The Village Mage – Spellbinder Walkthrough

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Welcome to Gamezebo’s strategy guide for The Village Mage: Spellbinder.

Before You Start 

There is a tutorial that you can play from the main screen. It’s worth checking out, although you’ll be tutored as you play. 

From the main menu, you can view statistics, including the amount of time you’ve played, the gold you’ve earned, cured clients, potions created, received goods, and goods fed to the pets.  

How to Play 

Customers knock on the door when they want to enter your shop. They lose patience quickly outside, so be sure to answer swiftly.  

If you’re making a potion in the match 3 field, you’ll know they have arrived by hearing the knock, or seeing the door icon on the top of the screen. You can minimize the playing field (using the – icon) to answer the door.  

Customers come in, and must be dragged to the right spot on the screen. At first, this is just a spot to stand, but you can upgrade to earn stools and chairs that keep customers happy.  

Once a customer has entered your shop, you need to click the magnifying glass to examine them. You need to press and hold down the mouse button until the examination is complete (you’ll see a symbol over the customer’s head to show when you’re done). Once done, put the magnifying glass back on the table by clicking it. 

After a customer has been examined s/he will order a potion. To make a potion, you need to select the appropriate recipe scroll off of the potion shelf. It will be transported to the table. 

Next, click the cauldron to heat it up. You must do this each and every time, or else nothing will happen. 

You will see a list of ingredients needed to make the spell. Select these from the shelf to add them to the pot. You can select them in any order. 

Once selected, the match 3 board will appear. Click it to play.  

The "clepsydra" (hour glass) shows how much time is left in order to beat a level and make a potion. 

You need to match ingredients of a certain type in order to fill up each item’s gauge, and you need to fill all of them in order to make the potion. 

Make rows of 3 or more ingredients of the same type in order to fill up each item’s gauge.  

Once you’ve made a match, those items items become trapped in bubbles. You can make matches with these, but you can’t move them.  They eventually burst.  

Use the time delay to make larger combos by tacking on new matching items. 

The more ingredients that are covered by bubbles at a time, the greater the field multiplier you can earn.  In this way, newly matched ingredients earn you more points.  

If you boil a potion too long, it can lose its healing properties. This means you can’t make potions and leave them sitting for long, or else they will disappear.  

Clicking an incorrect item during the part where you add ingredients just adds an extra (useless) element to the board. You can move it round, but never make any matches with it.   

You can throw away unneeded potions. This will add half of the ingredients you used to make that potion towards the next potion you make.  

Once you’ve made a potion, you will be alerted by a telltale sound. You can then close the playing field to return to the main screen. The potion will appear on your desk.  

To change to a new potion, you have to click off the current field (minimize it, and click the x to get rid of it). Then, select a new potion, fire up the cauldron again, and you’re read to start the new potion. 

Click on a potion to bring it to the customer. He’ll pay you and leave after a few seconds. 

Clients lose patience as they wait. They pay less if they wait too long. If they lose patience completely, they’ll walk away. Some clients are more patient than others. 

Power-ups and Upgrades 

You gain experience as you cure clients and make potions. As you level up, you can upgrade one of the available skills. Each skill gives you a bonus that has a chance to appear.  

These "skills" are power ups. They include some kind of firecracker that increases the patience of all clients a little bit, a bomb that clears a 3×3 area, an ingredient that can match with anything, an ice spell that freezes the hourglass "clepsydra," and a bonus that doubles the points and ingredient earns.  

There are three pet assistants you can earn in the game. Pets need to be fed to keep them happy. Otherwise, they make noise and refuse to work. You can feed your pet by clicking on the chest in the left hand corner, and dragging a treat onto the pet.  

General Tips 

At the beginning of each day, you can buy new food and recipes, and upgrade ingredients.  

For each level, you have gold, silver, and bronze goals to achieve. You can replay any level you’ve beaten to try for a better score.  

You can earn a 5% bonus if no clients leave, as well as an extra bonus if the customer happiness average is high.  

There are special boards which you can only play if you achieve certain goals, like curing a certain number of clients, or earning a certain number of medals. These boards include epidemics, and trips to neighboring villages. 

Good luck!


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