Total Party Kill Beginner’s Guide: Cheats, Tips and Strategies

By Glen Fox |

Total Party Kill is a platforming puzzler that’s cut from a similar cloth to Trine – if Trine didn’t really care about the three party members you could control, that is. Total Party Kill is all about team killing to solve puzzles. Using the unique ability of each hero – the wizard can freeze allies, the knight can hit them with a sword, and the ranger can fire arrows at them and pin them to walls – you’ll solve a bunch of different puzzling levels.

Early on, Total Party Kill is a pretty straightforward experience. Puzzles will be pretty simple to complete, and you’ll have a good idea of exactly what you have to do to solve them. Soon enough though, the difficulty starts ramping up. You’ll have to perform multiple different moves to complete them, using multiple different moves in a variety of different creative ways.

In this guide, we’re going to provide a bunch of tips and tricks to help you complete later levels with ease. We won’t just give you the solutions though – we’ll set you up so you can solve them for yourself, which is always more satisfying.

Total Party Kill Tips and Tricks:

  • How Total Party Kill works: Basically, you have to try and get to the end of each level by reaching the door, using just your smarts and the skills of each hero to get there. Each of the skills are designed at causing harm to your heroes. The wizard can freeze allies, the knight can whack them with a sword, and the ranger can pin them to walls. You’ll use a variety of each of these moves to solve puzzles and complete levels. Early on, it’s simple stuff but later on you’ll have to get pretty creative.
  • You can freeze dead bodies to turn them into blocks: You’ll often have to kill your team mates to bypass spikes and the like. It’s useful to know though, that once a hero is dead you can still make use of them. Simply freeze them with your wizard to turn them into a frozen block of ice that you can use to create a platform.
  • You can’t pin two heroes together: It’s a shame, but you can’t turn your heroes into a big shish kebab. Once a hero is pinned to a wall, you can’t pin another to the same hero. Don’t even bother trying it because it doesn’t work. We’ve made that mistake for you now.
  • Trial and error: Prepare for a lot of trial and error. This is a puzzler, so it’s going to tax your brain a fair bit and won’t make things easy for you. We’ve got through a lot of levels by simply using trial and error. Stick it out, because you’ll get there eventually.
  • Be careful during the final journey: We can’t count the number of times that we’ve completed the level only to die on the journey to the door. Don’t be like us: just be careful during that bit and take your time. Also, it’s worth noting that sometimes you might think your solution has failed but that’s often not the case – you just messed up.

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