The ultimate PUBG Mobile weapons list

Any player of PUBG has wondered just how many guns are there. Well, at this moment in time PUBG Mobile has 35 different weapons in the game, some of them can be picked up, others are reserved just for supply drops.

Below is a table with every single weapon in the game. Important stats are the damage a weapon can do, plus the number of shots it takes to kill when shooting at the head or chest. Another stat to pay attention to is the time to kill. If a gun has a high time to kill score, this means it has a low chance of winning a gunfight in close combat.

These stats don’t consider your personal skill, so if you find you can get kills with the Kar98k then, by all means, go for it. These stats are just a guide as to what guns do the most damage in PUBG Mobile.

Any guns with an asterisk next to the weapon name means that this weapon can only be picked up when looking inside a supply drop. These weapons tend to have good stats, but the stats don’t consider the risk of going to a supply drop.

[table id=6 /]

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