Tiny Striker: World Football Tips, Cheats and Strategies

So you’ve downloaded Tiny Striker: World Football for iOS or Android and completed the tutorial, but still no idea how to take your little blockhead from Newport County (sorry ‘Newprt’) to Barçelona (Bar’a)? Don’t worry, we’re here to help with this …

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So you’ve downloaded Tiny Striker: World Football for iOS or Android and completed the tutorial, but still no idea how to take your little blockhead from Newport County (sorry ‘Newprt’) to Barçelona (Bar’a)? Don’t worry, we’re here to help with this handy Tiny Striker: World Football tips, cheats and strategies guide. It’s not easy to make your way to the top, but train hard and play your cards right you’ll be outperforming Lionel Messi in no time at all.

Planning Your Attack

Starting out, Tiny Striker: World Football gives you the choice of playing for any English League 2 club (the fourth division of English league football – or ‘soccer’ for those in North America). The team you pick at this point doesn’t really matter that much – there’s no such thing as a League Two powerhouse.

If you’re unfamiliar with how league football works, here’s the crux: at the end of each season top two, three or four teams (depending on the tier) are promoted up to the next highest tier while the bottom two, three or four teams are demoted to next lowest tier. Watch the lines at the top and bottom of the league table to track how you’re faring over the course of the season.

Tiny Striker: World Football League Table

Your approach to Tiny Striker: World Football will depend on how committed to your team you are. Team-focused players will look to bring their team from the bottom to the very top, League 2 to Premier League Champions. Striker-focused players will be looking to master their own performance and level up as quickly as possible in order to jump leagues (or countries) through the transfer market.

If you’re looking to play for Bar’a, Juventus, R Madrid (Real Madrid) or any team in the league systems of Spain, Italy, France, Germany or the Netherlands you’re going to have to be a little selfish and a lot more careful with your spending. To take things international you first need to reach level 30. Then you’ll have to earn enough coins to meet the transfer fee.

Shoot to Win: In-Game Techniques

  • Think Before You Curve: Does a straight line look to be the easiest way from point A to point B (B for ‘back of the net!’)? Then it is. Don’t question it. There’s no need to show off – shoot straight until you hit the jumping keeper.
  • Plan Vertically and Horizontally: A curve shouldn’t be this complicated – anyone can draw a half-circle with their finger right? Don’t let your first few attempts at the curve shot deceive you, if you want to be Arsenal’s star striker, you’re going to need to learn to be precise.
  • Overcorrect for Wind: While rain slows things down complicating the path to success in the higher leagues, wind is easily your worst nemesis. When in doubt, overcorrect. Chances are, even if you’ve overcorrected, you’ve still not corrected enough.
  • Use the Defenders: While the defenders are one of the key obstacles on your path to glory, if you aim wisely and hit them on the side or blow past their arm, they can help deflect the ball into the net. It’s not a perfect strategy, but if you find five tiny little terrors blocking the open net, it can be a reliable one.
  • Dancing With the Flames: Fireballs are great! Fill up your meter and for a few crucial seconds you’ll be able to cut through the defender with a flaming ball of lava. Make the most of your double XP for goals (20XP as opposed to 10XP) and the bonus XP for knocking down defenders (10XP each), but keep in mind that fireballs won’t cut through the keeper so aim accordingly.
Tiny Striker: World Football Fireball

It’s OK to Go It Alone

Starting at League 1, on some (or most) shots you’ll have the option of passing the ball to a teammate who’ll then try to get the goal for you. It’s tempting to always pass the ball off, but even teammate goals aren’t guaranteed. If you can easily hit the net yourself, don’t complicate things. Take the shot, score the goal. If things look tricky, pass away.

Sponsor Me: Playing for the Man 

Sponsor challenges are a great way to quickly up the coins and experience points in Tiny Striker: World Football. However, especially in the higher ranks, you’ll have to make a choice between meeting (or trying to meet) the sponsor challenges and winning the game.

Tiny Striker: World Football Sponsor Challenges

If you’re an individual-focused player, doing the sponsor challenges is a fast way to collect big coin bonuses regardless of whether they have a positive or negative impact on your chances of winning.

If you’re looking to bring your club to the top with you, you’ll have to be more careful about the extent to which you focus on sponsor challenges. If the challenges have you trying to hit a certain number of defenders, win a game from a loss, or collect multiple freezes (which may or may not be located on your path to the net), it might be worth forgoing the bonus rewards to focus on winning.

On the other hand, if the goals have you scoring goals, earning fireballs, or – most directly – winning the game, go for it! Aiming to complete the sponsor challenges will help you win rather than serve as a distraction. In the end, you’ll get the W, XP and, if you’re super lucky, a couple of energy points as well.

Play Your Cards Right: Picking the Right Accessories for the Job

Picking the right match cards is easy. Most of the time you’ll want to play a focus card which reduces the number of defenders you’ll face. Having some clear sky cards handy when wind is in the forecast is also a good idea – have a look at the match preview before you go.

Tiny Striker: World Football Match Cards

Using striker cards does give you an advantage in the game, but the difference between the Prime and the Chaos or the Chaos and the Royal isn’t exactly noticeable enough to make a difference between win or loss, glory or failure.

Here’s where you’re best saving your money for a big transfer or even keeping well stocked. If you stick to that second row – the King, Master and (ideally) the Prime – you’ll be in good stead for the most part. Picking up a pack of the fancy cards – the Power, Royal or XVII – for the big matches might be a good idea if you can part with the cash, but just like having the coolest boots didn’t stop that one lad from riding the bench all year, the same applies here.

Tiny Striker: World Football Striker Cards

Once you’re the star striker for Manchester United, Roma or whatever big name club catches your fancy, there’ll be plenty of time to show off. Tiny Striker: World Football won’t let you rest at reaching the top – you’ll want to hold your place too.