Tiny Tower Vegas: Cheats, Tips and Strategies

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Tiny Tower Vegas is a tower-building game from NimbleBit. In this game, you build an enormous skyscraper filled with services, entertainment, and even interactive casino games. Gamezebo’s strategy guide will provide you with some tips and hints that will help keep you from going bust.


  • Keep your lobby clear for VIPs – As you play Tiny Tower Vegas, potential job applicants show up in your lobby once in a while. They’ll hang around until you either employ them, or tell them to shove off. Don’t let applicants loiter unless it’s absolutely necessary for staffing your stores. If your lobby fills up, you may miss out on VIPs – Bitizens capable of granting bonuses like checking out an entire suite at once (netting you a nice coin bonus) or workers that can shave hours off construction time.
  • Upgrade your floors to hold more stock – For a sum of Bux, you can upgrade your floors to hold more stock, which means more coins and less restocking. To upgrade a floor, tap on it and select “Upgrade.” Subsequent upgrades cost more.
  • Upgrade your suites, too – Don’t forget to upgrade your suites to let guests have longer stays. Long stays have big payoffs. Suites can be upgraded in the same manner as service / retail floors: Tap the floor and select “Upgrade.”
  • The better a Bitizen is at their job, the less money it costs to restock items – Every Bitizen owns a color-coordinated jumble of numbers that indicates how good they are at certain jobs. The higher the number, the better they are at that job. A store staffed with three “9” employees gets a 25%+ discount on restocking fees.


  • Don’t be shy about firing lackluster Bitizens from their jobs – New Bitizens are constantly filing into your lobby in search of jobs. If an applicant is a “9,” don’t be afraid of kicking a “3” out of their job. Bitizens don’t know anything about vengeance. Note that employees can’t be shuffled around when a store is restocking.
  • Always match a Bitizen with their dream job whenever possible – Bitizens working their dream job double up on the stock they’re selling. Also, you’re rewarded a chip for placing a Bitizen in their happy place.
  • Play every day for a firework show that earns you Bux – A firework display goes off once a day in Tiny Tower Vegas. Watch it to rack up some Bux. The shows get longer from day to day.
  • Playing slots is the easiest way to win Bux – There are card games galore in Tiny Tower Vegas, but if you’re looking for oodles of Bux, play the slots. Even if you’re betting one or two chips, it’s not unusual to receive payouts of hundreds of Bux.


  • Ferry Bitizens in elevators for coins and chips – As per usual for the Tiny games, the Bitizens don’t know how to operate elevators themselves. Give them a lift to receive coin and chip tips.
  • Delivering Bitizens to a floor cuts down on restocking time – Another good reason to operate the elevator: Delivering a Bitizen to a floor that’s restocking will shave off a minute on waiting time.
  • Perform chores for characters in order to earn chips – Tiny Tower Vegas has several special characters that will call on you for favors. Perform these easy tasks to earn chips.
  • Spend your Bux on elevator upgrades – One of the best places to funnel your Bux is your elevator. Upgrade the motor to make it move faster. Doing so makes delivering Bitizens far less monotonous, especially as your tower grows. Also, the more quickly you drop off one Bitizen, the faster another one takes their place. That’s more coins and chips in your pocket. You can also upgrade your elevator’s looks, but doing so doesn’t modify its performance.
  • Got a lot of floors? Try zooming out – Got a humongous tower? Take everything in by going to the Menu and selecting “Zoom Out.”

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