! Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Games where you grow an object by destroying smaller objects seem to be all the rage at the moment. The latest title to boast such a concept that’s hit the top of the App Store charts is! It is …

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Games where you grow an object by destroying smaller objects seem to be all the rage at the moment. The latest title to boast such a concept that’s hit the top of the App Store charts is!

It is exactly as you might expect, asking you to control a tornado through various landscapes – sucking up everything in your path. The more you gobble up the larger you become. Now it may be a relatively simple concept, but you may struggle to finish top of the leaderboard – at least at first.

But you have no need to worry. Just follow our tips and tricks listed below and you’ll be torna-doing well in no time.

  • Start well You have a limited amount of time in every match, so naturally starting well is paramount to finishing high up on the leaderboard. To do this you can follow the following three simple rules…
  • Evade early encounters There’s no point getting involved in skirmishes with smaller tornados, at least at the start of matches. So head away from everyone at the beginning.
  • Get there first Gain a knowledge of the stages and you’ll get to know where the smaller items are – head there immediately and suck up everything in sight before your opponents have had a chance to get their bearings.
  • Clean out an area This ties into the above, but don’t lose focus when you’re in an area with loads of items – especially early on. Clear out everything you can and try not to get distracted by your rivals or your level size increasing.
  • Avoid cleaned out areas Pretty explanatory, but if you come across an area with nothing in it steer well clear. Not only will it serve no purpose in terms of increasing your tornado growth, it could also host opponents who will destroy you without a second thought.
  • Use the on-screen indicators You can predict where cleared out areas are easily enough too. See those arrows on the edge of the screen? They tell you where your opponents are, and how far away they are as well. If you see loads of arrows clustered in one area try to head in the other direction, at least early on.
  • Don’t have to keep moving There’s a temptation in such a hectic game – especially with opponents blustering everywhere – to keep moving all the time, but staying in a small area can often reap significant rewards. Just take a deep breath and you’ll often be a step ahead of your rivals already.
  • Consider the size Yes, you may like sucking up those smaller objects in your cyclone of doom, but are they really worth it? The trick to finishing top of the board is knowing exactly when to start going for larger objects. Always consider the size/level of your tornado and know when to start sucking up houses and the like.
  • Be aggressive Now we’ve talked about avoiding conflicts early, but you can ignore that later on in matches. A great way to rack up a load of points is to suck up your opponents smaller tornados. It boosts your points far more than gathering average items, and removes your competition to boot.
  • Combo killer Try to suck up multiple tornados in a small time period if possible. It’ll gather you a lot more points. It’s basically like Pac-Man, but with huge rushing cylinders of wind instead of multicoloured ghosts.
  • Mix it up Try the other modes from the main menu – if you’re struggling the solo mode can be helpful in getting the hang of how the game works.
  • Touchscreen troubles Your tornado can be a tricksy thing to control, especially as you’re using just one finger to move it around. Sometimes it can be wise to take your finger off the screen to ‘reset’ the tornado as it were, and also give your hand a small break.

You can take! for a spin and try these tips, cheats, and strategies for yourself by downloading it via the App Store now.