Trigger Heroes Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Are you a trigger happy hero? Then there’s just the game for you – Trigger Heroes from developer Lucky Kat Studios. A top down roguelike shooter, it has you blasting away at so many enemies it’s often hard to keep count. And that’s kind of the point.

It can get a bit much though, at least at first. But don’t fret. Just follow these tips and tricks and you’ll help Red take back planet Orbitus in no time – and then some.

  • Pick your weapon An obvious tip perhaps, but knowing which weapon does what – and which ones are best for certain situations – is essential in progressing in Trigger Heroes. So take a little time in learning all the weapons’s pros and cons, as well as which ones you prefer. We’ll go through the main ones below.
  • Revolver power As the standard weapon it would be easy to dismiss the revolvers as nothing but the starter gun and little more. But that would be foolish – they pack a punch against the majority of enemies, even if they have a somewhat frustratingly slow rate of fire.
  • Medium range If you prefer to take out your enemies from medium range then there’s no better weapon than one of the rifles. If you’re facing enemies with short range or melee attacks they’re perfect.
  • Shotgun love If you’re facing enemies with a decent long-range weapon then you may want to get in their faces. After all, you may as well. A shotgun blast to the face is the perfect solution to such foes.
  • “Laser” The laser weapons are useful if you’re a fan of picking of enemies from long range – although beware, these don’t do a huge deal of damage. Still the more cautious player may want to stick with them for a “safety first” approach.

  • Living in a box See those crates scattered around levels? Don’t ignore them – they contain purple coins, and often they can harbour a lot of them. Sometimes not so many, but it’s always worth busting them open. There’s very little that’s peripheral in Trigger Heroes in general actually, occasional piece of scenery aside, so spotting them shouldn’t be hard.
  • Weapon abilities Each weapon has a specific added ability. If you get one of these upgrades make sure you stick with whichever weapon is upgraded – it could make all the difference in a tense firefight.
  • Do a barrel roll! The dodge ability – accessed via a quick swipe on the touchscreen – is incredibly useful for dodging enemy attacks, but can be misused. You’re invincible while in the roll for example, but are also vulnerable just after it ends. So if you use it while amongst many enemies you may well end up regretting it. Use this ability wisely then, but don’t overuse it.
  • Save up Making sure you horde up a few purple coins is a decent strategy, as they can be used to heal yourself in-between levels. Make sure you do this as it doesn’t cost much – and is well worth the minor expense to avoid an avoidable early death in a stage.
  • Amazing abilities The abilities you can equip your character with are essential in beating latter stages of Trigger Heroes. We would personally recommend focusing on those that help you recover health first, such as the Vampire ability, and then focus on those that improve your firepower.

Why not put these tips to the test by checking our Trigger Heroes now – available on both the App Store and Google Play.

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