Tiny Quest: Idle RPG Tier List – All Characters Ranked

Our Tiny Quest Idle RPG tier list ranks every character from best to worst in the deceivingly cute mobile game!

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On a quest for a Tiny Quest: Idle RPG tier list? Read on to find out which characters should be used on the battlefield and which should be avoided at all costs. I’ll update this tier list regularly as new heroes are added to the game!

Tiny Quest: Idle RPG is, you guessed it, an idle game. Your job is collecting a wide range of characters to conjure up the most powerful team around. Each character comes with their own abilities, allowing you to experiment with your favourites. Obtain an array of equipment for your tiny heroes, but remember to upgrade them frequently to keep up with the ever-strengthening foes. There’s also a really cool character-merging feature that can possibly spawn a dragon – mysterious!

For more information about Tiny Quest: Idle RPG, you can visit the game’s official Google Play page – where you can also download it! On the hunt for some new games? Take a look at our Bug Heroes: Tower Defense tier list, our Attack on Titan Revolution Family tier list, and our Dr. Stone Battle Craft tier list.

Tiny Quest: Idle RPG Tier List

Tiny Quest may be an idle game, but that doesn’t mean selecting the optimal characters isn’t important! The only thing you’re in control of is who’s in your party. Avoid the worst characters, and focus on the best. Personally, I’d go with those in A-tier and S-tier, but there’s nothing wrong with keeping a couple of B-tier characters around.

S Tier

The best heroes on the battlefield!

  • There are no heroes in the top tier yet! This section will be updated once the game comes out.

A Tier

Not weak in the slightest. Fantastic replacements if you don’t have any S-tier characters!

  • Great heroes that are worth putting into your party!

B Tier

Average heroes at best. They can be useful in niche circumstances but don’t rely on them.

  • These heroes are fine, but they’re not exactly brilliant. Placing one or two in your team is probably the best way to go!

C Tier

We’re starting to get into the bad ones now. Try your best to keep these characters out of your party!

  • A hero being below average means they’re pretty bad. I wouldn’t even recommend having one on your team…

D Tier

If you thought C-tier characters were bad, these are even worse.

  • The weakest heroes in Tiny Quest: Idle RPG – don’t even bother.

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