The Survival Game Bluesteel Guide – How To Get Bluesteel


If you’re a frequent Survival Game player, then you’ll know that the new Bluesteel update hit the other day. But how exactly do you get this mysterious new mineral? There’s no need to worry; we’ve created a The Survival Game Bluesteel guide in order to help you out!

The Survival Game is a hugely popular game on Roblox. It’s currently in Beta, but it’s been on the front page of Roblox for a few weeks now. In the game, you’ll gather materials, and craft items in order to defend, look after, and shelter yourself from the dangerous world. The game is set in medieval times, meaning the weapons you’ll make are quite primitive.

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The Survival Game Bluesteel Guide

We’ll now crack on with the guide at hand. We’ll split the guide into a few different sections to make reading it easier!

How Do You Get Bluesteel?

Bluesteel is the new mineral that was added in the new Survival Game update. It’s quite powerful, and not many people know how you actually get it yet, due to it being so new. Let’s take a deep-dive on how you get Bluesteel.

Along with Bluesteel, the new update also introduced the new Shipwreck events. Shipwreck events are mini-events that happen randomly across the map every 45 minutes, where boats, controlled by AI, will crash somewhere on the island. When this happens, the Bluesteel mineral in it’s most natural form will spawn at the crash-site.

You can mine the Bluesteel with a pickaxe, and it breaks down into Bluesteel Crystals. Unfortunately, you’re very limited with what you can do with the Crystals, so keep reading to see how you can fully utilise your Bluesteel…

It should be noted that these events don’t occur on Private VIP servers, so you’ll have to brave at least a low-pop server in order to get them.

Refined Bluesteel

After you’ve successfully collected Bluesteel Crystals, you’ll want to get it converted into Refined Bluesteel as soon as possible. Refined Bluesteel will unlock the full potential of the mineral, as you’ll be able to craft tools, weapons, and armour from it. But how exactly do you pull it off?

The first step is by crafting a Bluesteel Furnace. These are crafted from…

  • 2 Steel Nails
  • 10 Wooden Planks
  • 20 Bricks
  • 10 Shingles (made in an iron smelter)

Now that you have your Bluesteel Furnace, you’ll be able to craft Refined Bluesteel. Refined Bluesteel costs…

  • 1 Steel
  • 1 Bluesteel Crystal

This will only get you a single piece of Refined Bluesteel, so as you can tell, it might take a while for you to build up your collection. Thankfully, it pays off, as Bluesteel weapons and armour are incredibly powerful.

Shipwreck Tips

Acquiring Bluesteel Crystals is easier said than done. As the Shipwreck event only occurs every 45 minutes, it makes getting Bluesteel quite competetive. Thankfully, we’ve got some tips for you…

Arm Yourself

Like we said before, Shipwreck is quite competetive, and The Survival Game is not a forgiving world. You might be a friendly player yourself, but that doesn’t mean you can assume everyone else is. For this reason, we recommend that you take weapons with you in order to defend yourself if you attempt the Shipwreck event.

Never Go Alone

If you’re playing with friends, we encourage you to all attempt the Shipwreck event together, as you’ll have a higher chance of success this way. People might be intimidated by your numbers alone, and might think twice before attacking! You can also watch each other’s backs while you mine the Bluesteel Crystals.

If you’re playing solo, consider joining a clan. That way, you’ll have a team to go to the events with.

Play Low Populated Servers

We’ve recommended this before, and we’ll recommend it again. If you’re really struggling to secure these sort-after minerals, then your best bet could be to play a low-pop server. Playing these servers gives you less chance of running into aggressive players.

You can find these servers by selecting the “servers” tab underneath the game’s thumbnail on the Roblox website. In the “other servers” section, change the drop-down box and select “ascending”. This will show servers that have the least amount of players in.

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