The Tower: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Jim Squires |

Love stacking games at the boardwalk arcade, but wish you could take them home with you? Welcome to The Tower! A simple one-touch arcade game by developer Ketchapp, Gamezebo’s tips, cheats and strategies should help you build a tower that scrapes the sky.

Slow Down, Watch for Changes in Direction


If you feel like you’re getting into a rhythm and you’re tapping up a storm, stop yourself. Changes in direction occur randomly, and the timing for a block coming in from the left won’t be the same as one from the right (depending on how off-center your tower is). There’s no penalty for letting the block bounce back and forth as you wait for the right time to drop it – patience is everything.

Mistakes Speed Up the Pace


You might think that as the tower gets taller, the speed goes up. With most Stacker games there’s some truth to this. With The Tower, however, it’s your mistakes that up the tempo. Every time you don’t place a level perfectly, the blocks will begin moving faster.

The Undo Button Can Save You a World of Hurt


It’s going to happen: you’ll have a fantastic tower marred by one terribly place skinny brick. Want to get out of the mess you just put yourself in? It’ll cost some coins, but tapping the “Undo” button will wipe that last level from your tower and rewrite history.

Coins are Tied Directly to Performance


You’ll earn coins for every level you place, but how many coins depends on how well you’ve placed it. Sloppy placement could mean the difference between 6 coins and 60. The higher you build, the more each level is worth. But unless you’re seeing the word “PERFECT” pop up, you won’t be earning nearly as much as you could.

Always Buy the Coin Doubler


At least after you’ve gotten halfway decent at the game. At 1000 coins, it’s not hard to earn back the money on every run you make – and the extra coin can help you buy things like a headstart and insurance — both of which have some real value if you’re looking to build a tower higher than your Game Center friends.

Only Buy a Checkpoint If You’ve Flubbed a Big Platform


Once you drop a block and fail miserably, you can always “insert coin to continue” by purchasing a checkpoint with coins. Here’s the catch, though – if you failed, it’s probably because your tower is too narrow to build on. Unless you’ve somehow ended a good run prematurely by dropping a big platform to spell your doom, buying a checkpoint is a waste of precious coins.

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