Torchlight Infinite Berserker – Ultimate Guide


Torchlight Infinite has finally arrived, and we’re currently in the process of covering every aspect of it in a series of guides, with a focus on the characters themselves. This Torchlight Infinite berserker guide focuses on your favourite melee meathead, Rehan. Those who have followed the series since the first game will recognise this fiercely angry class, which focuses on dishing out – and taking – insane damage from the frontlines.

This latest entry in the action RPG series brings Torchlight to mobile for the first time ever, and in a free-to-play format. It features five playable characters, most of which are entirely new to the series, alongside all of the monster slaying you dreamed of. If you love watching monsters burst into colourful gore, collecting showers of loot, XP, and gold in the process, you’ll love this.

In the meantime, we recommend checking out the official site to learn more about the game. Following that, make sure to check out our Torchlight Infinite codes list for freebies, Torchlight Infinite classes guide to learn more about them, our Torchlight Infinite tier list to learn who’s best, then our Torchlight Infinite builds guide to help you progress once you’ve picked. We’ve also put together a guide on how the Torchlight Infinite multiplayer and Torchlight Infinite controller support works.

Torchlight Infinite Berserker

Below, we’ve recommended the best equipment, traits, talents, skills, and pact points for the Torchlight Infinite Berserker.


Your build really starts with equipment, which provides you with statistical bonuses that help define your play-style.

  • Helmet: Tide of the Styx
  • Armor: Martyr’s Staff
  • Necklace: Shooting Star
  • Gloves: Ardour
  • Belt: Quickness Belt
  • Boots: Fallen Knight’s Footguards
  • Ring 1: Frozen Flame
  • Ring 2: Frostfire Ring
  • Weapon 1: Dangerous Dream
  • Weapon 2: Fire Lord’s Sin

Torchlight Infinite Berserker Traits

Traits tweak certain ability effects, fine-tuning your build to behave a certain way.


  • While berserk is active, trigger burst once on hit (cooldown: 0.2 seconds)
  • +1 additional burst damage per level

Frenzy Furious

  • +3% critical strike rating for every 1 rage
  • Enter berserk automatically at maximum rage


  • Burst now has two support skill slots
  • Gain three rage when defeating an enemy
  • 3% damage mitigation per 20 rage

Boiling Anger

  • Gain 15 rage on critical strike (cooldown: 0.3 seconds)

Uncontrolled Anger

  • +40% additional attack damage while berserk is active
  • Lose 15% of maximum life per second while berserk is active
  • +50% rage consumption while berserk is active

Pact Points

Check back soon!

Torchlight Infinite Berserker Active Skills

Skills are the bread and butter of your build, and the active component of your play-style.


Here are the auras we recommend using:

  • Guard
  • Physical to fire
  • Critical strike damage increase
  • Bloodthirsty slaughter
  • Precision strike


Here are the auras we recommend using:

  • Extended duration
  • Soul focus
  • Mass effect
  • Deathwill

Resurrection Warcry

  • Cooldown reduction
  • Armor infusion
  • Emergency restoration


  • Soul focus
  • Cooldown reduction
  • Extended duration


  • Terrain of malice
  • Cooldown reduction
  • Extended duration
  • Abysmal hatred

Passive Skills

These are the best passive skills for the Berserker:

  • Weapon Amplification

Torchlight Infinite Berserker Talents

Similar to pact points, we’re not going to list the individual talents you should unlock, as it would be quite the list. Instead, here are the stats we recommend to aim for in each tree:

God of Might

Aim for these stats with your talent choices:

  • Intelligence: +26
  • Dexterity: +26
  • Strength: +78

And select these skill effects:

  • Fueling:
    • Damage ignores enemy fire resistance


Aim for these stats with your talent choices:

  • Intelligence: +48
  • Dexterity: +48
  • Strength: +144

And select these skill effects:

  • Arcane:
    • 100% mana cost converted to life cost
    • +35% maximum life
  • No Loose Ends
    • +300 attack critical strike rating on full life
    • +35% additional attack damage on low life


Aim for these stats with your talent choices:

  • Intelligence: +30
  • Dexterity: +90
  • Strength: +30

And select these skill effects:

  • Calm:
    • -50% damage taken at the low life and low energy shield state
    • +25% additional damage taken on full life
  • Rebirth: 
    • 50% life regain and energy shield regain converted to persistent restoration
    • -50% extra regain interval

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