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Game Introduction – Tiny Dice Dungeon

Tiny Dice Dungeon is a role-playing game (RPG) from Kongregate. In this game, you explore dungeons and throw dice to launch attacks against monsters. Monsters can also be tamed to fight at your side. Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with some tips and hints that will help you master your own fate.

Tips and Strategies

Tiny Dice Dungeon

Rest up – Like many free-to-play games, Tiny Dice Dungeon utilizes an energy system that depletes every time you go into battle. However, you can still keep playing when run out of energy; you simply won’t be able to collect your loot reward at the end of a dungeon. Since end-of-dungeon loot is the best way to get money and items, it’s recommended that you have at least one unit of energy before you enter battle.

Do some grinding – Need money, dice shards, and experience? Enter previous dungeons and fight the monsters within. You also get another chance to capture monsters you missed the first time around.

Go for the overkill to earn money – If you roll up an attack that depletes a monster’s hit points and then some, you earn extra money. The harder you hit, the more money you get.

Overkill also restores your health – Offing an enemy with more force than necessary restores your hit points. Again, the stronger your attack, the more health you siphon.

The more¬† you roll, the more money you earn – Your dice turn into coins at the end of your turn. The more dice you throw, the more coins you receive. It’s good motivation for taking big risks.

Tiny Dice Dungeon

Poison damage occurs at the end of your turn – Poison attacks accumulate, then take off hit points at the end of a turn. It’s an important point to keep in mind when you’re up against several enemies.

Use poison damage to earn more money – It takes some practice and good timing, but poison attacks are an excellent way to kill low-energy monsters with huge attacks. If, for instance, a monster has one hit point, a 30 rolled up with poison dice won’t cause instant damage, but will cause the monster to explode in a big way once your turn is up. The result: Tons of cash.

Keep an eye out for monsters that can be captured – If a monster has a note over its head that says “ROLL [number],” it means you can capture it by rolling the specified value. If you roll over, you can’t capture the beast.

Find a balance of dice that works for you – Aside from standard attack dice, there are tons of dice that apply added effects to your moves. Dice that restores health after an attack is a good choice, since they can help save you from buying expensive Phoenix Up revivals.

Don’t forget to equip items – End-of-dungeon loot sometimes includes stat-enhancing items. These are important; don’t forget to equip them on yourself and your monsters. You can’t use items early in the game, but the ability is unlocked before long.

Tiny Dice Dungeon

Buy plenty of Phoenix Ups – They’re expensive, but keep Phoenix Ups stocked. Fighters that die in battle don’t earn experience unless they’re revived.

Don’t forget to upgrade your Phoenix Ups – Revived characters return with a certain portion of their hit points. The higher your Phoenix Up level, the more hit points are restored upon resurrection. If you neglect to upgrade your Phoenix Ups, a revived character may just be wiped out again in a couple of hits.

Smash more uncut dice at once for better results – The more uncut dice you smash at one time, the likelier you are to get an ultra shard. Ultra shards are wildcards that can be used to forge any type of die.

Level up monsters before releasing them for a better reward – You’re rewarded whenever you release a monster. The higher your monster’s level, the better your reward.

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