Three Cards to Dead Time Walkthrough

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Welcome to Gamezebo’s walkthrough for Three Cards to Dead Time.


Chapter 1 – Six of Swords


Chapter 1 – Ace of Cups

Chapter 1 – The Hermit


Chapter 2 – Temperance


Chapter 2 – Queen of Cups

Chapter 2 – Nine of Wands


Chapter 3 – Strength


Chapter 3 – Death

Chapter 3 – Two of Pentacles


Chapter 4 – Knight of Cups


Chapter 4 – Knight of Wands


Chapter 5 – Two of Swords

Chapter 5 – Hierophant


Chapter 5 – The World


Chapter 6 – Three of Wands


Chapter 6 – The Magician


Chapter 6 – The Empress


Chapter 7 – Four of Swords

Chapter 7 – The Fool

Chapter 7 – Justice

Finale, part 1

Questions and answers:

– What is tonight? All Hallows Eve

– Who leads this gathering? Surazal

– Where was the Ritual last enacted before this evening? Paris

– Which were the first two cities destroyed by the Ritual? Mohenjo Daro & Harappa

– Where are we? Starfall

– Why have you been summoned? To open a portal between this side and the other

– What is the modern name for the Ritual? Ritual of Mohenjo Daro

– Who at this table is a psychic? Emma Sommerville

– How many of us here have attempted the Ritual before? 2

– What new power is being used this time with the Ritual? The "Gift"

– Which city has not been a site of the Ritual? London

– Which tarot card represents my son, Adrian? King of Swords

Finale, part 2

Choose to choose your own sets of cards, and in the correct order, select:




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