Transformers: Battle Tactics Tips, Cheats and Strategies

You’ve never seen the Robots in Disguise quite the way they appear in DeNA’s Transformers: Battle Tactics.

I mean that in a very literal way, thanks to the game’s chibi/super deformed art style, but also because while the Transformers have appeared in a bunch of mobile titles already, they’ve never been given the turn-based tactics treatment. Battle Tactics asks players to build the best possible team of four bouts from a selection of over 75 Autobots and Decepticons, then challenges them to test their tactical skills against both AI and human opposition.

The result is a nice mix of strategy and luck that is perfect for bite-sized gaming sessions. If you want a leg up on the competition, Gamezebo’s Transformers: Battle Tactics Tips, Cheats and Strategies can help turn you into an expert bot commander in no time.

Transformers Battle Tactics Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Consider team bonuses when assembling your teams. There are only a few of them, but in a game where every point of damage and armor counts, they could make a difference. Even something as simple as throwing together all Autobots (giving you an armor buff) or all Decepticons (for a damage buff) can be effective.
  • Certain characters’ abilities were meant to go together. For example, the uncommon version of Bumblebee has a passive buff to First Strike in his robot mode, but that doesn’t do you much good without some characters who have the First Strike ability on their dials. Keep those considerations in mind.
  • When picking team abilities, Jammer is a life-saver. The AI isn’t smart enough to focus fire on one bot in most cases, but human opponents will often target your most threatening character right away. Jammer randomizes incoming attacks so they are spread out over multiple characters, which can make a huge difference. There’s no reason not to have it as an option during PvP play.

Transformers Battle Tactics Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Conversely, the Targeting ability is also essential, particularly with a team based around First Strike. If you’re able to roll First Strike to get the initiative and your opponent doesn’t use Jammer, you can almost always take out an enemy character in the first turn, which is a huge advantage. And even if you get jammed in response, at least you made your opponent react.
  • Unless you’re going to win or lose on the current turn, never leave Ability Points unspent. They carry over between rounds, so you can help ready a more expensive team ability with “leftover” points. It’s not a bad idea to throw a point into a bomb, strike or shield ability if you have one to spare, making it cheaper next turn if/when you really need it.
  • Sometimes the matchmaker will put you in tough against an obviously much superior team. Don’t forfeit though, as even taking out one or two enemy bots can net you some valuable resources. Also, your PvP rating will not drop much if at all in such cases.

Transformers Battle Tactics Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Looking for some specific, hard to find resources to unlock characters? You might want to play against an AI bot team, where you’ll be able to try for the specific stuff you need. You’ll still be subject to the occasionally cruel hand of fate, but at least you’ll give yourself a chance.
  • If you can spare the resources, it always makes sense to recruit all three characters (only two at later ranks) each time you level up. Doing so will get you a bunch of extra resources and some gold, so even if you have no plans on using the bots you recruit, it’s still a wise move.
  • The energy system … excuse me, Energon system, can be kind of a drag since it takes so long for you to recover even one cube. Still, you should resist the urge to spend gold on more Energon, because it’s expensive — only one cube for 6 gold. Even though it stinks, it’s better to wait and save your gold for drops or characters. Also, recruiting new characters and ranking up gives you bonus Energon, so those can be options under the right circumstances.

Transformers Battle Tactics Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Join a League! While the folks at DeNA might have grander plans for Leagues down the road, right now they serve mostly as a way to give and receive free stuff, and who doesn’t want that? Find one and join, as you’ll get periodic resource drops as a result.
  • Check in on Transformers: Battle Tactics several times a day, even if you’re not planning on playing. Basic (every four hours) and Deluxe (every 12 hours) come for free via the Space Bridge, but their timers don’t reset until you claim them. Thus, if you decide this is a game you want to play regularly, you’re depriving yourself of resources and slowing your advancement if you don’t at least log on for those drops every so often.

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