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  • The game is timed and you need every second to fulfill the goals in time to get the gold star. Therefore it is highly advisable to pause the game every time you are not sure what to do next and right in the beginning to plan ahead without losing time.
  • Inspections are only preventing buildings of getting damaged as long until you change something. If you upgrade a building in any way after an inspection it can get broken again until you do a new inspection on it.
  • The time period between new monthly incomes takes fifteen seconds.
  • While blueprints are in your possession from the moment you purchase them, licenses have to be purchased again in every new level. Take into account that every license upgrade increases the monthly income about 20 %, while one star upgrade only increases it by 10 %(that means three stars increase the income about 30%).
  • The monthly income by each house/apartment is strongly influenced by the happiness of the inhabitants. That means it is very advisable to demolish buildings near to them only when you also have the money to clear the plot of the debris immediately after to make sure that the happiness does not decrease.
  • While houses/apartments are upgraded or get repaired you do not get a monthly income from them. So it is advisable to do upgrading and repairing mainly when you just received the income.  
  • The happiness of a family house gets increased by one for each family house that is built next to it. The happiness of apartment blocks is not affected by other apartment blocks. However, the houses’ happiness gets decreased when they are built near old blocks, old houses, apartment blocks as well as the post office, the supermarket and the restaurant, while apartment blocks are not affected by those buildings.
  • If you click on the "train-worker" or "order-material" buttons more than once the orders get scheduled.
  • Try to employ every worker you have as often as possible and assign additional workers when one or two are still available. You can assign additional workers for every task, that means constructing, upgrading, repairing, demolishing and clearing.
  • The cost of clearing debris depends on how large the former building was. To clear forest always costs 30,000$.



  • Small Family House: Construction costs= 80 material, 4 workers ; residents=4, rental income=800 $ ; needs post office
  • Medium Family House: Construction costs= 140 material, 6 workers ; residents=6, rental income=1400 $ ; needs post office and supermarket
  • Large Family House: Construction costs= 260 material, 8 workers ; residents=8, rental income=2600 $ ; needs post office, supermarket and restaurant
  • Small Apartment Block: Construction costs= 520 material, 12 workers ; residents=27, rental income=5200 $ ; needs post office, supermarket, restaurant and park
  • Medium Apartment Block: Construction costs= 900 material, 16 workers ; residents=40, rental income=9000 $ ; needs post office, supermarket, restaurant, park and playground
  • Large Apartment Block: Construction costs= 1500 material, 20 workers ; residents=60, rental income=15000 $ ; needs post office, supermarket, restaurant, park, playground and square.
  • possible upgrades for houses: garden (requires landscaping license), security (requires security systems license)
  • possible upgrades for apartment blocks: internet connection (requires internet provider license), fire protection (requires fire protection license)

Recreational buildings:

  • Post Office: Construction costs= 300 material, 10 workers ; income per resident= 15 $ ; possible upgrade: banking services(requires security systems license): 50% income bonus
  • Supermarket: Construction costs= 500 material, 12 workers ; income per resident= 20 $ ; possible upgrade: bakery(requires fire protection license): 50% income bonus
  • Restaurant: Construction costs= 700 material, 14 workers ; income per resident= 25 $ ; possible upgrade: internet café(requires internet provider license): 50 % income bonus
  • Park: Construction costs= 600 material, 14 workers ; affects surroundings +1, +2 total happiness ; possible upgrade: exotic tree(requires landscaping license): +2 happiness
  • Playground: Construction costs= 800 material, 16 workers ; affects surroundings +1, +3 total happiness ; possible upgrade: league match(requires event organizer license): +3 happiness
  • Square: Construction costs= 1000 material, 18 workers ; affects surroundings +1, +4 total happiness ; possible upgrade: attractions(requires event organizer upgrade): +4 happiness


  • Inspection License: Cost= 150,000$, enables you to inspect all kinds of buildings and prevent them from getting damaged.
  • Landscaping license: Cost= 75,000$
  • Security Systems License: Cost= 100,000$
  • Internet Provider License: Cost= 125,000$
  • Fire Protection License: Cost= 150,000$
  • Event Organizer License: Cost= 125,000$


The first four scenarios are only tutorials and you will get a gold star on each of them easily by just following the given instructions.

Level 5:
[Goals: A supermarket; a monthly income of 20,000 $]

  • Build six medium family houses and keep the small family house. Upgrade all those seven buildings to three stars, train a worker and construct a post office on the remaining free plot. Train another two workers, purchase the blueprint of the supermarket and order the needed material. All you have to do now is to clear a plot of the forest and there you can build the supermarket then to fulfill both of the goals.

Level 6:
[Goals: 6 medium family houses; 4 large family houses]

  • Build the six medium family houses at first and upgrade them to three stars. After this you can build a post office and destroy the two small family houses. Purchase the large family house blueprints and clear two forest plots. Construct the four large family houses on the two new plots and the ones you get from removing the small family houses.

Level 7:
[Goals: 8 family houses with a garden upgrade; a supermarket; 200,000 $ balance]

  • Build three large, two medium and one small family houses in addition to the two already existing houses. After this upgrade all the eight houses to three stars and wait until you have enough money to acquire the landscaping license. Upgrade all the houses with a garden and construct a post office. Train the number of workers and order the amount of material you need for the supermarket and build it on the remaining free plot. After you have done that you can lean back to gain the 200,000 $ and finish the level.

Level 8:

[Goals: 10 upgraded family houses; 100 residents; a restaurant]

  • Start with building large family houses on all free plots. After that you can demolish the two small family houses and replace them by another two large family houses. Upgrade all the large family houses to one star then. You also have to clear another forest plot and build another large family house. You should own twelve large family houses then which enable you to fulfill the residents-goal. Train four additional workers, clear another two forest plots and purchase the restaurant blueprint. Build the restaurant to fulfill your last goal.

Level 9:
[Goals: 5 small family houses; 5 medium family houses; a supermarket with a bakery upgrade]

  • You already have two small family houses in the beginning. Your next step should be to construct five medium and another three small family houses. Build them around the already existing houses to keep the happiness as high as possible. Upgrade all those family houses to three stars and build a post office. Train the required number of workers to build a supermarket and place it near the post office. Save enough money to purchase fire protection license and add the bakery upgrade to the supermarket.

Level 10:
[Goals: 10 large family houses; a restaurant with an internet cafe upgrade; +50 total happiness]

  • (1) Build large family houses on the northern side of the river and be sure to also replace the two small family houses by large ones there. You also have have to clear the forest on this side to have the required space for ten large family houses. Then you can go on building post office, supermarket and restaurant. Acquire the internet provider license and update the restaurant with an internet café.
  • (2) All that is left to do now is to build four additional family houses, but place them not directly beside the recreational buildings.  

Level 11:
[Goals: 15 family houses with a security update; 500,000 $ balance; 4,000 material in stock]

  • Start with building 15 family houses, eight large and seven medium ones. Do not build them on the three plots which are near the farms. Purchase the landscaping and the security systems licenses and give the security and the garden update to all the fifteen houses. Upgrade some of the houses to one star until you reach a monthly income of 50,000 $. After that you should also purchase the inspection license and inspect all your buildings. All you have to do now to finish the level in time is to purchase 4,000 material and wait until your balance reaches 500,000 $.

Level 12:
[Goals: 6 small apartment blocks; a park; 18 buildings]

  • This scenario is characterized by the huge amount of money you have to save to purchase the required blueprints for the park as well as the small apartment block. To be able to fulfill the "18 buildings"-goal you will have to clear all the forest plots sooner or later. Start to build 6 large family houses and a post office. Afterwards you can wait until you have enough money to purchase the blueprint of the small apartment blocks, train two workers and order materials to construct the required six buildings. The last thing you have to do now is to purchase the blueprint of the park, to train two additional workers (so you have fourteen) and build the park on the last remaining plot.

Level 13:
[Goals: 8 large family houses; 5 apartment blocks w/ internet upgrade; 100,000 $ monthly income]

  • Start to build six large family houses on the free plots inside of the street. Then demolish the medium family house and replace it by the eighth large family house. Continue to demolish the three old, ugly houses. Train two additional workers and construct three small apartment blocks on the new plots. Clear another two plots and build small apartment blocks there. Wait until you have enough money to purchase the internet provider license and upgrade the apartment blocks with internet.
  • The last remaining goal is that concerning your monthly income. To reach it construct a supermarket and a post office. You should also purchase the landscaping license and upgrade the family houses with a garden. Build another two small apartment blocks on two cleared plots and add the internet upgrade. After that you should purchase the inspection license and inspect every building to save time, material and money. Train some workers, clear every possible plot and build as many small apartment blocks w/ internet upgrades as possible. Do not forget to inspect the new buildings after the upgrading process. With all plots built-up you should reach the required monthly income easily and in time.

Level 14:
[Goals: 10 upgraded apartment blocks; +30 total happiness; 20 workers]

  • The first half of this scenario is really slow, because you have to build the small apartment blocks step by step and you constantly have to wait to earn enough money for material. Build five apartment blocks, upgrade them to one star and then demolish all the older buildings from the beginning.
  • (1) You have to build three parks in the middle of all your small apartment blocks to fulfill the happiness goal and you also need to upgrade them with exotic trees, which requires the landscaping license.
  • (2) Construct the other recreational buildings like post office, supermarket and restaurant and do not forget to train 20 workers altogether. The layout for all the buildings can be seen on this screenshot:

Level 15:
[Goals: 20 buildings with an inspection; a park with the exotic trees upgrade; 200 residents]

  • Start with building four large family houses. Then demolish the old, ugly house and build a fifth large family house there. Train two additional workers and build a post office as well as two small apartment blocks. Train another two workers and build a park on the last remaining free plot. Now you have to clear eight plots of forest to be able to build the twenty required buildings. On these eight plots you can build anything you want to, the main point is that you have twenty buildings which you can inspect later and to have 200 residents. Your next step should be to purchase the landscaping and the inspection licenses. Upgrade the park with the exotic trees and then inspect all of the twenty buildings.

Level 16:
[Goals: 8 small apartment blocks; 4 medium apartment blocks; +40 total happiness]

  • (1) Start with building small apartment blocks around the old blocks in the beginning. When you have gained enough money train two additional workers and construct the first park.
  • (2) Then build post office, supermarket and restaurant in the bottom corner to increase the total happiness.
  • (3) Afterwards you should demolish the family houses, purchase the landscaping license and the medium apartment block license and start to build them as shown in the screenshot below. To reach a total happiness of +40 this or a similar layout is absolutely necessary. In the end you need five parks, three of them upgraded with exotic trees. 

Level 17:
[Goals: 8 apartment blocks w/ fire protection upgrade; 320 residents; 120,000 $ monthly income]

  • Begin this scenario with building five small apartment blocks, a post office and the supermarket. Try to ensure that the apartment blocks are near to not more than one factory. Train two more workers and construct a park on the last free plot. Wait until you have earned some money, clear some plots, train two more workers (you should have 16 now) and start to build medium apartment blocks, you need them to fulfill the residents-goal quicker. When you have built four of them the residents-goal should be fulfilled.
  • Now you should also have enough money to purchase the fire protection license. Clear the last four forest plots and build a restaurant and three more apartment blocks. Purchase the internet provider license and upgrade every apartment block with internet. Your last steps should be to upgrade the supermarket with a bakery and the restaurant with an internet café. Those updates suffice to ensure that you reach the last goal, a monthly income of 120,000 $. 

Level 18:
[Goals: 12 upgraded apartment blocks; a playground; +12 total happiness]

  • Start to train two workers for that you can immediately build small apartment blocks in the beginning, family houses are completely useless in this scenario.
  • (1) Build the small apartment blocks, the post office and the supermarket in the positions as shown in the screen below. You have to clear all the forest plots to get the space you need in order to fulfill the goals.
  • (2) The park with the exotic tree upgrade (purchase the landscaping license) should be in the centre of eight apartment blocks to ensure the highest possible happiness effect of it. You also have to purchase the playground blueprint to fulfill two of your goals. Post office, supermarket and restaurant should be near the factories to ensure the happiness level. Do not forget to upgrade the apartment blocks to one star. You also have to train sixteen workers to be able to construct the playground.

Level 19:
[Goals: 9 large family houses; 5 apartment blocks upgraded to three stars; +45 total happiness]

  • You can see where to place the different buildings in the screen below. Start with building five small apartment blocks, you also have to demolish three of the old blocks therefore. Upgrade all of them to three stars. Go on with building the post office. Go on with building the supermarket and the nine large family houses. The two medium and the small family houses have to be demolished to have the required space for the large ones. After that train four more workers.
  • (1) Also purchase the landscaping license and build the restaurant, the playground, a park with the exotic tree upgrade and a second park on the last empty lot on the screen below. After this you will have fulfilled all the goals.  

Level 20:
[Goals: 6 large apartment blocks; a playground w/ league match upgrade; 1,500,000 $ balance]

  • Start with building six medium apartment blocks, a restaurant, a playground, a post office, a park and a supermarket and demolish the two old blocks. Then train four more workers. Also be sure to clear the five forest plots. After all those activities there should remain six empty plots.
  • Your next step, after saving a decent amount of money, should be to acquire the event organizer, the inspection and the internet provider license as well as the large apartment block blueprint. Upgrade all the apartment blocks with internet and do an inspection after that to minimize wastage of material and money, including the other buildings apart from the apartment blocks. At the end of this process you should have trained thirty workers and now you begin to construct the six large apartment blocks on the remaining blocks. After the first one is constructed you can upgrade it with internet and do an inspection while second one is built at the same time. You can go on in this way until all six large apartment blocks are constructed, upgraded and inspected.
  • The last thing you have to do is to upgrade the playground with a league match and to inspect it. Now you can sit back and wait until your balance has reached 1,500,000 $, this should not take a long time with a monthly income of about 200,000 $.

Level 21:
[Goals: 18 apartment blocks w/ internet upgrade; +45 total happiness; 40 workers]

  • You need 18 small apartment blocks with the internet upgrade. Place them as shown in the screen below, also by demolishing old blocks and clearing forest.
  • (1) It is important to build three playgrounds with a league match upgrade and a park with the exotic tree upgrade. That means you have to purchase a lot of licenses, namely the internet provider, the inspection, the landscaping and the event organizer licenses. Upgrade the buildings as soon as you have acquired the licenses and then immediately inspect them for that you can use material and workers only for new tasks.
  • (2) Do not forget to train forty workers altogether, this is one of your goals and you will need them anyway for the mass of things you have to do.  

Level 22:

[Goals: 10 large apartment blocks; a square; 300,000 $ monthly income]

  • (1) Begin this scenario by building some new small apartment blocks to develop a higher income. Your next step should be to demolish old blocks and to clear forest as well as training six more workers to be able to build large apartment blocks. You should also acquire the inspection and the internet provider licenses. It is extremely important to inspect every building as soon as possible in this scenario to save the material for the construction of the large apartment blocks.
  • (2) After you have built ten of them and all the recreational buildings you can purchase the square blueprint.
  • (3) The square should be constructed on the last empty plot and after that your income should reach the required 300,000$. Feel free to arrange the buildings as you want to, the layout of the screenshot below is only a suggestion, because the total happiness is not of that great importance in this scenario. You can also build more medium or large apartment blocks to reach the required income quicker.    

Level 23:
[Goals: 8 medium apartment blocks; 6 large apartment blocks; +60 total happiness]

  • The arrangement of the buildings are shown in the screenshot below. You should start the scenario with building five medium apartment blocks. Your next step is to clear all the six plots of the debris and build another three medium apartment blocks. After that you should construct a playground and demolish the four old blocks as well as train four additional workers.
  • (1) The next thing to do is constructing the other buildings and locations which increase the happiness, namely the post office, the supermarket, the restaurant, the park and the square, on the positions as you can see on the screenshot. You may also have to clear some forest plots, but all of them have to be cleared sooner or later anyway.
  • Thereafter you can begin to construct six large apartments. You should also train some workers then to speed up the building process. During these constructions you can also purchase the event organizer and the landscaping licenses to upgrade the park, the playground and the square. All you have to do now is to build two additional upgraded squares and you have fulfilled all your goals. 

Level 24:
[Goals: 3,000,000 $ balance; +70 total happiness; 800 residents]

  • The resident-goal is extremely challenging combined with the happiness-goal. How the neighbourhood should look like in the end to fulfill all the three goals you can see on the screenshot below. At first all you have to do is to build as many medium and large apartment blocks as possible, also by training four more workers and replacing all the buildings which are there in the beginning. You should already have to take into account where you will place the squares, the park and the playground later on.
  • In the end you should have eleven large and four medium apartment blocks to fulfill the resident-goal. Your next steps are to train as many workers as possible, clear all the forest plots (you need every possible plot) and to acquire the landscaping, the inspection and the event organizer licenses. Every building should be inspected as soon as possible.
  • (1) Where you have to construct the other buildings you can see on this screenshot:


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