Throne: Kingdom at War Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Throne: Kingdom at War is a free-to-play strategy game from Plarium. It’ll have you waging war on rival Orders, while you also work to establish a stronger Kingdom for your people.

To ease your progression, Gamezebo’s Throne: Kingdom at War Tips, Cheats and Strategies has plenty of advice to get you started, and ensure your Kingdom is the greatest of them all.

Getting Started

Throne: Kingdom at War Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • The layout to Throne: Kingdom at War can be confusing, but stick with it as we guide you through it. The top part of the screen is devoted to telling you things like your food supply, how much gold you have, and other resources. Underneath that is your current experience level, along with insight into special offers, and if you have VIP status.
  • VIP status offers an increase to your production levels, and how much you can collect at any one time. Early on, the game likes to dish this status out to help you out. Eventually, you’ll have to pay for the privilege.
  • Below that is all the important stuff. I.e. where you can partake in various quests and objectives.
  • Always keep busy. Seriously, keep busy. Throne: Kingdom at War offers a wealth of quests. Each is focused on helping you progress faster and become stronger.
  • In particular, you want to focus on building new structures. These tend to be easy to do because you can use a free boost to speed things along. Each time you complete a quest, you gain experience and money.
  • As well as quests, there are errands to complete. These are very hands-off. Simply choose to run with one of these and the game does the rest. It’s a really easy way to gain experience and money.
  • When you’re nearing your resource limit, stockpile the quest rewards. You don’t have to claim them all at once. Sometimes, you’re better off leaving them so as to preserve the numbers for later.

Safety in Numbers

Throne: Kingdom at War Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Join an Order as soon as possible.
  • Some Orders are closed, so either get some friends involved, or find an open one to sign up with. Be friendly! Be polite in chat, and don’t be a pest.
  • By joining an Order, you can request help from other members, giving you an advantage when building things.
  • Don’t forget to help them, too. On the bottom right hand corner, you can check for requests for help. Then, just hit ‘help all’ and you’ve provided assistance. It’s a friendly thing to do.
  • Joining an Order gives you more errands that you can complete, independently of the others available. Do this as often as possible for maximum gains.

The Importance of Troops

Throne: Kingdom at War Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • At the start, you’re protected from attack because hey, you’re a newbie after all. That means it’s the ideal time to work on producing plenty of troops.
  • Keep training them. Again, it’s all about getting your timings right. Keep busy, keep working on increasing those troop numbers. One day, you’re going to feel like you’ve never got enough time to keep up with this. Enjoy the peace of an early ceasefire while you still can.
  • Use your workshop to craft new items to strengthen those troops. They need decent armor and this is your best route to doing so.

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