Blue – These are worth 6000 points.
– These are worth 10,000 points.
Stink Bomb – Avoid these, they take will take away 10,000 points.

More Pieces (Costs 3 Stars) – This will add more pieces to match as well as add different shapes making this a challenging and fun powerup.

Vision (Costs 2 Stars) – Uncovering the Vision powerup in the game will allow you to temporarily see matches quicker. Once you drag a piece, the appropriate matching pieces will be made brighter so you don’t have to search. Other mismatching pieces will be made darker.

Big Boom! (Costs 4 Stars) – Like booming rows, this will make sparkling pieces boom horizontally and vertically. If you managed to boom another sparkling piece in the same row, you can boom that row as well!

Power Match (Costs 3 Stars) – Power Match will match all the squares in a “plus sign” shape (+) around the next match, clearing the board faster and helping your speed meter grow faster.

Portals (Costs 2 Stars) – Portals are a nice way to get points for pieces you can’t match right away. When using portals, it’s best to utilize them at the end of the match. Doing so will allow you to discard your un-match-able pieces for big points.

Take advantage of your rainbow pieces when using this powerup and save your portals towards the end of the game. Each portal can have up to 3 pieces dropped in.

Sneak Peak (Costs 3 Stars) – Sneak peak is a helpful powerup that will allow you to see upcoming pieces before they’re on the board so you can make wise matching decisions.

This is very useful when playing with Lava Mode.

Multiplier (Costs 4 Stars) – This powerup will multiply your score up to 2, 3, 5, or more times when these powerups are revealed in the game.

Crazy Multipliers (Costs 7 Stars) – This is the most expensive powerup in the game and for good reason. This is just like the Multiplier powerup, but you’ll get even more multipliers with Crazy Multipliers. This is a very fun way to get your score very high.

Gifts (Costs 4 Stars) – When players reveal a Gift in the game, they get to play 1 of 4 types of mini-games and must risk All, Half, or a Quarter of your score:

Trinklit Gift – This is a game of Chance and is generally wise to bet the minimum. You are presented with three gifts and must choose one. You have 2 out of 3 chances of benefiting from this challenge. Choose wisely because revealing a Jolly Roger will lose the amount you wagered. Personally, I usually only bet a quarter because if you open a gift that is “+100”, you will only receive 100 points. There will be times though that you can reveal a multiplier gift that will multiply your wager, but given its frequency of occurrence, it’s much safer to bet only a quarter of your score.
Trinklit Match – In this challenge, you must try to match identical cards and like Trinklit Gift, it is a game of chance. It’s recommended to bet half because it is likely you’ll succeed and getting big points. The more correct matches you get, the higher your winnings. But, be careful, if you reveal two Jolly Rogers, you will lose the amount you wagered. The general trick to this is if you happened to find a match and still want a big score, stop searching after you found one Jolly Roger.
Trinklit Memory – This is a game of memory and if you have a good one, go ahead and bet your entire score. There will be 8 cards revealed to you briefly. The cards will then flip over and you must pick out the card the mini-game chooses.
Trinklit Spin – This is a game of skill. You have a chance of multiplying your wager up to 1x, 2x, 3x, and 5x as well as just adding 500 points, 1000 points, or 5000 points. As with all the games, you do still have a chance to lose the amount you wagered. You will first click on the wheel that will initially spin and skillfully stop the wheel so the arrow will point to your favored score. If you have fast reactions and do the timing well enough, it’s highly recommended to wager all of your score, it’s highly worth it.

In general, when using this powerup, you’ll want to wait until you are close to the end before opening gifts. Keep in mind that with a higher score, you can win very big points if you succeed in your challenges. Be warned though, you must be sure there is at least one match remaining on the board, otherwise your gifts will be sold for 200 points. So open the gifts before matching your last pieces on the board.

Egg Mode (Costs 3 Stars) – With this powerup, and Egg sits at the top of the column on top of other pieces. You must make the egg reach the bottom to crack it for very big points. Simply match the pieces under the egg to make the egg fall down. The faster you get your egg down to the bottom, the more eggs you will have to crack. This is important because each new egg has a new value every time it’s cracked.

Number of Eggs Cracked



10,000 Points


15,000 Points


20,000 Points


25,000 Points


30,000 Points

Lava Mode (Costs 3 Stars) – This is a fun and challenging powerup that will keep you on your toes. Lava pieces will start at the top row and must be matched as soon as possible or it will destroy the next piece under it. Once the lava piece reaches the bottom, the game is over. When matched however, lava pieces are worth 6000 points.

Brick Mode (Costs 5 Stars) – This is a fun and challenging powerup that will need some strategy. When making matches, pieces will turn into bricks and not disappear, making it much harder to make matches. The only way to make these bricks disappear is to have them in a row. New pieces will reveal themselves once the brick pieces disappear. One particular way to make this challenge easier is try to match three same color pieces to get a sparkling piece. A row boom will instantly make a row of bricks. One piece of advice though. Try to make the row boom happen on the bottom row, otherwise there is a chance a brick will slide down from where you grabbed the sparkling piece and not disappear.

Here are the requirements to unlock each powerup:


Requirements to Unlock



Extra Specials

130 Specials


1 Game Played

Super Gems

120 Gems

More Pieces

80 Games Played


120 Matches Made

Big Boom!

40 Specials

Power Match

400 Matches Made


15 Gems

Sneak Peak

50 Gems


250,000 Points

Crazy Multipliers

750,000 Points


10 Games Played

Egg Mode

10 Secret Rings

Lava Mode

20 Secret Rings

Brick Mode

40 Secret Rings

Stars buy your powerups and have a number of ways of being unlocked. You can click the “Star Count” to see specific details on how to unlock stars, but it generally boils down to finding Secret Rings, number of Games Played, using Wild Pieces, number of Explosions (Rows Boomed), number of Fast Matches Made, number of Boards Cleared, how many Specials were matched, and getting Top Scores. There are a total of 40 Stars to unlock in the game, but the most expensive combination that can ever be used will use only 36 Stars. Consider the extra 4 a bonus.

Slots hold the number of powerups you can carry into a game. And, like Stars, are unlocked in the same way using gameplay as the key.

Tips and Tricks:
When starting out, you don’t have much of a selection except for “Specials” and “Gems” (after you play one game). This is quite alright because it won’t be very long before you unlock powerups very quickly.

Before You Get It All
One trick to Trinklit is focusing on one color until you’ve depleted that color enough to reveal a dominant color on the board. The reason this is important is because it makes it easier to find matches of the same color. Additionally, it helps you get sparkling pieces after matching 3 same-color pieces in a row. But you don’t have to use sparkling pieces right away. I personally like the effect of constant booming rows when I reach the end. Also, keep in mind that when you don’t have any falling pieces anymore, you won’t get sparkling pieces after you match three same-color pieces – that is, unless you use a sparkling piece as your third, same-color, matching piece. For example, you must first match two same-color pieces, then match two same-color pieces again, and finally match a sparkling same-color piece. You’ll get another sparkling piece in addition to the pieces you boomed even though there are no more falling pieces on the board.

Unlocking Multiplier
In the beginning, your main goal will be to try to unlock the “Multiplier” powerup. In order for you to unlock it, however, you have to achieve a top score of 250,000 points. This can be a little difficult but there are ways to get this done with a little help from some powerups that are easy to unlock. The two easiest to unlock are “Gifts,” “Egg Mode,” and “Big Boom!” It only requires you to play 10 games to unlock “Gifts,” 10 Secret Rings to get “Egg Mode,” and requires 40 “Specials” matched for “Big Boom!” So when playing the game, include the “Specials” powerup since you’ll find 4 specials on every board which will lead to the unlocking of “Big Boom!” after your tenth game. Be sure to play with the “Gems” powerup as well since later on you’ll need “Super Gems” to help with your score.

You might discover that luck be on your side and manage to get 250,000 points without trying. But, if you don’t, it’s okay, because these powerups help.

I should bring to your attention that due to the cost of “Gifts” and “Egg Mode!” you’ll need a total of 7 Stars. And once you unlock these powerups, you’ll probably have around 5 or 6 stars unlocked. We can start with “Gifts” and “Specials” to bring our score up and unlock some more stars. Since you’ve collected so many Specials already, you can unlock one star by collecting 50 Specials (you should have around 40 if you played ten games with “Specials”). You should also focus on booming rows; getting 50 explosions will unlock another star. If you still don’t have quite enough, playing 25 games will unlock yet another star.

Assuming you have at least 8 stars and don’t have the “Multiplier’ powerup, you should get some very big points when using “Gifts” and “Egg Mode.” You can try taking advantage of the “Big Boom!” powerup that will essentially give you more pieces to match, but getting a high score might be more difficult as you have a chance to boom your gifts away and, like regular booms, each pieces that’s boomed is only worth about 20 points per piece. You will have to focus on getting lots of sparkling pieces and be careful not to boom the gifts too. If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t avoid booming a gift, go ahead and try to win the mini-game before booming. The “Gifts” powerup is actually the key to getting big points.

Unlocking Crazy Multipliers
In order to get “Crazy Multipliers” you’ll need some major points. It will take a top score of 750,000 points to unlock. This will be a lot more difficult to get with a limited Star count. It will help if you had the “Super Gems” powerup. To unlock, you must find a total of 120 gems. Until you have a sufficient Star count, attempt to unlock Super Gems. A good combination to have to unlock Crazy Multipliers is Super Gems, Multiplier, and Gifts. Unfortunately, you’ll need 13 Stars to use all of these Powerups. When you have Super Gems available on the board, don’t click on them until you have some multipliers revealed. This also applies to booming rows. They can really add to your score when you have multiple multipliers on the board. And, as mentioned before, wait until the end before opening your gifts. If you’re lucky enough to win all your mini-games (especially Trinklit Spin) you’ll have no problem achieving a very high score.

The Path to Greatness
Once you unlock “Crazy Multipliers” you’re pretty much set for getting some pretty big scores. There’s just one problem; “Crazy Multipliers” costs 7 Stars and makes it difficult to use when you’re just starting out. Don’t get me wrong, this powerup is pretty powerful by itself, but its true colors show when paired with other powerups such as “Lava Mode” and “Gifts.” Until you get more stars and slots try the following as you progress through the game:

Specials and Gems – 3 Stars
Specials, Gems, and Vision – 5 Stars
Specials, Gems, and Power Match – 6 Stars
Gifts and Egg Mode – 7 Stars
Gifts and Lava Mode – 7 Stars
Multiplier and Gifts – 8 Stars
Crazy Multipliers and Lava Mode – 10 Stars
Sneak Peak, Crazy Multipliers and Lava Mode – 12 Stars
Crazy Multipliers, Lava Mode, and Gifts – 14 Stars
Crazy Multipliers, Lava Mode, Gifts, and Portals – 16 Stars
Crazy Multipliers, Lava Mode, Gifts, Portals, and Sneak Peak – 19 Stars
Crazy Multipliers, Lava Mode, Gifts, and Super Gems – 19 Stars

Ultimate Combo – All Slots Filled
Even when you have all the powerups, stars, and slots unlocked it’s difficult to determine what the Ultimate Combo to have is. It all depends on your skill level and how much fun you’re having with each powerup.

If you’re looking to get the highest score possible you’ll need the most essential powerups, Crazy Multipliers, Gifts, Super Gems, and Lava Mode. These four are the key to getting big points. The next four depend on how quick and how attentive you are. If you aren’t very quick or notice matching pieces right away you can use some helper powerups like Sneak Peak, Vision, Power Match, and Portals. If you happen to notice matching pieces right away and are pretty quick to max out the speed meter, try adding Extra Specials, More Pieces, Sneak Peak, and Portal.

The game is certainly more than just getting points. It can provide a pretty tough challenge when you want one. The two most challenging powerups are More Pieces and Brick Mode. When combined, you’ll have a really tough time clearing bricks. You can make this even more difficult by having powerups that stay on the board like Crazy Multipliers, Vision, and Gifts. Extra Specials is a nice addition since they have their own unique pieces. The final touches are Big Boom! and Power Match. Big Boom will boom a row, but will sometimes have a brick fall (from where you grabbed the sparkling piece) preventing the row of pieces from clearing. Power Match will prevent you from making any planned matches.

Good Luck!


There are a total of 12 Awards to unlock and some of them can be a little tricky to get.



Match Master

Make 10,000 matches


Win all four types of mini-games

Big Score

Score 250,000 points in a game


Demolish 400 rows using sparkling pieces

Super Match

Get 4 matches with one Power Match

Multiplier Madness

Get a total multiplier of 16x in a match


Get speed meter to 4800


Use Wild Pieces 600 times


Clear the board 50 times

Award Collector

Collect the other 11 Trinklit awards

Every Powerup

Collect and use every powerup in Trinklit

Ultimate Score

Get a top score of 10,000,000 points.

Most of these awards are actually pretty simple to achieve and only require a lot of repetition. For the ones that aren’t and require a little help follow these tips:

Big Score – This is exactly the same requirement to achieve the Multiplier powerup. You can refer to the Unlocking Multiplier section of this guide for help unlocking this award.

Speedster – This award can give some people a little trouble. As this absolutely requires you to match pieces quickly, you’ll need to practice observing pieces faster. One way to be faster is to focus on one color at time. You can refer to the Before You Get It All section of this guide for help on this. If you happen to have a particularly large monitor with a high resolution set, switching to window mode can help. The pieces will appear smaller, but you won’t have to move your eyes around the screen so much to find matches. Also, practice makes perfect.

Cheat – If you absolutely can’t get fast enough, there is a very simple trick that you can take advantage of. First, switch to window mode by going to your Options menu and un-fill the radio button for Full Screen. Now that your game is no longer in full screen, make your first match and then immediately click on your desktop background. You’ve now put the game in a paused state and yet you still have visibility of your game. Locate your next match. Once you found it, go ahead and click on the game window, match that piece, and then immediately click on the desktop background again. Now repeat.

Thanks for Playing!
I hope you enjoyed this game as well as this guide. It’s been challenging and fun to figure out. Enjoy!

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