The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Allison Reilly |

War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria is a war strategy MMORPG from Joycity. You are the Admiral, tasked with reclaiming the continent of Antaria from the fearsome armies of Dark Armor. With the help of game guide Cammy, your heroes and your machina, players battle enemies, challenge dungeons and defend themselves against other guilds. Unfortunately, Antaria isn’t going to save itself, so here are a few tips, cheats and strategies to help you lead your team of heroes to glory.

Invest in Your Heroes Early

There’s no shortage of heroes in War of Genesis. Players start with main characters Rashid, Eiolin, G.S., Locarno and Duran. Before Level 7, players also add Dycus, Raymond and Thad to the cast (not including any earned through daily rewards or summons). They’re great to start with, but without early investment, they’ll be quickly outmatched.

Take time to level them up outside of battle, forge them new armor and conduct research in the laboratory. Early in the game, resources are a dime a dozen, so players don’t have to be concerned about going through resources and needing to grind to make progress.

Don’t Forget About the Airship

It’s easy to get caught up fighting enemies and progressing through the story that you forget about the airship itself. Cammy is an awesome game guide, but they don’t explain the different aspects of the airship unless you click on them. The airship, ultimately, is where players improve gear, level up heroes, upgrade the machina and other important game mechanics.

For example, I didn’t learn about the resting mechanic until I clicked on the Capsule Chamber section of the airship. The Capsule Chamber allows your heroes to recover psy energy. However, if heroes are resting in the Capsule Chamber, they cannot be used in battle.

Experiment with Hero Moves and Arrangements

Each hero has a type and five moves. For every hero, two of the moves are a defensive stance and summoning the machina. The other three moves are unique to each hero, and the best way to learn about each hero and their strengths and weaknesses is through combat. The story requires certain heroes for each battle, so to experiment you need to right random enemies. Random enemy fights are also excellent ways to test gear and gather resources.

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