Traha Global Classes – Which is the Best Class?

Not sure which of the Traha Global classes is best? Well, worry not, as that’s exactly what we’re here to help you with. In this guide, we’re going to list all of the classes that you can play as, and let you …

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Not sure which of the Traha Global classes is best? Well, worry not, as that’s exactly what we’re here to help you with. In this guide, we’re going to list all of the classes that you can play as, and let you know what we consider to be the Traha Global best class. By the time you’re done reading it, you’ll be a veritable expert.

Traha Global is a brand new monbile MMORPG that has a focus on large-scale PVP warfare. You can participate in 200 vs 200 battles, in which every single opponent and ally is an actual player. There’s plenty for those that prefer PVE shenanigans though, including raids and bosses to tackle, as well as a classless system that lets you change up your play-style on the fly.

If you’d like to learn more, check out the official site. We’ve also put together a Traha Global codes guide that you can check out for freebies, and a Traha Global tier list.

Traha Global Classes

Now, let’s take a look at a list of the Traha Global classes.


The scythe is a deadly melee weapon that’s capable of cutting through hordes of enemies in a single blow. It’s also a great class option for those of you that like casting magic – particularly the dark kind.

Think of the scythe class as a kind of hybrid melee/caster role.


If you like getting stuck in at melee range, killing opponents really quickly, the knuckles are the choice for you. This is a class for swift attacks and combos, dealing big damage in a short space of time.


The shield is the tank class. Coupled with a hammer, this class focuses on defending your allies – as well as yourself – with high base defense and mitigation skills. If you prefer to focus on defence, rather than offence, this is the class for you.


You don’t have to sacrifice defense for offense though, and the greatsword-wielder is testament to that. This class gives as good as it gets, capable of dealing enormous damage to its opponents in the thick of battle.

It’s a perfect class for those that like to just stay in the midst of combat, taking down opponents quickly and efficiently without worrying about death.

Dual Blade

This class is quite similar to the knuckles, though it focuses on taking down opponents before they can retaliate. If you like assassin-type classes in MMORPGs, the dual blade is the role for you.


The staff is about all things magic – and that includes both dealing enormous damage, and recovering the health of your allies. It’s a hybrid DPS/support role that will appeal to those amongst you that don’t like to settle on a single play style. That, or you just like casters in general.


Speaking of hybrid roles, the bow user is a combination of ranged DPS and healing. Think a druid-type class that restores the health of its allies while dishing enormous damage at a safe range with a bow.


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Traha Global Classes FAQ

Now that we’ve covered the basics of each class, here’s a bunch of your questions answered.

Where Does Each Traha Global Class Fall In The Holy Trinity?

Before we get onto what we consider to be the Traha Global best class, let’s take a look at where each of them falls within the holy trinity:


Most of the classes can actually fulfil a DPS role, with just the shield missing out:

  • Scythe
  • Knuckles
  • Greatsword
  • Dual Blade
  • Staff
  • Bow
  • Katana


The tank is limited to just two of the classes in Traha Global:

  • Shield
  • Greatsword


Again, support is in shorter supply than DPS:

  • Scythe
  • Staff
  • Bow

What’s the Traha Global Best Class?

This is where things get a bit tricky, as there really isn’t a definitive ‘best’ class in Traha Global. However, there are best classes for each role – as well as specialist roles.

If you want to focus on tanking, you’re going to want to choose the shield, for example. The greatsword can make for a decent off-tank, but it’s not the speciality.

DPS, on the other hand, can safely go with any of the classes except for the shield. It just depends on your preferred positioning. Those that prefer to fight in melee range will enjoy the greatsword, scythe, and knuckles, while ranged DPS specialists will enjoy the staff and bow more.

The dual blade is the exception, as you’re going to want to be a little sneaky with this class – sneaking into the backline to take out the squishy support options. Speaking of those, the three support classes in Traha Global offer it in different ways. The scythe will debuff and weaken opponents, while both the bow and staff can heal and buff.

So, if you have a specific role in mind, you’re going to be locked into one of a few different class options. That’s why there really isn’t a specific best option.

However, the easiest places to start are the greatsword, shield, and staff. These are the easiest classes to pick up and play, and they fulfil the holy trinity nicely.

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