The Secret Life of Pets: Unleashed Tips, Cheats and Strategies


The Secret Life of Pets: Unleashed might just be another match-stuff puzzler, but if you’re a fan of dogs in bubble baths or squirrels in any shape or form then you might just get a kick out of this movie tie-in.

You might also find yourself stuck from time to time. Don’t worry though, we’re not going to take your pets away from you, we’re going to explain to you how to make life better for them with these Secret Life of Pets: Unleashed tips, cheats and strategies.

The Basics

The Secret Life of Pets: Unleashed Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • The bigger the better – Look for the biggest matches you can find. These usually start off chains, and if they don’t they’ll give you a special treat you can use to clear more of the board.
  • Check your move limit – The game doesn’t always make it clear how many moves you have to complete a level in. It’s in the top right of the screen, so keep an eye on it and don’t let it get too low.
  • Don’t get distracted – Some levels will add extra layers of complexity on to your task with blocks you need to break and so on. Make sure you keep focused on the task at hand though.
  • Play fetch – Once a day you can play fetch with your pet. It’ll give you a bit of extra currency so it’s well worth doing.


The Secret Life of Pets: Unleashed Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Experiment – Different special treats react differently when you match them with others, so experiment and find out what the combinations have to offer.
  • Think before you play – There’s no time limit here, so look at what’s going to happen, what blocks you’re going to free, and what situation you’re going to be left in before sliding.
  • Squares are fine – Don’t forget that you can match together squares as well. This can often help you when you’re in a tight spot, but don’t chase after them.
  • Do you need a buff? – The buffs are rare to come by if you’re not willing to spend, so think carefully before you use them. They’ll get you out of a tight spot if you use them well, but there’s always a very real danger you’re wasting them for no reason.

The Rest

The Secret Life of Pets: Unleashed Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Don’t waste your coins – If you’re severely stuck on a level then it’s worth burning through a life to start again. You only get five extra moves when you restart and if it isn’t obvious that you’ll be able to finish with those it’s not worth the risk.
  • Watch the videos – There are videos you can watch to earn more lives if you’re in a tight spot, and attaching your account to Facebook will give you some more as well. It’s worth doing, since the game gets tough pretty quickly.
  • Use your extra boosts at the right time – When you get a boost for the first time the game will use it automatically to show you how it works. But when you get them naturally or spend to get them it’s worth using them, but only after you’ve failed a level once.
  • Check the treat bags – When you’ve earned enough stars you’ll get a gift from the treat bags along the level map. Make sure you grab them when they can because they’re usually pretty useful. Stars don’t cross levels though, so you can only spend the ones you’ve collected in the section the bag is in.

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