Torchlight Infinite Season 2 – Here’s What’s New

Torchlight Infinite season 2 is here, and with it a wealth of new content that freshens up the experience nicely. While we’ll go into it with more depth in the guide below, but there’s basically something new for everyone. That includes …

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Torchlight Infinite season 2 is here, and with it a wealth of new content that freshens up the experience nicely. While we’ll go into it with more depth in the guide below, but there’s basically something new for everyone. That includes a new character, event, mechanics, and a bunch of optimisations.

If you’ve stumbled across this guide and have no idea what Torchlight Infinite is, here’s a history lesson. It’s the latest entry in the action RPG series, and the first that opts for a truly free-to-play model. You play as a bunch of different characters, each of which favours a different play style.

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Torchlight Infinite Season 2

With Torchlight Infinite season 2 now upon us, here’s everything that’s new rounded up for you all.

First Kill Contest

Torchlight Infinite’s second season kicked off with an event known as the ‘First Kill Contest’. As the name suggests, this challenged the whole player base to be the first to kill a target boss, known as the ‘Lord of the Void Sea’.

Now, it’s not quite as straightforward as the first player to kill this boss per server wins the reward. Rather, the first ten heroes for each hero trait gets the following rewards for defeating the boss:

  • 500 Primocryst
  • Exclusive Discrod title

Everyone else gets 100 Primocryst. The event runs between January 12 – February 11.

Hero – Cateye Erika

The new season brings with it the Torchlight Infinite Cateye Erika. She’s effectively a glass cannon, capable of dealing enormous amounts of damage but taking it in return. Fortunately, she’s also a very swift class, and can use this to her advantage to avoid enemy attacks. If you like a dynamic character, this class will appeal to you.

Right now, Erika only has the single Wind Stalker class trait.

Commander and Berserker Traits

While Erika is the soul new hero to make it into the game, there are new traits for Moto, the Commander class, and Rehan, the Berserker.

Moto gets the ‘Charge Calling’ class trait, while Rehan gets ‘Seething Silhouette’.

Sea of the Void and Lord of the Void Sea

As you can expect from a new season, there’s a whole new area to explore: the Sea of the Void. This brings with it an all new boss, the Lord of the Void Sea, which we mentioned earlier during the section on the first kill contest.

Bride of the Void Sea

There’s yet another new boss to tackle in season two of Torchlight Infinite, and it’s the Bride of the Void Sea.

Hero Relics

Relics are a new form of equippable item that provide your hero with stat boosts. You can place them on your character in the traits menu.


There are five new skills available in Torchlight Infinite:

Moon Strike

Attack enemies in front in Slash Strike form. Max Mana will grant additional buffs for the attack.

Haunting Abomination

This Spell deals Erosion Damage to the targeted enemy and creates a Terra effect that follows this enemy, dealing secondary Erosion Damage to enemies within a certain Terra Area for a period of time.

Howling Gale

While channeling, this spell creates a Gale that attacks enemies within a certain area.

Blazing Bullet

This attack fires a Fire Projectile that penetrates enemies in front and creates Fire Explosions when it penetrates enemies.

Thunder Slash

Attack enemies in front in Slash Strike form, dealing Lightning Damage. Multistrike grants the attack additional buffs.

Legendary Equipment

What would a big new update be without a bunch of new equipment? Fortunately, Torchlight Infinite doesn’t let us down, with these new options:

  • Fool’s Crown
  • Eternal Sea Fog
  • Hekate’s Vision
  • Rat King’s Megagon Dice
  • Rat King’s Escape Show
  • Entanglement of the Immortal
  • Eye of the Kraken
  • Miniature Void Sea
  • Guttural of the Drowned
  • Hero’s Gaze
  • Darkchaser
  • Divine Ember
  • Starlit Blood
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Devouring Tide

Full Controller Support

Torchlight Infinite now fully supports controller, whether you’re on PC or mobile.

Chaos Invasion

You can now create even more card combinations in Chaos Invasion.

Info Panel Optimisations

The info panel is now much clearer, allowing you to see your stats at a glance. You can also see DPS calculations a lot easier, too.

Realm Lord

You can now take on the final boss, the Realm Lord, via the ticket system. You can gt tickets to battle the boss by defeating Watchers, or purchase them from the Trade Houe. They’re tradable!

You can learn more about Torchlight Infinite, and season two, on the official site.

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