Traffic Expert Strategy Guide – Control the Cars With These Hints and Cheats

Traffic Expert is a game about making sure the flow of traffic around a series of junctions is as smooth as it can be. If the traffic gets too snarled up, people are going to get upset. And if they get too upset, you’re going to fail the level. As you might imagine, that’s quite a lot of pressure.

And that’s why we decided to write this guide – in order to alleviate some of that pressure. We’ve hand-picked some of the finest strategies we’ve discovered during our time playing Traffic Expert, and hopefully they’re going to make sure your cities are never trapped in miserable gridlock ever again.

There’s going to be something here to help regardless of where you are in your journey with the game – from just placing your first new road to figuring out where that traffic cop should stand. So let’s get on with it – here are the best hints, tips and tricks for Traffic Expert.

What have you got?

The first thing you should do when a level starts is take a look at the various bits of equipment you’ve got to use during the current challenge. Do a quick inventory and check what your strengths and limitations are, then move on to the next step.

Where are the hold-ups?

Once you’ve checked your gear, the level should have moved on enough to show you where the hold-ups are. These will appear in red, and you want to try and clear them and avoid creating more. Where there are unhappy drivers, start putting in some methods to get the traffic flowing.

Sort the pedestrians first

On levels with pedestrian crossings, it’s a good idea to put in the bridges before you do anything else. They’re clear points where traffic is going to slow down and you can clear them simply and quickly. That’s going to give you a chance to focus on the more tricky aspects of the levels.

Play the bonus levels

It’s always worth taking on the bonus levels that the game offers you. They’re usually the most interesting challenges in the game, and you’re going to get a chunk of extra coins for playing them. For the most part the videos in the game aren’t worth it, but this time they are.

Best use of coins

The coins you earn can be spent on unlocking extra equipment when you’ve run out. For the most part you’re not going to need it, though, so you can save your cash for when you’re in a pickle. You’ll earn enough just by playing, so don’t worry about watching the adverts to increase your haul.

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