Tiny Pixel Farm tips, tricks, and strategies to raise the barn

Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon this game is not, but Tiny Pixel Farm might still be able to satisfy your urge for cute, virtual animals. Though under the guise of an idle clicker, Tiny Pixel Farm falls more into the sim category as it requires active management almost entirely in order to progress. Since its tutorial is so vague, here are a few tips, tricks, and strategies we picked up to help you succeed at Tiny Pixel Farm:

tiny pixel farm

Push all the buttons

The tutorial for Tiny Pixel Farm doesn’t nearly cover everything you can do, and much of it is even locked behind level-ups. While you’re waiting to make money from your first sheep, start poking around all the different icons to see what they uncover. Here are a few you’re never told about, to start:

  • The Silo (bottom left) – Your animals have to eat to produce. Your initial Silo only holds 30 food, but you can quickly get more by mowing the tiny grass in the row beneath it to fill it up. As you gain animals, you’ll need to do this often, and you’ll quickly find yourself struggling to keep pace. A second Silo unlocks at Level 8 (and more beyond that) for 5000 gold–a hefty investment, but worth it so you can spend your time elsewhere.
  • The Truck (bottom right) – The truck has a minigame where every ten minutes, you’re given a free dice roll, and the truck can move that amount of spaces away from its current space (backtracking doesn’t work). Your goal is to land on the thing you want with an exact roll, such as one of the treasure bags or the destination. If you land on nowhere, it’s okay. Just wait for your next roll. You can charge up to three rolls.
  • Animal visitors (everywhere) – Animals will periodically visit you, including dogs, rabbits, birds, and more. Tapping on them when they show hearts will net you experience, and if you want to increase that, you can plant trees around your farm to entice even more animals.
  • Ads ads ads (everywhere) – Even though Tiny Pixel Farm is structured as an idle game, you rarely ever have to be idle (at least for the first several hours of play) since you can watch ads to automatically finish everything. Anytime a gift box descends from the sky, you should happily accept.

tiny pixel farm

Instant gratification

Another thing the game doesn’t tell you is that your products aren’t sold all at once. That person coming and going to get them is only taking one item at a time, something that’s easy to miss in the chaos. If you end up filling your store box to the brim, you can watch an ad to empty it, but you may want to pace yourself at first or else you’ll be watching a lot of ads.

Bigger isn’t always better

You can play Tiny Pixel Farm with many different goals in mind. Some may want to finish their catalog of animals, and that’s just fine. But it’s more economical (if that’s your jam) to just buy a lot of cheap animals and sell their products as you level them up. More expensive, higher level animals don’t necessarily make you more money. In fact, making money gets progressively harder as the game goes on, and you don’t get extra for leveling up.

The endgame

Tiny Pixel Farm is short and completable–it doesn’t have infinite play the way many games in its style do. Eventually, you’ll unlock everything and be given some final options, and that will be it. Since there’s no way to upgrade things to harvest automatically for you, the speed at which you beat Tiny Pixel Farm is entirely dependent on how much you play. Take your time and savor the cute animals you can collect!

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