Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains Tier List

Relive your favourite tween anime in Tokyo Ghoul: Break The Chains! We have a tier list created to help you set up your ideal team.

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Will you reside on the side of humans or ghouls? Our Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains Tier List should guide with that! Our rankings help you decide who to entrust to see you through the horrific story unfolding within Tokyo thanks to the ghoul uprising. Unless of course, you are a ghoul. In which case, I taste really bad so leave me alone.

Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains Tier List

Now, onto our rankings!


OP! These units are a great beginning and late game and can see you through all the harshest conflicts.

  • Ken Kaneki
  • Toka Kirishima
  • Hinami Fueguchi
  • Juzo Suzuya
  • Shu Tsukiyama


Strong! These guys show great team potential and shouldn’t be dismissed just because they fell shy of being an S-Tier.

  • Rize Kamishiro
  • Kotaro Amon
  • Iwao Kuroiwa
  • Juuzou Suzuya


Average. These guys are so-so, ideally more suited to beginner players who are in the process of building a reliable team.

  • Kisho Arima
  • Kichimaru Washuu
  • Kureo Mado
  • Take Hirako


Heading into the weaker side, these characters don’t offer many strength benefits to a team.

  • Chu Hachikawa
  • Noro
  • Yakumo Omori


Yikes! Unlucky you.

  • Kurona Yasuhisa

How We Determine Our Tiers

We build our tiers based on personal experience, player feedback, and external sources. Our tiers can change at any time due to power scaling fluidity and updates including new characters. If you don’t agree with our tiers that’s fine too, they’re intended to be subjective after all since no two people agree on the EXACT same tier. That said, we hope this tier list proved helpful to some degree!

We also aim to update this as soon as more is known about the game! With it being fresh out of the gacha factory we don’t have access to every single character yet. So please be sure to bookmark this page and check back!

About The Game

In a world where ghouls lurk the shadows preying on human vessels… Tokyo Ghoul: Break The Chains brings the gore-fest anime that we all fawned over as tweens back with a sick gacha remake of the story. Relive Kaneki’s tale your way by enlisting your favorite characters from the anime and plummeting into bloodshed battles. With a ton of built-in game modes to enjoy either solo or with friends, why not give it a try? For nostalgia’s sake.

You can check out Tokyo Ghoul: Break The Chains over on the official website for more information. Before you head out, we think you’ll enjoy these posts! Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Tier List, and Genshin Impact Charlotte Weapon Tier List.

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