Torchlight Walkthrough

Welcome to Gamezebo's strategy guide for Torchlight. MAIN MENUHere are explanations of all the options you'll see on the main menu. New Character: Start a new quest with a new character. Load Character: Resume your story with a previous character.Settings – Check each box to apply Full Screen: Keeps the game covering your entire screen or puts it into windowed modeRimlights: Cast light behind objects to give special lighting effects Antialiasing: Keeps the graphics sharp by mer…

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Welcome to Gamezebo’s strategy guide for Torchlight.


Here are explanations of all the options you’ll see on the main menu.

  • New Character: Start a new quest with a new character.
  • Load Character: Resume your story with a previous character.
  • Settings – Check each box to apply
  • Full Screen: Keeps the game covering your entire screen or puts it into windowed mode
  • Rimlights: Cast light behind objects to give special lighting effects
  • Antialiasing: Keeps the graphics sharp by merging pixels together to create fine lines. Turn off for better performance if you need.
  • HWSkinning: Stands for Hardware Skinning. Turn it off or on depending on performance.
  • Render Behind Walls: Render objects that you cannot currently see, but will be loaded when    you do see them.
  • Vsync: If you have a flickering screen while playing, turn it on to stop the flickering. The game may go slower depending on computer performance.
  • Screen Resolution: Adjust this to match your monitors resolution for optimal screen use.
  • Shadows: Pick from one of the options to affect the quality and number of shadows on the ground while playing. Turn this off if you need a boost in performance.
  • Music Volume: Turn the slider up or down to adjust the audio levels.
  • Sound Volume: Turn the slider up or down to adjust the overall audio levels.
  • Particle Detail: High, Medium, and Low settings. Turn low for increased performance if needed.
  • Show Tips: This box will allow tips to be displayed on screen when you are playing, giving you       hints.
  • Show Event Info: Shows battle damage information in game.
  • Show Blood: Turns blood effects on or off.
  • Netbook Mode: Optomizes the game for playing on Notebooks.
  • Exit: Quit the game.


When you start the game you can pick from three character classes: the Destroyer, the Vanquisher, and the Alchemist, and choose between a Dog and Cat as your pet.

The Destroyer (Male) is a close combat type of character, using mainly melee skills.

The Vanquisher (Female) is a ranged class, specializing in bows and arrows and distance attacks.

The Alchemist (Male) is a magic user, casting spells.

Create a name for yourself and your pet, then choose between the 4 difficulties. To unlock Hardcore you must complete the game first.


  • Left click the ground to move your character on the map.
  • Left click an enemy to attack with your primary attack.
  • Press W to switch between two weapons.
  • Assign your left and right clicks an attack from your bottom menu.
  • Hold Shift to stay stationary when attacking. Useful for Ranged Classes.
  • Bind an attack or spell to the number keys 1 through 0 on your keyboard. Use these keys to execute attacks quickly.

Skill Slots: Place spells, potions, equipment, etc. Here. You can use these items by pressing the same number each one has, on your keyboard. This is a fast means to using them instead of using your mouse.

Icons: You can access each of these by pressing the equivelent keys on your keyboard.

I-nventory: In here you can equip your character with loot you have obtained, to make him or her more powerful or to increase his or her defense. You can also equip two attack items and switch between them by pressing the ½ button or W.

C-haracter sheet: Check in on the status of your character. Here you can spend any stat points you may have.

S-kills: Here you can check on your skills and what they do.

J-ournal: This keeps track of everything you have done in the game.

P-et: You can equip your pet with items and equipment, as well as get them to hold items that you can not fit into your inventory.

Q-uest: Check the current status of your quest.

A-utomap: Display the over world map on the screen.

Esc: Options – Settings, Exit to Title, Return to Game

Questing: Questing in Torchlight requires that you first obtain a quest from a person. By accepting a quest you will have to go fulfill the quest details, such as retrieving items from a dungeon, killing some monsters, or delivering an item. Each quest gets you a set amount of GP (Money), XP (Experience), and Fame. To quickly level up and progress through the game completing quests is the way to go. You can obtain new quests by talking to people with a ! above their heads.

Fishing: You can fish where there is a water hole during your adventure. By fishing you can get fish which you then feed to your pet to increase its abilities. Fish when you can to help your pet grow. When fishing, you will hold your rod out and a button will appear. Wait for a fish to grab hold of your line then reel it in by the button, but wait for the rings that circle the button to line up with the icon! When you have a fish, you can give it to your pet by right clicking on it. Each ability lasts for a limited time only. Some fish have items inside them.

Shared Wealth: These chests are a central hub connecting each character you have together. Here, you can share items with other characters you have created.


Health Potions (Red Potion): Gives you health. Use them wen you feel weary and have low health.

Mana Potions (Blue Potion): Recovers Mana (Magic power). Use these when you are low on Mana so you can cast more spells.

Unique Potions: These are a one time use potion that permanently increase one of your stats. You can find them while questing.

Town Portal Scrolls: This allows you to warp back to town on the fly. Use it if you are having a really difficult time in a dungeon or need to resupply.

Identify Scrolls: This scroll allows you to identify items that you obtain throughout your adventure. When you obtain items in dungeons a lot of them will be unidentified. Use the Identify Scroll on the items to uncover what they are, and when you do, you can use them.

Attack Items: These include staffs, swords, bow and arrows, guns, and the like.

Socketable Items: You can use these to increase the stats of your items by dragging and dropping them onto the item. These power up your weapon, use them often.

Gems: Gems are items that you can infuse with weapons and armor to increase their abilities. Each gem has a grade which affects the abilities once it transfers to the weapon or armor.

The grade of gems from worst to best are as follows: Cracked -> Dull -> Discolored -> Whole -> Cut -> Polished -> Star -> Flawless


During combat you can attack by left or right clicking on an enemy. Each enemy has a set amount of HP (Hit Points) and by eliminating them the enemy dies and you gain experience. When you kill an enemy you also gain GP and whatever items it dropped when you walk over to where it died. Your Pet will automatically attack an enemy when they get close enough.


Dungeons are randomly generated, therefore a proper guide cannot be constructed for each level. The basic method of dungeons is to progress through it and obtain quest items or defeat monsters or fulfill a specific quest task. Chests are located throughout the dungeons, and by opening them you can obtain valuable items.

Shrines are located throughout dungeons and will heal you or give you Mana. Enchant Shrines are the best kind of shrines in Torchlight, giving you the chance to enchant one of your items with a power. They do not always work however, and are a one-time use, but take advantage of them when you can.

Portals in Dungeons are optional side areas you do not have to enter to beat the game. However, by going through a Portal you can obtain weapons and lots of gold you normally wouldn’t have, as well as experience. Go through as many portals as you can to quickly level up and get rich quick.

Occasionally someone else will join you on your spelunking.

When you finish a dungeon, a portal will open up back to town. Take that to quickly get back to the surface.

Bosses in Dungeons are usually the biggest or most powerful creature you will have faced as of yet. Defeating them usually finishes a quest. Upon defeat Bosses drop a lot of loot, including rare gems that you cannot normally get. Make sure when facing a boss you heal lots and are well equipped.


As you progress through Torchlight you level up. Your basic stats increase with each level and you obtain a certain amount of stat points and skill points every time you level up. You can use these stat points to increase your characters development further, which will make the game easier. Stat points increase the basic abilities such as melee and ranged damage, as well as defense, while skill points allow you to master your weapons and abilities.


Your pet is a great companion on your adventure through Torchlight. He or she will fight for you (Automatically), carry your stuff, and even go sell items when you need him to.

To make your pet hold items, open your Pet (P) and Inventory (I) menus, and drag and drop items from your inventory to your pet. Alternatively, you can hold shift and click to move the items over from one side to the other. When your pet is full, you can send him back to town to sell your items by pressing the icon beside your pets name on the main screen. Some places however your pet will not be able to leave your side.

Equip your pet with Rings and Amulets when playing to make your pet even stronger. You can even assign spells to your pet, making it use magic.

In battle your pet will take damage, and if too low your pet will back out of battle. Heal your pet with a potion by dragging and dropping one onto the food bowl in the top left part of the screen, or hold Shift and right click to automatically use the potion on your pet. Your pet will slowly regain health even without the potions, but make sure it doesn’t faint!

Also, you can set your pets status from Aggressive, Defensive, and Passive by pressing the icons underneath your pets control panel.


Skills in Torchlight allow you to upgrade your character. You can purchase skills from Merchants, as well as unlock them as you gain Fame and reach higher levels. Every time you level up you get some skill points, which you can use in your Skills Menu (S).

There are two types of skills, Active and Passive. Active skills are usually abilities that you must execute with a key command (Assign to a hot key), while Passive skills are always in use (Such as Ranged Weapon Expertise) and help your character.

The Alchemist class has a neat Active skill set, known as Summons. Using these Active Skills, a Summon (Creature) spawns and helps you fight monsters. A summon will not go away (Unlike spells) unless killed or dismissed. It costs nothing to keep a Summon with you after you cast it.


There are three types of Spells, Offensive, Defensive, and Charm. Offensive cause damage to enemies, Defensive increase your stats for a limited time, and Charm spells can convert an enemy to your side for a time, identify items, and summon monsters to help you. Also, you can have a Town Portal Charm, so you do not need to use Town Portal Scrolls.


When you die in Torchlight you are presented with three options: Current Location, Beginning of the Floor, and Torchlight.

Current Location – You will lose a lot of XP and fame, but you will resume from the exact same spot.

Beginning of the Floor – You start back from the stairs you entered the floor from, but only lose a little bit of gold.

Torchlight – You lose nothing, but you are all the way back at Torchlight.


Aid Brink – Syl will pay you to find and protect her companion Brink. You should be able to find him in the Ember mine.

Find Brink by entering the mine and exploring for a little bit. You will come to met him and he will join your party. Make your way through the mine until you meet Alric, who will turn Brink into a monster. Defeat Brink and go meet Syl in Torchlight.

A Cure for Corruption – Find the Overseer’s Library. It is located in the Crypts below the mines.

Estherian Remnants – You must reassemble the glyph. First find the three lesser glyphs and give them Syl.

This is the basic flow for Torchlights main quests. You receive a quest from an important character, go to the dungeon and complete that quest, then return and talk to another character and repeat this. There is little derivation from this path.

The other quests you receive are from three other people, Vasman, Trill, and Hatch. Once all of these quests are completed, you have finished the game.

Runic Games is creating a fully featured MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) version of Torchlight, so look forward to that!


General Tips:

  • For first time players of Torchlight, the  Vanquisher is the easiest way to complete the game. Using Ricochet is extremely effective against large groups of enemies because it can hit enemies multiple times with one cast, and it is light on the Mana. Several good techniques for fights can be executed with the Vanquisher class, such as shooting a ranged weapon and then backing up slightly, healing and shooting at a distance, as well as casting freezing spells then running a distance away and shooting some more.
  • For all classes, always keep up to date with the best weapons and armor you can get. Generally, avoid buying weapons early in the game (Even late into the game) because chances are you will find that same weapon within a few levels anyway. Save your money for buying potions and spells.
  • Try to always keep your best weapon infused with a gem to maximize its effect.
  • Try combining same Gems in Torchlight to improve their quality. Doing this will make your armor better and your weapons stronger when equipped.
  • Here is a somewhat cheap trick to make the game really easy for yourself. Don’t use this if you want a challenge! – Use around 10,000 or 20,000 gold (GP) to make a Gray item twice as powerful as any Gold Legendary item. This will make that Gray item about twice as powerful as the Gold items for around the next dozen levels. You can fly through the game with this ‘cheat’, but try playing the game normally first.
  • Health and Mana potions are assigned to E and R on the keyboard respectively.
  • Fish often. Using fish on your pet when fighting a hard enemy really helps.
  • Keep yourself alive by staying out of combat as much as you can. Before running into battle cast a defensive spell or two, summon any creatures you can, and throw an attack spell at an enemy.
  • Elemental Damage plays a large role in Torchlight. The types of Elemental are Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison, and Physical damage. Enemies that have an elemental ability are partially immune to the same Elemental attacks.
  • Fire burns enemies, dealing damage over a short period of time.
  • Ice can freeze enemies to a standstill or slow them down, giving you plenty of time to attack them.
  • Lightning stuns enemies for a few seconds, and can travel between enemies for a short distance.
  • Poison lasts for a longer time than burns, but deals less damage over all. Enemies that glow green are poisonous.
  • Physical attacks are normal attacks such as melee and ranged attacks. Sometimes a physical attack will knock back an enemy, giving you an upper hand.

In-game tips:

  • Holding [Shift] while attacking will allow you to remain in place during combat.
  • Feed Fish to your pet to turn them into creatures with varying abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Bind skills or spells to hot keys by pressing F1-F12 when your cursor is over their icon in the skill foldout.
  • When you gain a level, remember to assign any points you may have earned to improve your player’s abilities.
  • Unidentified items may be identified by by using an identify scroll on them.
  • Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out – clicking the mouse wheel button will reset your view.
  • Hold [Ctrl] and click on a learned spell to unlearn it – you’ll lose the spell, but you will be able to learn a new one.
  • Hold [Alt] to see any items scattered on the ground, or toggle this view with the magnifying glass icon.
  • Send your pet to town to sell any excess items so that you can keep adventuring – click on the pet’s  green merchant icon to send them on their way.