The Survival Game Map Guide – Updated For Bluesteel


The Survival Game recently brought out a new update, which introduced the new mineral Blue Steel. To help players locate Bluesteel, as well as other minerals, we’ve created a The Survival Game Map guide. Not only will you be able to locate everything you need from now on, but all other map secrets will be revealed, too.

The Survival Game is a new game on Roblox, and it’s been on the front page for a few weeks now. The game is a very well thought out medieval survival game, where you’ll have to survive in a world that’s out to get you! Craft weapons, build shelters, form alliances through kingdoms, and battle enemies in this epic Roblox game.

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For more information about the game, consider joining the official Survival Game Discord server.

The Survival Game Map

Below, you’ll see the map for The Survival Game.

The map for The Survival Game.

Map credit: UndoneBuilder#1933, Rei#0219, and Rango#6893 on Discord.

The credited Discord users have been crucial to this guide, as they’ve listed all sorts about the map. After studying the map, you should be an expert about it! You’ll know where hostile NPCs spawn, where passive NPCs spawn, all the way to where all the different minerals spawn.

Regarding the new Bluesteel update, the map also shows where the new Shipwreck event can potentially spawn. Predicting where the next event is can increase your chances of successfully collecting Bluesteel Crystals, as you’ll beat other players to the spot.

The Survival Game Map Guide FAQ

We’ll now move onto answering some questions that you might have thought up whilst reading our guide.

How Often Do You Update The Map Guide?

For now, the map is up to date with the current version of The Survival Game. However, we understand that as the game is in beta, the map may change throughout the coming months. Because of this, we’ll make sure to update the game as soon as this happens.

What Is The Survival Game?

The Survival Game is a hugely popular game on Roblox. It’s currently in Beta, but it’s been on the front page of Roblox for a few weeks now. In the game, you’ll gather materials, and craft items in order to defend, look after, and shelter yourself from the dangerous world. The game is set in medieval times, meaning the weapons you’ll make are quite primitive.

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