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Game Introduction – The Walking Dead Social Game

The Walking Dead is an adventure game developed by RockYou. In this game you will loosely follow the plot and the characters of the acclaimed TV series, surviving in a post-apocalyptic America overrun with zombies. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • The Walking Dead is free to play, and can be downloaded by clicking the “Play Now!” option at the top of this page.
  • When you first fire the game up, you’ll be asked if you want to receive push notifications. You won’t be able to change this setting later.
  • After choosing, you’ll be taken to the game’s main menu. Here you can check on the games you’re currently involved in, along with whether or not it’s your turn.
  • When you enter The Walking Dead, Shane will walk you through a short tutorial to explain the basics of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead basics

  • In The Walking Dead, the camp is your main hub. From here, you can talk to other survivors to learn more of the story, you can take a breather, heal and improve your inventory, and most importantly, you take on missions. When you accept a mission, you will move to another location, where you have to finish objectives to complete the mission and reap the rewards.
  • Every action in The Walking Dead takes energy. Walking, talking to people, taking on missions, picking up items, attacking walkers. One energy recharged every 6 minutes. The maximum amount of energy increases every time you level up.

The Walking Dead Social Game

Base camp

  • In your base camp, you see a variety of characters from the series. At times, some will ask you to take on missions, which generally vary from killing nearby walkers to protect the camp, or to search locations for supplies.

The Walking Dead Social Game

  • In order to go on a mission, you will need a certain amount of intel and/or morale. Talk to people to increase these.

Missions how-to

  • Regardless of the type of mission, the basic outline is the same: you’re in a different environment, you can’t see much, and around every corner a walker is lurking, waiting to make you their dinner.

The Walking Dead Social Game

  • One of the challenges in The Walking Dead is your limited vision. You can see everything near you, but you will slowly see less and less. When near the edges of the darkness, even if you can visually see an area, you will not see walkers if they are there. Upgrade your character’s vision skill to see further.

The Walking Dead Social Game

  • When moving your mouse around to select where to go next, you will see a dotted line appear. When this line is yellow, you will not run into any walkers; although it is possible a walker will be there and see you when you arrive, he will not attack you. When the dotted line is red however, it means that you are walking into eyesight of a walker and run the risk of being attacked.
  • Depending on your skill in attacking (more on that a little further down the guide), and other circumstances, you can choose to take a safer approach to the levels, moving around silently and avoiding walkers when possible, or you can just run through like rambo and take out as many walkers as you encounter.
  • You will however always have some situations in which you want to remain undetected. In such a case, use items laying around as cover: cars, trees, walls, buildings. To hide and keep out of sight of walkers, move the dotted line until you see ‘Crouch’. Click there, and you will crouch behind the item, staying out of eyesight of any nearby walkers.

The Walking Dead Social Game


  • Despite what Dale believes, sometimes you have to accept that violence is the answer, certainly when undead walkers are trying hard to get a taste of your protein-rich brains. Fighting in the Walking Dead is easy to understand, but difficult to master.
  • When you click on a walker, a bulls-eye will start moving either top-to-bottom or left-to-right. When the bulls-eye moves over a walker, it will turn red; this is your chance to hit. Click (anywhere) the moment the bulls-eye is red, and you will hit the walker.

The Walking Dead Social Game

  • While using stronger and higher-level weapons, and when playing export mode, the bulls-eye will move faster, so take that into consideration when choosing your gear. Also, when trying to shoot from a further distance, a ‘tough shot’, the bulls-eye will also move faster.

The Walking Dead Social Game

  • Shooting a gun works the same way as attacking with a melee weapon, with the bulls-eye moving over the target. The big advantage of course, is that you can shoot from a distance differences however, and thus are less likely to be immediately attacked if you fail to kill the walker instantly.
  • The downside to using a gun is that it makes noise, and thus will attract nearby walkers that would otherwise not have noticed you. If you’ve picked a gun, but want to do a silent kill, hover your mouse over the walker for a moment and you will get the option to strike. This is the same as a melee attack, and will not make a lot of noise.

The Walking Dead Social Game


  • After completing certain, often story, missions, you will sometimes find someone willing to partner with you on missions. This will allow you to cover more ground, and keep a better eye out for walkers lurking in the darkness.
  • Be sure to equip your partner with a weapon when you select them for a mission. Also be careful and realise that if your partner dies during a mission, and you don’t immediately revive them, that partner will be gone forever.

The Walking Dead Social Game

  • While a mission will not end if your partner dies, if you are playing a mission and you die but your partner is still alive, the mission will still fail. Consider this when you take a partner on a mission; they’re very valuable, so only bring them if you really need their support, otherwise it might not be worth the risk.


  • The most important mission in The Walking Dead is of course to survive, so remember that sometimes it’s better to avoid walkers alltogether in stead of trying to kill them.
  • I’ve pointed this out before, but it is important, so don’t forget. Shooting a gun will attract any nearby walkers. As long as you’re undetected, consider using a melee weapon if possible.
  • When using a weapon on a mission, it will lose condition. When the condition is down to zero, you can’t use it anymore until it is repaired. Going into your inventory, you will see a timer telling you how much longer it takes until it has a condition of 1 again. Refrain from using it for longer, and your weapon will be repaired further, but you will not see a timer for this.
  • If you like playing with partners, be sure to upgrade their skills as well.
  • Upgrading your striking skill allows you to use better weapons.


You have completed the quick start guide for The Walking Dead by RockYou. Be sure to check back often for game updates, Staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments, and much more here at Gamezebo.

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