The Walking Dead: Our World — How to get free coins

In the post-apocalyptic setting of The Walking Dead, there isn’t much use for coins. It’s a little bit different in The Walking Dead: Our World, where coins are absolutely, positively necessary. Why?

Mostly, it’s because you need them every time you want to level up a weapon, perk or Hero card. Collecting enough copies of them is only part of the process, and we’ve already told you what you need to know about how to find more cards. Now it’s time to solve the trickier side of the equation, which is how to get free coins so you run out of them less frequently.

Let us count the ways …

Take down walker Infestations

Normal Encounters with walkers, which are the single battles you’ll find most frequently on the Our World map, can give you some pretty great rewards, but they don’t help you earn more coins. To do that, you’ll have to find and clear out Infestations instead.

You’ll be able to quickly identify Infestations thanks to their icon, which has multiple skulls instead of a single one. Infestations challenge you by throwing three extra-large waves of walkers at you and your Companion. To get the card reward for an Infestation, you’ll have to defeat all three waves.

Fortunately, we’re talking about coins here, and you get some coins at the end of each wave. If you’re truly low on coins, it makes more sense to spend your energy on Infestations than Encounters for that very reason.

Join a Group and help complete Challenges

When the undead are rising and walking the Earth, there’s definitely something to be said for safety in numbers. Joining a Group is definitely the way to go in The Walking Dead: Our World, particularly since doing so gives you the chance to help your groupmates complete weekly Challenges.

These are presented in the form of something that looks a bit like a bingo board, with each square representing a different task that needs to be completed — things like defeating a certain number of walkers with a specific weapon, taking survivors to a certain Safe House, etc. Many Challenges can be worked on by all members of a Group, though others need to be completed by just one member.

The Walking Dead: Our World

Either way, once a Challenge is finished, that square on the board will turn green, and you’ll be able to tap it to collect a modest amount of coins. These add up over time, especially if your Group is active enough to advance to higher tiers and finish off more than one board per week.

Finish your missions

The Walking Dead: Our World

Our World gives you both daily missions and ongoing ones you can find by looking for the white icons on the right side of the main game screen or by tapping on the ‘See all’ hamburger button. Not every mission pays you coins, but some do, and the amounts can be pretty nice, so definitely keep an eye on any missions currently available to you.

If all else fails, spend Gold

The Walking Dead: Our World

The game’s premium currency, Gold, can be spent to buy coins if you simply need more and have no other choice. This isn’t the most efficient way to spend Gold considering you earn it so slowly and it can be used for other things, but it is an option that is there for you if you need it.

If you’re enjoying The Walking Dead: Our World but still want more tips and tricks, please check out our article on how to recruit rare Heroes like Rick, Michonne and Daryl.

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