Tomb of the Mask Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Allison Reilly |

Tomb of the Mask is a procedurally generated arcade game by Playgendary and Happy Magenta. Players start finding a strange mask, where they can now climb the walls. Players use this ability, and others found throughout the levels, to maneuver around obstacles, avoid enemies and collect coins and stars. The masks are powerful, but mastering them takes a bit of skill. Here are few tips, tricks and strategies to help you pillage the Tomb of the Mask successfully:

Look Ahead for Traps

When climbing the walls to find the most optimal path, it’s easy to miss traps while you’re concentrating on the coins and stars. The traps are clear on screen, but spending a moment to focus on the path forward could give the trap just enough time to kill you. While looking ahead, check for traps as well. Or, to avoid multitasking, take a moment when you’re in a safe corner.

level of tomb of the mask mobile game

Spend Coins on Powerups, Not Revives

Although 200 coins to restart a level from where you died sounds like a good deal, it’s better the spend your coins on powerups. First of all, all players have five free restarts per day. Depending on where in the level you die, restarting from the beginning doesn’t make much difference. Second of all, powerups like the shield can prevent a death a trap, enabling you to finish the level without having to purchase a revive. Third of all, it’s best to think of revives as a way to retain your high score versus a checkpoint for the level.

Swipe Quickly and Accurately

Tomb of the Mask is a game where you want to make sure your screen is clean and your swipes are precise. I’ve been killed by many traps and enemies because the game did not register my swipe. So, how do you swipe quickly and accurately? The important thing to remember is, “Speed will never make you accurate. Accuracy will make you fast.”

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