Totem Tribe Tips Walkthrough

Check out our strategy guide for Totem Tribe. GENERAL TIPS Always click the guiding stones for they always provide worthwhile information, sometimes even helpful hints for specific quests or puzzles. The more workers you train, the quicker building processes are finished. But take into account that workers always fulfill just one task at the same time. If you add new tasks (charging spells, research, construction) before another task is finished they will interrupt it. However, they automat…

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  • Always click the guiding stones for they always provide worthwhile information, sometimes even helpful hints for specific quests or puzzles.
  • The more workers you train, the quicker building processes are finished. But take into account that workers always fulfill just one task at the same time. If you add new tasks (charging spells, research, construction) before another task is finished they will interrupt it. However, they automatically return to the old order as soon as they have finished the new one.
  • It is always more effective to use the scouts to explore the islands, because they are quicker than the military units. Especially when they learn how to swim and become invisible for the enemy they are your most important unit.
  • All buildings except for towers cannot be constructed to far away from other buildings.
  • Your people are only controlled by flags or orders, but nevertheless you can also click and drag them away manually in critical situations. This is of high importance in the case of Aruku and Goru, because you automatically have to restart a level when either of them is killed.
  • You can and should always return to previous island when you have learned something to solve a formerly impossible task.
  • The hidden-object parts of the game can be painfully difficult. Do not forget to look for jewels every time you explore a new part of a map, even in corners where you do not expect them. You need to find all the jewels to be able to access the Moon level at the end of the Rainbow Road. This level is not a precondition to beat the game, but you need to get there to reach the best possible ending. Objects are often hidden behind or beside objects/structures which resemble them in color and or shape.
  • The mini-map is very useful in various ways. For one thing you can move to other parts of an island much quicker than by using the arrow keys or by click and drag-option. For another thing it indicates enemies or hostile buildings with red-colored symbols, neutral/friendly objects/people with yellow-colored symbols and your own buildings/people with green-colored symbols.
  • Your armies should always be well-balanced, though the shamans become highly effective as soon as you are able to construct the hall of mysteries.
  • You should always do every possible research.
  • This might sound like an odd tip, but it actually works and is very effective to fight frustration. If you have been searching for a specific object or for jewels on a map for more than fifteen minutes just leave the game and return to it later. It often happens that items are right under your nose, but you do not notice them anymore because your eyes are simply


  • 1.    Hut: trains workers.
  • 2.    Scout Lodge: trains scouts.
  • 3.    Barracks: trains fighter.
  • 4.    Tower: extends your sight, protects your village. Can be upgraded to cause higher damage.
  • 5.    Hunter Camp: trains hunters. It requires a scout lodge.
  • 6.    Workshop: Here you can research better equipment for the archers.
  • 7.    Archery Range: trains archers. It requires workshop and barracks.
  • 8.    Witch Doctor Shack: trains witch doctors.
  • 9.    Smithy: Here you can research stronger armor and more effective weapons for your fighters.
  • 10.    Wiseman’s House: Here you can research upgrades for towers and improve the abilities of your workers. It requires workshop and smithy.
  • 11.    Laboratory: Here you can increase the damage of the different tower types. It requires the Wiseman’s House.
  • 12.    Market: This building allows your people to be faster provides you an additional inhabitant in each building.
  • 13.    Shaman Tent: Trains shamans. It requires the Wiseman’s House.
  • 14.    Sky Hall: Here you can increase the damage of thunder towers. It requires the Wiseman’s House.
  • 15.    Hall of Mysteries: Here you can research new abilities for your shamans. It requires the shaman tent.
  • 16.    Training Grounds: Here you can research different techniques for your fighters. It requires barracks.
  • 17.    Herb Garden: Here you can improve the witch doctor’s effectiveness and cultivate better nutrition for additional healthpoints for your people. It requires the witch doctor shack.
  • 18.    Cave of Trials: Trains caveman. It requires barracks and the hall of mysteries.
  • 19.    Temple: Here you can charge most of the spells you got to know by the idols. It requires the hall of mysteries.


Here is a little explanation how to use the screenshots in this walkthrough: On the left side of all screens is the mini-map: I have marked the part of the island that is actually shown in the screenshot with a red cross on this mini-map.

1) Tetala Island
The first level is just a tutorial. Just follow the advices of Aruku to leave Tetala Island. Nevertheless you should return as soon as your scouts have learned how to swim. In the northeastern part of the map is a little island with a treasure chest.

2) Mushroom Island
Start by building a barrack. After the first attack by the mushrooms construct two additional barracks and send all your fighters to the collection spot of the mushrooms. Now your scouts should explore the southern part of the island. When you have reached the main bearing of the mushrooms set the attack flag there. Your fighters have to destroy the Evil Mushroom quickly since it generates new mushrooms regularly. After this the wise man, Guro, will be freed and joins your tribe.

3) Dolphin Island

Build a scout lodge and start to explore the island. In the east you will find a treasure with jewels. Build four more huts and towers near all the guide stones. On the western coast you will find a second chest that requires you to place eight shells on it to unlock it. Inside you will find the Diadem of Courage which fortifies your fighters’ souls. The Totem of Dolphin can be on one of the little islands of the shore. It becomes visible when you construct a tower next to the guide stones.

4) Monkey Island

Immediately build one tower and three barracks. After the attacks have finished construct a scout lodge and a hunter camp. Explore the island to find the Monkey Tribe that will ask for your help and join you. East of your village are hostile plants which protect a treasure. You need nine chestnuts from those thorn plants to open it. These chestnuts appear randomly after you have killed such a plant.

Inside the chest you will find the Pendant of Nature Force. It grants you a 7% chance that a building is immediately finished after you have ordered its construction. In the south of your village are more thorn plants, mushrooms and Evil Mushrooms.

Near the Monkey Tribe’s village you will have to fight a black shade. Do not forget to collect the ancient coin on the southwestern coast.

After you have defeated all the enemies the Monkey Tribe will give you the Totem of the Monkey. At the western beach you will encounter a strange, transparent orb. Return to this island when you possess the “Sphere of Clarity” – then you simply have to click on the orb and it will let you see what is inside the eastern island.

5) Seagull Island

Construct a barrack, a scout lodge, a hunter camp and a tower. In the northwestern part of the island you will see a little house with frightened seagulls. The treasure in the northeast can be opened with a key which is hidden in the old fireplace near the building in the eastern part. Inside the treasure is the Heart of Bull. From then on the wounds of your people will be cured by themselves over time.

To fix the aforementioned building (which is actually a workshop) you have to find its five missing parts around the island. After the workshop has been restored you should do all research options it is offering, build an archery range and kill all the crows on the island. When the crows get killed they randomly drop magic pebbles. Collect all twelve of them and return them to the old hermit living in the little house. After that he donates you the Totem of Seagull.

Apart from this there is also another ancient coin in the right wooden ruin in the northeastern part of the island.

6) Red Rock Island

At first you have to build ten huts. South of your village you will find an idol. You have to arrange the colors of the lanterns around the idol as shown in the screen below to claim it. You should also build three barracks, a workshop, a hunter camp and an archery as early as possible since there are some evil wood spirits on the northeastern side.

The timer on the top left indicates how much time you have left until the next attack. At the idol you can charge a spell which enables you to send a fireball wherever you want to. However, you have to recharge it after each usage.

After destroying the wood spirits building you will find another ancient coin there. Later on they will also attack you from the south, so your army should return to the village very quickly to protect it. You will only have a short time until the dragons start to attack, so construct as many towers on the east and west coast and archeries as possible. To avoid time pressure you can also only construct nine huts in the beginning and then build ten towers on the east as well as the west coast. In this way you are well prepared before the dragons’ arrival.

In the Northeast is a huge ice block. Throw a fireball on it and the Hunter’s Lucky Stone will be revealed. This stone makes your hunters lucky, stronger and swifter in the future.

7) Witch Island
Send Aruku and Guro out to explore the island. In the east of your starting point you will find Jukun the Witch. She begs you to collect ten rare roots for her. The guiding stones will give you hints for the best hidden ones.

After that, you are able to build a witch doctor shack; you should construct one immediately. You should also build all the other available buildings and do the possible research.

After tha,t send your army to the Noxious Tower and destroy it. To get rid of the ice block between the norther mountains you should build a fire tower near it later on. In the passage behind the mountains you are going to find an ancient coin, jewels and the Sphere of Clarity.

8) Skull Island

In the beginning you should create a village with one additional hut, three barracks, a scout lodge, a workshop, two hunter camps, two archeries, a blacksmith and a witch doctor shack. At the enemy spot in the northeast you will find tower designs, while Tucko the Wiseman enables you to build mud towers.

In the Northwestern corner you should rebuild  the tower where it once stood to reach the idol on the little island. To claim this idol you have to donate 10 bones to it. There you can charge the purification spell which removes any negative effects from your people and restores their health.

In the east you will find another idol which requires 20 bones. There you can charge the requiem spell that puts skeletons and ghosts to eternal sleep. Destroy the enemy spots carefully one after another to avoid any trouble.
After you have destroyed the last spot in the southeast you receive the Totem of Lizard, then call back your troops to the village immediately. Go east and keep attacking the shade.

On the east coast, behind the mountains you will find a treasure. Collect 25 bones to open it and you will get Traveller’s Boots which enable your people to walk faster. Later on you should return on this island and let your scouts swim to the southern island where you will find another ancient coin.

9) Frozen Vale Island

Build two huts and each of the other available buildings once, including a tower near the ice blocks, do all the possible research options. Send your scouts through the wood and meet the Polar Bear Tribe. Bring five pieces of coal to the tribe’s chieftain, for one of the coal pieces you have to kill a crow which will drop it.

In the northern part of the island you will meet a hermit who begs you to free all the penguins. You will be able to manage this quest after you have delivered the coal. Now you are able to build a laboratory and can research the options it offers. Then you should construct a fire tower near all of those ice blocks. After this the penguins will be free again and you receive the Healer’s Globe.

Continue to explore the newly opened passages which were formerly blocked by ice blocks and collect 25 shells to satisfy the idol on the northeastern peninsula. It allows you to cast the clairvoyance spell. Use this spell on the dark part of the sea in the east where you will find the Totem of Bear on a small island.

On this island you will also find a rod, a bait, a hook, a fishing line and a bobber. If you have all five arts they will automatically form a fishing rod. Use it on the circling water northeast of your village and give the fish to the hermit who will give you a map to the lonely iceberg in return.
In the most northern part of the island is a chest. Collect 30 shells to open it and you will receive another ancient coin.

10) Island of Yeti

Completely develop your village and do all the research options. You need to find 12 Jewels of Power to claim the idol which will grant you the battle fury spell. It makes your troops quicker and they will hit twice as hard for a short time. Build fire towers around your village as quickly as possible.

Explore the island and destroy the slime lairs. The wandering lights can be found in the enchanted wood near your village. You must be swift to catch them. Light all the fire places around the chest with them to open it. Inside you will find the Bracelet of Hawk which boosts the morale of your people and shortens the training time.

Construct two fire towers near the ice blocks southwest of your village to get through the passage. Send your army through it and defeat the giant yeti, also by using the battle fury spell. After that you will receive the Totem of Whale.

Near the guide stone where you just fought against the yeti is a secret passage between two mountains. There you will find traders who will join you (thereby enabling you to build markets) if you have all ancient coins. The last coin you now need can be found on this very island, precisely on the southeastern island. You will have to return later to send your scouts there when they have learned to swim.

11) Cradle of the North

Develop your village as usual. On the southwest coast you will find an idol. You need to collect 25 ice crystals to claim it and charge the shield spell which protects your followers of any harm. A man called Montol is willing to help you with your quest if you hunt down the sharks around the little island near the west coast. Just build one or two arrow towers near them and this side-quest will be fulfilled soon. In exchange, Montol grants you the ability to build shaman tents. Build two of them right away.

Continue to explore the island and construct fire towers near the ice block in the centre of the island. Send your troops, including shamans now, to the second ice block in the north and the shamans will melt it down.

Explore the rest of the island until you have found the World Seal and all the pedestals. The screens below will show you where to put which Totem. Before you activate the World Seal send all your fighter back to your village, because after its activation three shades will appear. After defeating them you are able to move on.

Near your village you can see a chest surrounded by mountains. Simply build a hut inside those mountains, it will be finished even though your workers cannot reach it. You should also return later to send your scouts on a little island in the east – the treasure here contains the Pendant of Power which helps you with using the magic of idols.

12) Mist Island
Here you only control Aruku. Follow the passage without fog. On the southwestern side of the mysterious device you will find a Sphere of Light. Put it into the device to remove some of the fog. Go on and find the first obelisk and another Sphere of Light.

South of the obelisk is another device and closely behind it the second obelisk. Solve the lights puzzle to receive another Sphere of Light.
Go on exploring and find the third obelisk as well as a tower. Click on the water near the guiding stone which tells “Sometimes you can find something even if you can’t see it at all,” then you will get a pearl. Give this pearl to the man in the tower to obtain it.

South of the tower you will find the Amulet of Wisdom. Apart from this you can find another Sphere of Light on the southern-most point between the third and the fourth mysterious device. The fifth and last Sphere of Light can be found exactly west to the lights puzzle.

Behind the fifth mysterious device you will find the last obelisk.

Beside this main objective you can also find the Rune of Lightning on the left side of the map, at the end of a grey path between the fourth and the fifth device. Put the Rune into the door north of your starting point.

Go north and find four thunderbolts for the wise man. After delivering them to him you gain the knowledge about the thunderbolts technique for towers and learn to construct the Sky Hall.

13) Lonely Iceberg
After the attack follow the left path to reach the alchemist’s village. Your task to receive the Frost technoloy is to prepare the Twilight Mixture for the alchemist. Here is the recipe and different steps:

  • 1) Ammonium + Alkali = Restoration Liquid
  • 2)Magnesium + Permanganate=Salamander Dust
  • 3)Aurum + Quicksilver=Amalgam
  • 4)Vitriol + Charcoal= Midnight Salts
  • 5)Amalgam + Salamander Dust=Phoenix Oil
  • 6)Midnight Salts + Restoration Liquid=New Moon Elixir
  • 7)Phoenix Oil + New Moon Elixir=Twilight Mixture.

To reach the basic ingredients you have to put the ice shards on the appropriate ice formations. The vitriol is in a chest on the northeastern coast, the ammonium is in a chest in the central north, the permanganate is in a chest on the northwestern coast, the magnesium can be found on the southwestern coast, the aurum is on the central western coast, the alkali is on the south coast, the charcoal on the southwestern coast and the quicksilver at the most northern part of the island.

14) Scorched Island
Develop your village as usual, that means build and research everything. Build also 1 fire, 1 frost and 1 thunder tower to open the chest in the southeastern part of your island. It contains the Crown of Defender which speeds up the construction of towers markedly.

There are three passages leading to your village from the northern island. Build a lot of towers in front of those passages to protect your village. You should use the left passage at first and defeat the dragons to protect the Polar Tribe. They will give you an ice crystal which you should donate to the idol in the north. Now you are able to cast the Snow Tempest spell.

Then lead your army through the middle passage and build a frost tower in front of the fire wall. Destroy the first village of the Wolf Tribe and put the flame symbol you will receive into the fire door. Destroy the two fire lairs on your island because the Wolf tribe uses them as passages to your village. Go on to continue the northern island and destroy the Wolf Tribe’s temple to receive a shaman mask. After defeating the Wolf Tribe you will receive the Totem of Wolf.

15) Volcano Island
Develop your village as usual. On the western coast you will encounter the Master of Battle who wants you to defeat three enchanted skeletons and to deliver three rusty swords to him. The idol on the western coast needs eight obsidian pieces to be claimed, from then on you can cast the purification spell.

On the southwestern coast is a light puzzle. Turn out the two glowing lights and turn on the right-most light ro receive a scroll fragment. Build Frost Towers near fire walls, but always only one after another and try to destroy all pyramids.

On the southern coast you will meet a hermit who demands six lava stones. They can be found in the lava seas all over the island. After delivering them you are able to use the oracle (the transparent orb on the south coast) to look into the heart of the volcano.

When you have collected the three rusty swords to the Master of Battle you learn how to construct training grounds.

On the southeastern coast is another light puzzle. Turn out the top right light and turn on the bottom right light to get a second scroll fragment. Be sure to have a really large army and continue to build on the west, on the south and on the north coast, especially shaman tents and witch doctor shacks.

On the northeastern coast is the third and last light puzzle: All lights except for the top left one must be turned on to receive the last scroll fragment. The fragments will generate a Scroll of Ice Magic – deliver it to the wise man in the Hall of Mysteries – this hall will be yours now. Do all the research there to even increase the strength of your shamans. Be sure to avoid entering the cave on the east coast that is sparkling red until the very end.

Finally enter the last cave on the northeast coast and destroy the last pyramid. You can find the Blessed Ring there which helps witchs and shamans. Shortly after the fall of the last pyramid a great shade will appear. Defeat gim to get the Totem.

16) Beetle Island

Develop your village as usual. Behind the mountains in the north you will see a beetle who is running from hole to hole (there are four altogether). Each time when he vanishes into one of those holes, dozens of little beetles will come out of all the four holes. When your army is ready, put the attack flag into the centre of the four holes. The big beetle is very fast and you should kill it quickly as it keeps breeding new little beetles. When the big beetle is dead you will receive the Totem of Beetle.

Behind the beetles you will meet an old witch who gives you seed for a fruit plant. She demands you to bring her three of those fruits later on. Plant the seed on the little island near the northwestern coast. On this island you will also find an empty bowl. Fill this bowl with water three times at the little pools all over the island and water the plant with it. After the third time the fruits will be ripe and you can give them to the old witch who enables you in exchange to construct herb gardens. Put the Rune of Earth into the door at the northwestern coast.

Return to this island later on to reach the little southeastern island with your scouts. There you will find a chest containing the Necklace of Spirits which strengthens your shamans.

17) Shark Archipelago
On this island your ability to act depends solely on the scouts. On the southern beach you have to turn the symbols as shown in the screenshots above to get the purple Travel Stone. Put this travel stone into the podium in the centre of the island. To move your scout to another island you have to set the explorer flag near the travel stone podium and click the stone when the scout is very near to it.

On the second island you have to destroy all the pulsating plants to find the yellow travel stone. In the northern part of the island you have to move all the orbs into the bottom column as presented in the second screen below. You will receive an energy sphere then.

Use the yellow travel stone to get to a third island. Create a pattern of red and white lights as in the screenshot above to get the blue travel stone. Return to the second island and put the blue stone in the remaining slot. On the third island you will also find a second valve (the first is hidden behind a tree on your first island). Collect 24 green turtle shells to obtain the tower in the southeastern part of the map. The sharks swimming around it will get killed then which will be of importance later on.

The blue travel stone will move you onto a fourth island. Put the two valves into the retainers and the energy sphere into the biggest podium between them. A way to a treasure will be opened where you can find more turtle shells and a chest containing an Aqualung that enables your scouts to swim from then on.

Now you can explore the whole map. You should also collect 32 blue turtle shells to open the chest on the central island where you will find the Totem of Shark. On the southeastern coast put the second energy sphere on the podium and turn all lighthouses in a way that they are lighted at the same time as shown in the screens above. Open the chest then to receive the rune of water and put that into the stone door with the water symbol on it. Open the chest behind it to get a shaman mask.

18) Island of Worship

The most important thing is that you do not click on the large temple directly north to your village until your army is fully developed. To claim the large temple you have to satisfy five different idols around the island, with 12 carambolas, oranges, bananas, papayas and pineapples. Explore the whole map by land and by sea. In the north there are four columns with star, sun, moon and thunder symbols. Rearrange the symbols on each column as in the screen below. You will receive the Power of Thunder then.

When your army is big enough click the temple, begin to satisfy the idols one after another and defeat the different hordes of enemies and receive the Totem of Lion after defeating Aruku’s dark side.

Use the clairvoyance spell on the southern island. Click the silver button inside the island twice to open both passages successively. The chests contain a shaman mask and masking cloaks, which make your scouts invisible to enemies’ eyes from then on.

The screens below will also show you four parts on the map which are sparkling red. For one thing you should put your scouts in the lower right red sparkling place. It will turn green then. Now click on the middle pyramid to receive a lot of jewels. Your scouts should stay in this place, while you send your fighters to a second red sparkling place with the attack flag. Then build a hut or a tower in a third red sparkling place to get your workers in it. Put Aruku or Goru in the remaining red sparkling place. Now that all four places are occupied by your people and have turned green you will receive a map to the lost temple.

19) Ruins of Dreamshore
Develop your village on the norther island as usual. Your scouts are invisible now, so they can explore the whole island without any danger. At first you should defeat the four shade princes, one after another. Simply put the attack flag on the corresponding island and your army will find the way itself, you do not have to worry about the different portals.

Each defeated shade prince leaves a dark essence which you should put into the lanterns in the centre of your village. As soon as every lantern is filled with dark essence a portal will open to the centre island of King Shade. Kill him to receive the remaining Totem.

You can also activate nine similar looking stones by clicking on them. If all of them are activated the two little islands (one with a chest) north of your city become part of your village’s island. Now you are able to open the chest which contains the Tribal Amulet. The position of the nine stones as well as the little two islands are marked on the screens below (click on them to enlarge the picture).

20) Lost Temple
Explore the whole island with your scouts. Activate the five shrines, which will show you different color patterns then. Click the appropriate color sequences on the lanterns south of the pond. For each of the five combinations a part of the map with a red cross will appear in the pond, showing you where to find the five different runes for the five doors in the northern mountains.

Train a large army and then put the symbols into the doors. After each opening of a door creatures will appear in the wood where your army should wait for them. After the fifth door and the fifth attack you have passed the trial and can reach the temple in the northwest behind the mountains with your scouts. The wise man there enables you to build the temple then. The position of the five runes are also shown in the screens below.

21) Comet Crash Site
Use the dark totems to destroy the crystal pedestals. Put the Shark Totem on the crystal pedestal with the shark symbol on it. Collect 7 Ur Crystals, 5 Fehu Crystals and 9 Thurisaz Crystals to claim the three idols on the eastern coast. Destroy Fehu Crystals (orange ones) with fiery meteors. The blue crystal formations can be destroyed by frost. Destroy the green crystal formations in the passage with the thunderstorm spell. Activate three energy orbs around the crystal pedestal on the west coast, namely the bottom light, the top light and the light on the right side of the bottom light.

When all lights are glowing blue put the Totem of Wolf on the crystal pedestal to destroy it. Head north and play memory near the next crystal pedestal – when all silver cards have vanished put the Totem of Crow on the crystal pedestal to destroy it. Destroy the blue crystal formations blocking the western passage with the snow tempest spell. Destroy the three thorn flowers with this spell as well.

Now you should have collected five Fehu Crystals as well, which enables you to claim the Idol of Flame. Send a meteor shower on the orange crystal formation now. In the northwest you will automatically receive tin and copper cursed coins – throw them into the pools around the crystal pedestal until you have no coin left. Now you can put the Totem of Snake on it.

Activate all the purple shrines around the island one after another very quickly, then put the Totem of Beetle on the crystal pedestal at the west coast to destroy it. The last crystal pedestal is on the east coast, surrounded by white and black orbs. The white orbs have to be moved to the left side, the black orbs to the right side.

When you have accomplished this formation put the Totem of Lion on it. Now you should use all the three spells on the appropriate crystal formations between the northwestern mountains to get into it. Follow the new passage and go through the comet’s entrance.

22) Guardian Moon
You can only enter this level if you have collected all the jewels and therewith completed the Rainbow Road. Here you will find the last remaining treasure, namely the Relic of Prosperity which provides one additional habitant in every building. This is especially helpful in the last level as you do not have that much space to build there though you need a very large army.

You will also find several pools there which show you visions of the past and the future of your planet. You should put the Tear of Heaven into the strange shining water in the northeastern part of the island which will purify this relic and clean it of any dark energy. Be aware though that this action strongly affects the ending of Aruku’s journey.

23) Inside the Comet
This level is comparatively straightforward. Do not enter the small passage in the east of your village before you have developed everything, a lot of thunder towers inside your village and an army as large as possible. As soon as you enter the passage and encounter the large idol the regular attacks become even more dangerous. This level depends on your ability to multi-task. When you start to attack the large idol (and after the defeat the appearing alien) you have to repair all the damaged towers in your village very quickly as well as recharge the Thunder spell. There are three different endings and it’s up to your decision which one you prefer. Here is what you have to do:

  • 1) Good Ending: Just kill the alien inside the comet. The world lies in ruins, but Aruku decides to rebuild it because the threat is over now.
    2) Evil Ending: After defeating the idol inside the comet, the true form of the alien will be revealed. There are four spiky mouth-like pits , which you have to feed with the souls of your people. Once all the pits are fed, Aruku takes control over the comet and uses it to conquer the planet and becoming its ultimate tyrant.
    3) Flawless Ending: Reach and finish the moon level as described above. In this way Aruku not only defeats the alien, but also restores the state of the planet before the confrontation.