Thumb Drift Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Thumb Drift is an enjoyable and tricky arcade racing game from SMG Studio. It’s all about drifting around corners for the sake of collecting coins. Gamzebo’s Thumb Drift Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you get the best out of every attempt.

Take it easy

  • You played Thumb Drift once and overdid it with your thumb manipulation, right? We’ve all been there. Take it slowly. Drag that thumb or finger around gently. Don’t rush it. Just ease yourself around a corner. Thumb Drift rewards subtle changes, rather than anything too dramatic. A fast movement just tends to send you straight into a barrier.
  • Overdid it once, but somehow hanging on for dear life? Like when you’re driving on ice, don’t overdo it. Ease yourself back into the game! A series of quick movements is a recipe for disaster, so don’t even try it. Take it smoothly. It’s the only way you’re going to be able to recover.

Thumb Drift Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

  • If you’re not drifting with your thumb, your car straightens out by itself. Use this knowledge to your advantage, as you carefully regain control. That’s the theory, at least.
  • You don’t have to take every corner like a pro. Sometimes, you’re better off taking a straight path through the bends. You’ll probably miss out on some coins, but it’s a useful tactic if your focus is to gain more distance on this run.

Staying on the track helps (but isn’t essential)

  • Some tracks offer some room away from the actual course. It’s not much and you want to be careful, but sometimes, racing over the grass is just what you need when taking a tight corner. Look out for obstacles though, especially cows! On the plus side, you can gain an achievement for hitting a cow.

Learn the first track

  • The first track – Gymkhana – isn’t randomized. It always has the same layout, so use that to your advantage and learn what to expect. You won’t get this luxury for long though, as future tracks are completely randomized.

Keep on playing

  • The more distance you cover, the sooner you unlock a new track. It’s fun to check out the new tracks and some of them feel a little easier to deal with. Keep chipping away, and you’ll soon unlock everything. One of those tracks will be ‘your’ track, appealing to your senses just right.

Thumb Drift Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Don’t worry about coins

  • Coins are great to collect. They help you buy new cars after all, but don’t worry if you don’t collect them all at once. Coin placement is random, meaning some times you’ll play and there’ll be a huge selection easily accessible. Other times, they’ll require you to take a corner perfectly, and that’s way trickier to do!
  • Often, when you’ve collected plenty of coins, you’ll be asked if you want to watch an advert in exchange for a 2x coin multiplier. Do it. Use that time relaxing before you play again. Ok, it can be a little boring to watch, but double the coins means you’ll get to buy a new car twice as quickly.

Complete the missions

The missions are pretty simple. They’re usually focused on covering a certain distance or collecting a set amount of coins. Focus on these and enjoy the fact you’ll earn an ‘easy’ 50 coins, just for completing something in the game.

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