The Survival Game Steel Guide – How To Get Steel


Are you in search of steel? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve written a The Survival Game steel guide, teaching you everything you need to know about obtaining it. The guide will teach you how to make steel, along with what you’ll need to craft it.

The Survival Game is a game on Roblox that’s just entered open beta, making it very popular on the Roblox discover page. The game is set in a medieval world, and your main goal is to survive. In your quest to do so, you’ll have to find food, build shelter, form allies, and defeat your enemies.

You can find out more about the game by joining the official Roblox group. If you’re interested in more The Survival Game, check out our The Survival Game iron guide. If you’re looking for a new Roblox game, check out our Blox Fruit codes guide, and our Pickaxe Mining Simulator codes guide.

The Survival Game Steel Guide

We’ll now crack on with the guide itself. We’ll split it up into a few different sub-sections to make reading it easier for you.

Can You Find Steel?

A common misconception about the resource steel in The Survival Game is that it is just another resource like iron that you can find. It’s very different, however, as steel is actually made from iron.

To make steel, you’ll need a fair bit of iron. Check out our The Survival Game iron guide if you’re struggling with finding any.

How Do You Make Steel?

As stated before, you’ll need a fair bit of iron in order to make steel. You’ll need some other items and resources too, so we’ll list them below.

  • Steel Smelter
  • Coal
  • Iron

Steel Tutorial

Follow these steps to craft steel…

  • Craft a steel smelter
  • Place down the steel smelter
  • Open the steel smelter menu
  • Hold left click on the steel bar – it costs 5 coal and 10 iron to make

Of course, before you get to this point, you’ll need many different items and resources, such as a copper smithy, crafting table, and an iron forge. We refrained from listing every single item that you need, as you’ll probably craft these at various stages throughout the game, rather than all at once with the sole-purpose of making iron.

You might be wondering where you find coal, but if you have a significant amount of experience in the game by now, you’ll know that coal is a common resource found in caves.

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