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Game Introduction – Trials Frontiers

Trials Frontier is a stunt racing / biking game from Ubisoft. In this game, you ride a bike through an apocalyptic Western setting while performing stunts and trying to get the best of a nasty racer named Butch.  Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with some tips and hints that will help you ride like the wind.

Tips and Strategies

Trials Frontier

Emulate Butch’s moves – You’ll be seeing a lot of the dastardly Butch in Trials Frontier, and you probably won’t be able to beat him early in the game. That doesn’t mean your encounters with the rogue biker are useless, however. They’re prime learning opportunities. Look at how Butch handles his bike on different terrain, and strive to do the same. Just don’t turn into a jerk.

Be careful with stunt counts – When the town’s resident fanboy asks you to perform flips, you need to be careful about your count. If you do a flip but wipe out before you hit the next checkpoint, that flip won’t be added to your total.

Each track has a leaderboard – Want to measure your best times against the rest of the world? After selecting a level on the world map, swipe the right-hand menu twice to access the leaderboards and ghost data. You need a Uplay account to look at records.

Trials Frontier

Can’t remember your objectives? Slide the left side of the screen – You can take on multiple requests from the townsfolk at once, which can make it hard to remember what needs to be done. Swipe the menu on the left-hand side of the screen to view all your objectives.

Use the map outside the saloon to access any previously-opened level – Leave the town’s saloon via the “Home” button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Tap the map to access any level you want. You need to unlock a map via the storyline before you can access it.

Keep an eye on the map for bike parts – When you select a level on the world map, you can check the right-hand menu to see what parts can be found within. You can’t actually find the parts in the level, however. You simply get a chance to spin the Parts Wheel after you’ve successfully completed the stage.

Bike parts make upgrading your bike far cheaper – Certain parts make certain bike upgrades much cheaper, so race for them when possible! You can upgrade without parts, but doing so costs tons of coins.

Trials Frontier

Do well in races for more coins – The better you do in a race, the more coins you earn. This is important to remember if you’re saving up for a new bike upgrade.

Lean into steep climbs – There are plenty of moments in Trials Frontier when you need to climb a steep grade. Lean into climbs to take them without sliding backwards.

Lean backward for descents – Alternatively, leaning backwards while descending helps you keep your balance on perilous slopes.

Restarting a race doesn’t cost fuel – Starting a new race costs fuel – but restarting a race doesn’t cost any! This is an important point to remember when a quest requires you to perform a certain number of stunts. If you don’t think you’re going to make it, just restart before hitting the finish line.

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