Transformers: Age of Extinction – Tips and Tricks From the Developer

Gameplay Tips

  • Smaller Autobots can change from robot form to drive beneath some enemy attacks.
  • Equip colossal melee weapons to increase damage from hand to hand combat. Swing swords, hammers, axes, etc to deliver massive damage.
  • Make sure to equip your most powerful ranged weapons to wreak havoc from afar. Fire rifles, cannons, rockets, etc. to damage enemies in the distance.
  • Obstacles will slow you down and take your Autobot out of vehicle form. Try to avoid them if you can.
  • Some Autobots are so powerful that they can crash through obstacles without slowing down or changing out of vehicle form.
  • When you change from vehicle to robot form, you will perform a melee attack. This attack is stronger than your normal melee attack.
  • Use your ranged weapon to help lower an enemy’s health even in missions where the objective is to use your melee weapon but remember to finish them off with your melee weapon or it won’t count.
  • A well timed dodge mixed with a melee attack works well against a charging melee enemy.
  • Even if you have completed all stars on a mission, you can replay it to earn XP, Energon Packs, and Energon Shards.
  • For score mission objectives, make sure you defeat all the enemies and pick up all the Energon Packs.
  • Keep ranged enemies in front of you, if you pass them they don’t always return to the battlefield.

Gear and Items

  • Equip protective gear to increase the HP of your Autobots. Rarer gear may have bonus modifiers that could increase XP or Energon Shards earned.
  • Make sure you equip appropriate gear when you switch between characters and remember that character specific gear is always the most effective – Example: Only Optimus Prime can equip “Optimus Prime’s Transmetal Claymore”.
  • Gear has 5 rarities: Common (CO), Uncommon (UC), Rare (RA), Epic (EP), and Legendary (LG). The rarer the gear, the better the stats and unique benefits.
  • If you have gear you don’t need, you should sell it and use the Energon Shards to upgrade the gear you’d like to use.
  • If enemies feel too strong make sure to use Energon Shards to upgrade your gear. The higher your gear level, the more powerful it becomes.
  • Synergon is used to acquire new high-end gear from the store. It may also be used to Continue when you’re defeated during a mission.
  • When you open the Space Bridge, a new gear item will be transported to you. The rarity of the gear may vary.
  • Cyber Credits may be traded for some of the rarest gear from the Space Bridge.

XP, Stars and Upgrading

  • Your Autobots will earn XP from completing missions.
  • Even if you fail a mission you will still earn some XP for your efforts.
  • For every mission objective completed, you’ll earn a star. Stars may be combined with your Autobots to unlock and upgrade them.
  • Each mission has three different objectives. Complete all three objectives to earn stars used to unlock and upgrade the Autobots.
  • To get the most out of your Autobots, you’ll need to upgrade them with your stars. When an Autobot is upgraded, its stats will go up and their max level will be increased.
  • Some Autobots require special items for upgrading in addition to Stars. Collect these items by completing certain mission objectives.


  • A small amount of your Energon reserves must be depleted in order to begin a mission. Energon will recharge automatically over time.
  • Complete missions to earn Energon Shards. The Energon Shards you earn may be used to upgrade the strength of your gear.
  • You can fully refill your Energon with Energon Recharge items.
  • When an enemy is defeated, it will drop an Energon Pack. Pick these up to complete objectives and earn bigger mission rewards.


  • The Scout may look small but he packs quite a punch – Watch out for his charging melee attack.
  • The Gunner fires powerful ranged weapons at you as you battle your way down field. Avoid his attacks and move in close for the kill.
  • The Beamer utilizes a concentrated energy weapon. Don’t make the mistake of crossing his beam. Multiple beamers on screen makes for a treacherous encounter.
  • The Miner carries hoards of explosive mines. When he drops them in your path, make sure to jump to avoid them. If you let them stick around for too long they will lay down a group of devastating mines.
  • In certain missions, Lockdown will appear and try to destroy your Autobots. Avoid his rifle and laser sight before moving in for a crushing blow.


  • Each Autobot has a special ability specific to that character.
  • Bumblebee has a chance to collect more than 1 Energon Pack from a single enemy.
  • Optimus Prime has increased melee power and critical hit chance.
  • Hound has increased defense.
  • Crosshairs is proficient with ranged weapons.
  • Drift and Grimlock earn 50% more Energon Shards after each mission.

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