Travel Agency Tips Walkthrough

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Check out our tips and tricks for Travel Agency.


1. Game Overview
2. General Tips
3. Strategy Tips
4. Level Breakdown


  • Travel Agency plays out within a 3 month period. Each month has 20 days for a total of 60 levels for the entire game. At the beginning of the game you will be asked whether you want to play as a male or female character.
  • There are 2 modes in this game, Career and Survival mode. This guide basically discusses tips on Career mode but you can incorporate all the tips you’ve learned to help you in Survival mode as well.
  • In Survival mode you have to serve as many clients as you can without stopping in between levels. As you make each goal new upgrades will automatically be added to your office. The game ends when you lose 3 customers.

    • You cannot carry two things at once but you can swap an item in your hand with an item that is in a workers hand.
    • Customers can sometimes ask for more than one thing. Pay attention once you’ve delivered an order, a client may ask for another tour package immediately after.
    • You can replay a level at any time if you’re not getting the score that you need. Simply press the "Restart Level" button at the bottom left side of the screen.
    • If you pick up a tour by mistake that you do not need, it’s best to throw it away. You don’t really want to wait for somebody to want what you have in your hand. Throwing something away does not take any money away from your total.
    • If you queue several actions at one time and one of the actions is not needed, all the tasks you queued ahead of those will be cancelled. For example, if you queued several things and then you clicked on an empty chair, all your actions after that will automatically be cancelled.
    • A worker that has completed a tour will have the icon of the tour over their head. Pay attention to the design on those tours since it shows you what kind it is. If the tour has an airplane at the bottom then you know that it is an Air Tour. If it has a gold star at the bottom of the tour then you know that it is a Luxury Tour.
    • Don’t confuse the Tours with the Catalogues since many of them look alike, especially the blue ones. Pay attention to what you’re picking up so that you don’t waste time having to go to the trash bin. Same goes for a lot of the Tours – it can be hard to distinguish between the purple and brown Tours.


    • The best way to make money in this game is by forming Rush Chains, which means that the more tasks you can queue at a time the more money you will make. You will receive an extra $10 for every Rush Chain that you make. This can add a lot of money at one time, for example:
    • Take blank papers to all your workers at one time; immediately after go to the waiting room and take care of the clients. If you can chain several people at the beginning of a level you can make an easy $50 to $120 before the level barely begins.
    • If you’re near the end of a level and you need to make some quick cash you can chain several tasks at one time even if you don’t need them. Hand out papers and make custom packages with workers that have nothing to do. You will not lose money if you don’t use the brochures you created.
    • Another good way to generate some last minute money is to take all the completed tours off all the desks and throw them out one by one. Then start giving all your workers blank papers again. In order to do this you must make sure that you have at least one customer left in the waiting area. Give them coffee and presentations to keep them happy while you do this.
    • Different people are responsible for different tasks which, means you can do several tasks simultaneously. Learn what things can be done by your main character and also by your Secretary and the Repairman. This way you can get more things done.
    • Your Secretary can give a presentation or hand out coffee. The Repairman can fix the A/C and Stereo System and you can stand at the podium motivating your employees all at the same time.
    • While you’re at the podium, have your secretary give a presentation at the same moment. This way your workers will be happy and energized and your clients will be happier as well. This will buy you some time to get more orders processed.
    • If there are a lot of customers getting angry at one time, give a cup of coffee out before the Secretary makes a presentation. Give the cup of coffee to the person with the shortest fuse. That way, they will stay patient longer than if they had only had the presentation by itself.
    • You cannot carry two things at one time but you are able to swap things. Before you pick up a completed tour package take a piece of paper with you. While you have the blank paper in your hand, click on the worker with the completed brochure and both pieces will swap places. Your worker will automatically begin working with the blank piece of paper.
    • As soon as a VIP calls on the phone you can head towards the waiting room since you know they are going to be there as soon as you get there. All you have to do is pick up the phone and then click on the first available chair.
    • If there are too many people asking for things in the waiting room, wait before you click on people with "?" marks. Finish taking care of the people that you’ve already clicked on before you take more orders.
    • If you see that an employee is getting sluggish, give them a cash bonus to bring their energy level back up. You can tell if they’re getting sluggish because you’ll see that their energy bars are yellow, if the bars turn red then your employee is about to fall asleep.
    • If you ever pick up an item and you’re ever confused as to which customer it belongs to, just look at the icon over a customer’s head. All people who requested that particular item their icon will start moving. Pick the person with the least patience first.
    • When there are a lot of people in the waiting room take care of simple requests first since they are easy to carry out and you can get rid of things quickly. The catalogues are easy to pick up since they don’t have to be handled by any of your workers.
    • Pay attention to when the items around the room start flashing. That is an indication that something has changed in the room. There was a level in which I wasted time because I did not realize that the special tours were all the same on certain desks around the agency.
    • If it’s the end of the day you don’t have to worry about fixing the A/C or the Stereo System, just concentrate on taking care of the last customers in the waiting area.


    • There are several types of Travel Agents that will work for you in your office. They all work at different speeds and have varying amounts of stamina. Others will want to sneak out and take constant coffee breaks.
    • After a while, your employees will get tired and start falling asleep at their desk. You can keep them from falling asleep by simply standing beside their desk.
    • It the employee is already asleep you can stand at their desk and wake them up simply by standing there.


    • There are 7 types of clients in this game all with different patience levels. The Help menu in the game offers you some pictures along with a description of all the different types of people in the game. I’m just going to discuss a few of the customer types here.
    • Most clients will show up at the reception desk, others will call on the phone. The only ones that call on the phone are the VIP clients.
    • If a client gets tired of waiting and leaves, you will lose money every time they do. For example, the young boy will cost you $80 when he leaves. The lady with the red dress and blonde hair will cost you $120.
    • Lady in Red Dress – The lady with the red dress and the blonde hair will have a fit in the waiting area. Do not let her patience bars go past half. Even though she’s impatient she pays very well so take care of her as soon as possible.
    • Young girl with purple hair – She loses patience very quickly while in the waiting room but she pays very well so make sure that you get her out quickly.
    • VIP – The businessman and the businesswoman are considered the VIPs in this game. The never just show up at the reception area; they always call first. You have to answer the phone as soon as they call or you will lose $200 from the money you just earned. If a VIP gets impatient after seating in the waiting area and leaves, $140 will be deducted from your total earnings for that day.


    • The Secretary is in charge of making sure that the people in the waiting area are happy at all times. Her duties include handing out coffee and giving presentations.
    • Coffee – Just click on the coffee machine and then the customer, the Secretary will automatically bring the coffee to the person in the waiting room. The coffee cup will boost the heart of the person that received it.
    • Presentation Stand – If you have several unhappy people in the waiting area you can click on the Presentation Stand. All of the people in the reception will get an instant happiness boost.
    • If the Secretary is busy giving a presentation you cannot queue her in advance to get some coffee as soon she’s finished. You will just have to click on the coffee machine once she gets back in position.


    • The Repairman is in charge of making sure the air conditioner is kept in working order and that the stereo system is functioning at all times.
    • In order to access the Repairman you must click on the door that is on the left side that has a triangle on it.
    • Once the Repairman comes out, you must direct him to whatever appliance you need him to fix.
    • It can be hard to click on the broken A/C or the stereo system at times. Make sure the appliance you are trying to get is highlighted before you click on it, otherwise it will not work.
    • You have to keep the A/C on at all times or your employees will start to slow down and may even doze off at their desk. When the A/C is broken it causes them to lose stamina faster.
    • The Stereo System is kept in the waiting room. If it gets broken make sure that you send the Repairman to fix it right away. Otherwise, your clients’ happiness meter will decrease quickly.


    • Employees will try and sneak away from their desk and go to the mini-bar.
    • Once you see the coffee cup icon over an employee’s head, go to their desk and stop them from leaving.
    • If you don’t stand next to them in time you are going to have to wait until that person returns from the mini-bar to their desk. All work from that station will be halted until they return.


    • Here is a breakdown of the majority of the levels in Travel Agency. You will notice that some days are skipped. That is mostly because of the way the game was designed. At other times it’s because nothing significant or new happens on that day so I decided to skip it.
    • This breakdown will show you when things are added to the game. You will also get hints along the way that can help you in specific levels. The level breakdown is divided by the 3 months in which you play the game.

    Month 1

    • Day 4 – Discount Tours are now available in the office.
    • Day 6 – The safe is now available in the office. You can give your customers as cash bonus in order to boost their stamina.
    • Day 7 – Students are introduced, they take a long time to decide on what they want and on top of that they don’t spend a lot of money.
    • Day 11 – Air Tours are introduced.
    • Day 14 – You will now be able to have A/C on for your workers.
    • Day 15 – Your Secretary will now bring coffee to customers that are getting impatient in the waiting area.
    • Day 18 – The mini-bar is now available.
    • Day 19 – European Tours
    • Day 22 – Service Catalogues are available. Pick them up at the green stand that is by the Repair Shop.
    • Day 25 – Plant Decoration is available
    • Day 26 – The Podium is now available for conferences. Click on the podium once its charged.
    • Day 27 – Customers will order Resort Tours only but they will ask for Service Catalogues as well.
    • Day 28 – The Secretary will not be available on this day. Make sure that you take care of the most impatient clients first.

    Month 2

    • Day 1 – New office with a new layout is introduced. Elderly clients with little patience have arrived.
    • Day 3 – You will have pictures added to your wall.
    • Day 4 – The new worker that appears on this day tends to fall asleep at his desk. If he falls asleep his snoring will decrease the productivity of those around him. Otherwise, he is a very fast worker. Stay close to him to make sure that he does not fall asleep.
    • Day 5 – Cultural Tours are now available. They are the ones with the purple cover.
    • Day 8 – Clients will order only Cultural Tours and Catalogues on this day. The good thing is that every single worker will have only Cultural Tours on their desk. Before you start taking care of clients go around to all your workers and hand them some paper. That way you can have various tours prepared ahead of time. Stand at the podium often when you see that your workers energy level is low.
    • Day 9 – The safe is not functional on this day, you will have to work extra hard to keep your workers awake and motivated.
    • Day 10 – New furniture has been added to the office.
    • Day 11 – You will get a lot more people in the office today.
    • Day 12 – Presentation Equipment is now available in the waiting room. Click on the Presentation Stand when you see that your patrons are getting impatient and the Secretary will stand there. Once the Secretary is done with the presentation all the people in the waiting area will receive a boost to their patience level.
    • Day 15 – The Office will be upgraded with new furniture.
    • Day 17 – An Energy Drink Vending Machine is installed in the mini-bar. If you use it, you will be able to move faster. Just click on the vending machine to activate it. On this day you will have a lot of people falling asleep at their desk, stand at the podium as often as you can, it will revitalize all your workers at one time.
    • Day 18 – The fashionable girl has arrived and she is very impatient but she is a big spender. Take care of the fashionable girl first since she spends a lot of money. You want her as happy as possible when she pays so she can leave you a bigger tip. She pays $120 instead of the $80 to $100 everyone else spends.
    • Day 19 – You will have a lot of customers and a lot of employees falling asleep. Keep your eyes peeled over the entire room, if anybody sneaks out to the Mini-Bar it will halt production of that station until your employee returns.
    • Day 20 – You will have a Stereo System installed in the waiting area. Make sure it stays on or the customers will lose patience a lot faster than usual. The Stereo System is very small and sits in a corner in the back of the waiting area. Pay close attention to it since it can be hard to see. As soon as you see that it has stopped working send the repairman to fix it.
    • Day 23 – Customers will only ask for European Tours today, luckily all the stations will have only European Tours on their desk. At the beginning of the day give papers to all your workers before you take customers orders.
    • Day 24 – Tourist Guidebooks are now being offered at the agency. They will be located right next to the Service Catalogues against the yellow wall.
    • Day 26 – New interns that lack discipline have now been hired. Watch them carefully because they like to take sneak out to the Mini-Bar as much as possible. As soon as you see the coffee cup icon over their heads, drop what you’re doing and stand next to them. Standing next to them will prevent them from going to the Mini-Bar.
    • Day 29 – You will have 2 of the most impatient people today, the lady in the red dress and the old man. Make sure that their meter doesn’t fall pass half or they will start losing their tempers and leave. For each one of them that leaves you will lose 120 dollars.

    Month 3

    • Day 1 – VIPs are introduced.
    • Day 2 – You will now be able to work with white collar employees. They are the best workers, they are fast and they can last a long time without needing a break. Not all of your workers will be white collar employees on this day only the ones you see with the grey suit. In this case that worker will be taking care of the Air Tours.
    • Day 3 – Luxury Tours are introduced. These are new services that are provided for the demands of the VIP clients. The VIP tours are white and grey with a gold star.
    • Day 6 – An aquarium is added to the decor of the office.
    • Day 7 – An extra chair has been added to the waiting room which means that you will have more clients than ever coming through.
    • Day 10 – Exotic Tours for thrill-seekers are now available.
    • Day 13 – Customers will order only Exotic Tours and catalogues on this day. All stations will have only Exotic Tours on their desk.
    • Day 14 – The only thing new on this day is that the furniture has been upgraded.
    • Day 15 – The Prestige Tour Guides are available next to the coffee machine.
    • Day 16 – The Businessman is introduced and he is extremely impatient but he does pay rather well.
    • All the stations on this day will have gold stars on them.
    • This level can be hard to beat so you have to do things in the following manner if you hope to beat it.
    • Before you take care of customers orders, go around to all the stations and deliver paper so that some workers can get things done.
    • As the phone rings pick it up in between making deliveries.
    • Then start taking some printed tours to stations with the gold stars on them. As you take a completed tour from a station, swap it with a blank piece of paper.
    • Once all of that is done then you can start taking customer orders and filling them. Once you’re done with that round start the cycle over.
    • Day 20 – You will have new floors, rugs and decorations.
    • Day 22 – The customers will want only Resort Tours on this day.
    • Day 23 – This is a tough day you will get inundated with all teenagers throughout the day.
    • Every single teenager wants a different-colored Discount Tour.
    • Every agent that is not in charge of a regular package will have the discounted tour packages on their table.
    • At the beginning of the day hand blank papers to all your employees, click on the customers and then start making random discounted tours with the colored packages.
    • Day 24 – Every type of customer will be in on this day. Queue as many tasks ahead of time as possible.
    • Day 27 – All your clients will be very short tempered today and all your employees will become sleepy often.
    • Make sure that you send the Repairman out to fix the A/C and the Stereo fixed at all times. That will help alleviate people’s tempers and will keep your workers stamina up.
    • If you need extra cash at the end of this level take all the completed tours off all the desks and throw them out one by one.
    • Then start giving all your workers blank papers again. In order to do this you must make sure that you have at least one customer left in the waiting area. Give them coffee and presentations to keep them happy while you do this.


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