The Walking Dead: Our World — How to make weapons and Heroes better

Considering it plunges you into an environment full of walkers trying to eat you and raiders anxious to make sure you’re no longer one of the survivors, it’s awfully nice of The Walking Dead: Our World to hook you up with weapons to fight back and Heroes both new and familiar to watch your back. Those are pretty much all the resources you’ll need to blast through any Encounter or Infestation you’ll run into early on in the game.

That won’t be true later on, though. Our World throws increasingly larger and more powerful groups of walkers at you as you progress, to say nothing of the dangerous raider camps where you’ll need more than one Hero to have a chance to win. You’re going to need to make those weapons and Heroes more powerful and keep improving them to keep pace.

So how exactly do you do that? The Walking Dead: Our World uses a card-based system to both unlock and level up weapons and Heroes. You’ll only need to find one card for any particular weapon or character to unlock it for use, but leveling it up will require more and more of the same card as it grows in level. For example, it might only take two cards to go from level 1 to level 2, but 10 cards to go from level 3 to 4.

Once you have enough cards, the game will prompt you that the weapon or Hero can be improved. All you need to do from there is tap on it, either when prompted or in your collection, and tap on the green ‘UPGRADE’ button to level it up. The green numbers in the stats below the button tell you exactly what improvements that card will get. You’ll also notice that there’s a cost in the upgrade button, which is the amount of coins you’ll need to make the upgrade. This cost also increases the higher you level a weapon or Hero, and in practice, you’re going to have a harder time staying stocked up on coins that you are finding cards.

The Walking Dead: Our World

Bonus tip: Losing track of whether you have cards that can be improved? The game lets you know if you have weapons, Heroes or perks waiting to be leveled up by displaying a number in a red box next to your ‘Collection’ icon in the bottom nav bar.

So then the question just becomes how you can get more cards with which to level up your weapons and Heroes. Our World throws plenty of them at you. but here are the most common ways:

  • Clear out an Encounter or Infestation: Encounters that give out cards are rewards show you that with a little card symbol next to the skull. Simply complete it and you’ll get a card as a reward. Be sure to look for a colored glow to get one that’s Rare or better. For Infestations, you’ll need to clear all three stages to get some cards.
  • Deliver a survivor to a Safe House: Saving people from becoming walker chow isn’t just the right thing to do, it can also get you cards. Dropping off a survivor at any Safe House, whether you built it or someone else did, will get you a card, with the type dependent on what kind of Safe House it is. An Armory will give you a weapon, while a Shelter produces Hero cards.
  • Complete Missions: Our World offers both daily missions and others that change on a rotating basis. Be sure to check for what rewards you’ll get for turning them in, because they will often include weapon and Hero cards.

The Walking Dead: Our World

Note that everything we talked about here also applies to perks, which are things like your maximum energy, the number of grenades you can hold at one time and other helpful things. And if you found this article helpful, be sure to check out our other The Walking Dead: Our World content, including our tips on how to get rare characters.

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