The Survival Game Iron Guide – How To Get Iron

Are you in search of iron? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve written a The Survival Game iron guide, teaching you everything you need to know about obtaining it. The guide will teach you where to find iron, along with …

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Are you in search of iron? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve written a The Survival Game iron guide, teaching you everything you need to know about obtaining it. The guide will teach you where to find iron, along with what tools you’ll need to farm it.

The Survival Game is a game on Roblox that’s just entered open beta, making it very popular on the Roblox discover page. The game is set in a medieval world, and your main goal is to survive. In your quest to do so, you’ll have to find food, build shelter, form allies, and defeat your enemies.

You can find out more about the game by joining the game’s official Roblox group. If you’re interested in more Roblox, check out our Blox Fruit codes guide, Pickaxe Mining Simulator codes guide, and our Tower Blitz codes guide.

The Survival Game Iron Guide

We’ll now move onto the guide itself. We’ll split this section up into a few sub-headings to help reading and processing the guide a bit easier.

Where Do You Find Iron?

Iron is found in several different places around the map. Due to the game only just entering open beta, not all iron locations are even discovered! However, we have found some locations that we’ll list here…

Water Cave

On the outskirts of the island, you’ll find a water cave separated from the mainland. The cave looks like a mini-island itself. If you take a small rowing boat out to the cave, you’ll find iron boulders within.

Desert Cave

The desert has a bit of iron, too. After travelling all the way there, look to your right. You should see a tunnel entrance in the side of a mountain. If you enter this tunnel entrance, you’ll find some sort of a mine-system. Within this mining system, you’ll find iron boulders.

It seems iron spawns in dark places, usually caves or mining systems. If you see one of these systems unexplored, venture inside, and if you’re lucky you’ll find iron boulders.

We’re sure that more iron locations will be added with future updates, so make sure you return to check out where they’ll be found.

What Do You Need To Farm Iron?

Farming certain resources in survival games can often be a complex ordeal. Take Minecraft for instance; in that game, you need an iron pickaxe in order to mine iron, diamonds, and redstone, rather than a stone one.

Farming iron boulders in The Survival Game is thankfully simple enough. All you need to use is the pickaxe that you spawn with. Simply equip it by pressing the allocated key it’s in and hold left click to mine boulders.

Farming Tips

In The Survival Game, iron is a valuable resource. So much so, that you’ll often run into other survivors who camp the iron spawning spots, ready to kill you so that they may take the iron for themselves. There’s a few different ways you can tackle this issue…

Never Farm Alone

If you play the game with friends, we recommend that you always farm together. This method gives you safety in numbers, as attackers may be put off by the mere sight of a bigger group.

You’ll also have a better chance at fighting off campers if you have team mates to watch your back.

We also recommend that, once you arrive at the iron spawn-points, one of you farms the boulders whilst the rest keep an eye out for possible enemies nearby.

Play Low Populated Servers

If you’re struggling to secure iron because people keep killing you, it might be time to consider playing a low populated server. With less people on the server, it takes the pressure off the farming spots, giving you more of a chance of making it back to your base with the goods!

You can find these servers by selecting the “servers” tab underneath the game’s thumbnail on the Roblox website. In the “other servers” section, change the drop-down box and select “ascending”. This will show servers that have the least amount of players in.

Bank Your Iron

When farming iron, we recommend that you return to your base and bank the iron as soon as possible. This might make iron farming a longer process, however if you’re struggling to keep hold of iron after you’ve farmed it, then it’s definitely worth the time. It may be tempting to farm up all your iron at once, but using this method, you’ll slowly but surely build up your collection.

Arm Yourself

It might sound obvious, but arming yourself with decent weapons is a must for iron farming. Due to it being such a sort-after resource, people are willing to fight you over it – so make sure you can fight back!