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Game Introduction – The Tribez & Castles

The Tribez and Castlez is a town-building game from Game Insight. In this game, you build your own kingdom by clearing land, harvesting crops, and exploring dungeons.  Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with some tips and hints that will help you get a good start on making your own fiefdom.

Tips and Strategies

The Tribez & Castlez

Feeling lost? Do some quests – There’s a lot to do in The Tribez and Castlez, and it’s easy to get confused. Try following the game’s quests to get your bearings. Quest-related tasks can be found on the left-hand side of the screen, though some require your town to be at a certain level before you can complete them. Completing quests also advances the game’s story.

Warehouse is full? Do some tasks before harvesting food – If your crops or trees are ready to bear food but are displaying red icons, it means there’s no more room in your warehouse to store food. Send your villagers to do some tasks before harvesting your vittles. Don’t worry; they’ll keep.

Clear foliage for experience and items – Clearing trees, stumps, grass, and bushes are good ways to rack up experience. You can also find items and extra food.

Tap the green arrow to see all your resources – Tap the green arrow on the lower right-hand side of the screen to view all your menus and options at once. This is also the best way to see what’s in your warehouse (the box on the upper right-hand side of the screen). Keep careful track of your food stores; if you don’t have any food, your villagers can’t do any work.

Log into Facebook and Twitter for free gems – Logging into Facebook and/or Twitter from within the game is a good (albeit controversial) way to earn a generous amount of gems.

The Tribez & Castlez

Farm constantly – There is no energy system in The Tribez and Castlez, but your villagers need a steady supply of food in order to keep working on tasks and exploration. Lay down a few fields early in the game, and make sure someone is always tending to it. If your warehouse is full when harvest time arrives, perform some tasks first in order to make room.

Upgrade your houses – The higher a house’s level, the more wish scrolls and experience it’ll produce. With a bit of money and elbow grease, even a humble hut can yield a decent payout.

Collect from your houses often – Your houses don’t generate experience or scrolls as long as it hasn’t been collected from. Keep a close eye on your houses and collect often in order to keep the rewards flowing.

Simplify your review – If you’re finding it a little difficult to make out your fields and houses amidst the detailed graphics in The Tribez and Castlez, open up the game’s menus by tapping the green arrow button, and then tap the icon stamped with a house on a grid. This reveals a bare-bones town layout that can help you look around.

The Tribez & Castlez

Decorate to increase your influence – Decorative items like roads and flowerbeds help improve your kingdom’s influence. Influence is necessary for expansion into darkened territories. Find decorations under the main building menu (tap the hammer icon in the bottom left-hand side of the screen).

Mix long-growth crops and short-growth crops – Crops that yield a lot of food take much longer to grow than crops that yield smaller amounts of food. Make sure to have a mix of both so that you always have some food on-hand.

Keep playing to get special story-related items – You will need certain items in order to progress the story in The Tribez and Castlez. Keep playing and these items will appear in their own time.

Unlock achievements, get rewards – Open up the game’s menu by pressing the green arrow icon, then tap the “I” icon for achievement information. You’ll receive a list of specific tasks you can complete for rewards (for example, “Explore the dungeon five times). This is a good way to earn experience and gems, so don’t forget to collect on any achievements you’ve completed!

Spend your allotted gems wisely – The Tribez and Castlez starts you off with a generous sum of gems, the game’s purchasable hard currency. Though it’s tempting to blow these gems on speeding up tedious tasks, don’t spend them too freely; they’re hard to earn back, unless you pay for them. Instead, consider buying permanent power-ups that will benefit you in the long run, like workers (check the building menu and tap on the “Special Items” category).  

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