Traffic Rider Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Whether you’re sitting on a bus, park bench, or toilet seat, you can become a risk-taking, motorcycle riding, adrenaline junkie thanks to Traffic Rider. With a first-person perspective and motion based controls, recklessly speeding through highway traffic has never been so fun…or safe. From the safety of wherever you happen to be sitting, or standing, Traffic Rider challenges players to complete various objectives while dodging traffic at high speeds.

With our Traffic Rider tips, cheats, and strategies guide fresh in mind, new players can jump right into the game, ready to break a record, rather than their neck.

Right Down The Middle

Traffic Rider tips cheats strategies

While playing Traffic Rider you’ll be forced to make split-second decisions that leave you just enough time to react. If you wait too long to decide to juke around cars to the left or right you’ll likely end up crashing right into one of the cars you were thinking about dodging. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience on that one.

But what if there was a third option. Not dodge left, not dodge right, but dodge…through the middle?

Yes, it can be done! Driving right between two cars is possible. It’s very tricky (and risky!) but it can be done and in an emergency it can really save your butt.

Stay Focused

Traffic Rider tips cheats strategies

As you play through the career mode, you’ll have to complete various objectives to successfully pass the level. Every career mode level is not simply a race from point A to point B. Sometimes you’ll have to drive a certain distance in a certain amount of time, or maybe you’ll have to overtake X amount of cars in half a minute. But, if you’re not paying attention to the objective (which appears at the top of the screen at each level) you won’t know what to do and will likely fail the mission.

For The Win

Traffic Rider tips cheats strategies

There will be times when crossing the finish line, or overtaking the last car will result in a car accident.

Go for it.

The game ends as soon as the objective is met. So even if your victory screen is driving you right into the rear of the semi-truck infront of you, it won’t matter. Just get that front wheel over the finish line and you’re good to go.

Another tip about disregarding vehicles is that as soon as you begin to pass a vehicle, you can cross into their lane. It’s a weird thing that I’m pretty sure has to do with first-person perspective, but I found that you can cross into a neighboring lane once you’ve passed the majority of a vehicle, even if the vehicle is still on screen. It’s not super reliable, but just like with tip 1, in a pinch it can  save you from losing.

Control Controls

Traffic Rider tips cheats strategies

If you’re really not feeling the motion-based controls that Traffic Rider utilizes, options exist to change up the control layout of the game. Just go into the options menu, hit Controls, and you can select three different control options and even (in the Advanced menu) enable blood for splatter effects when you wreck.

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