The Scruffs Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

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Help the Scruffs save their family home by following our tips and tricks.


  • You start every level with 3 bones, each bone represents a hint you can use in the game. You can earn additional hints by searching for the one extra bone that is hidden in every room. The bones have a faint glow around them that will help you locate them. You can tell if a room still has a bone to find if you see sketch of a bone at the bottom right corner of the list of items to find. You can ONLY use the hints in finding the objects from the list, not on the puzzles or in finding hidden artifacts. Make sure you used them all up before you start the puzzle since the hints do not carry over to the next levels.
  • When you’re ready to use your hints just click on one of the bones and Scruffy the dog will help you find the item that turns red on the list. As you move your cursor around the area Scruffy will get more excited the closer you get to the highlighted item and will give you a thumbs up when you are directly on the item. The item itself will also jiggle a bit to let you know where it is. If your trail is cold, Scruffy will just be calm.
  • If while the dog is helping you find an item, you happen to see an item you’ve been looking for, you can go ahead and click on it. This applies to any item that is not highlighted. You will not lose your hint if you do that, Scruffy will just go back to helping you once you’re done.
  • If you click randomly on the page several times , Scruffy will give you a disappointing look and 30 seconds will be deducted from your time. You will usually get the penalty after you’ve made 5 incorrect clicks in a row.
  • You only have a certain amount of time to find the objects from the list, put the puzzles together and find the hidden artifacts. If you don’t find all the items in time and finish the mini puzzles, you will have to start the round over with some new clues.
  • If you’re stuck too long in one location, just search another room. Sometimes going away from a scene and coming back to it later help you find the objects easier. It will give you a fresh perspective on the puzzle.
  • You may sometimes visit the same room as before but the next time you visit, some things will be different. In some instances, you will search for an item and the scene will be during the day and at other times it will be at night. There are also some instances in which the shades will be open and when you return to that location in another round, the shades will be closed.
  • There are 20 family photos to find in the game. When you find the photos, you will have a choice of playing what they call the scribbles game. You will have a choice to play that game right away or you can do it later. You don’t have to complete the scribbles in all 20 pictures in order to finish the game but if you do you will be privy to some cute family secrets. In order to earn a gold star on each picture you must correctly identify at least 15 out of the 20 scribbles without repeating any of them.
  • Scribbles is a memory game in which you have to remember the scribbles that appear on the pictures. The game explains how to do it very well but there are 2 things you can do to help you remember which ones you’ve identified. Before you identify the next scribble, take a good look at the ones you’ve already done and repeat them in your mind. Repeating things and looking at them carefully, will help you throughout the puzzle. You can also keep a piece of paper next to you and write each scribble you’ve already done. I would make a list of who was in the picture and then make the same scribble next to their name to help me remember. Or you can just write where the scribbles were placed. For example, mom – neck, dad – hat etc.
  • When you are piecing together the puzzles, pay attention to the piece that is glowing when you finish doing the puzzle. The glowing piece is the item that you need to find in one of the rooms. You can’t use the hint feature when you are searching for the hidden artifacts so pay close attention to the detail, shape and color of the artifact. When you actually go look for the item in the rooms all you have to go on is a simple black and white sketch of the item.
  • Certain items can mean different things so keep an open mind about what the possibilities are. For example a king can be a chess piece, a playing card or a picture of an actual king. Ketchup can be in a bottle or it could splashed on the counter. A tomato may not always be red, it could be green as well. Things may not always look the same in the game as they do in real life.


    There 15 artifacts to be found throughout the game. They are not always in the same location but I’ve compiled a list of where the majority of the items can be found. The name of every artifact is written along with which chapter and room they can be found in. At the end of this list, we also give you hints for unlocking the last door and answers to where the gems are located. After that we also have a list of where some of the extra bones can be found.

    Chapter 1 – "Grandpa’s Secret Device"

    Hidden artifact "Cryptum"

  • Front of the house – right side on the wall – above the 1810 on the light on the side of the house.
  • Front of the house – above the right side of the doorway, on the edge of the roof
  • Front of the house – at the bottom of the ladder
  • Family Photo:On the white door, under the mistletoe

    Chapter 2 – "Crickey, Crocs & Kangarangas"

  • Hidden artifact "Australian Boomerang" –
  • Conservatory – bottom right side by the flowers, right side of the chair.
  • Conservatory – bottom left corner, behind the chair
  • Family photo – kitchen – right side of the kitchen counter

    Chapter 3 "Down Slippery Slopes"

  • Hidden artifact "Austrian Skis" –
  • Pantry – bottom left corner, inside the grey box with the clear front
  • Pantry – right side on the 3rd shelf of the last bookcase
  • Family photo – bottom left corner, on the side of the big pink teddy bear

    Chapter 4 – "Deaf in the Desert"

  • Hidden artifact"American Civil War Horn"
  • Garage – right of the car on the floor, close to the stop sign
  • Garage – top right corner, on the top shelf that is on the wall
  • Family photo – The lounge – right side on the red couch, under the pillows

    Chapter 5 – "Roars of laughter"

  • Hidden artifact "African Maasai Shield" –
  • Study – by the window, above the typewriter.
  • Study – at the bottom, in the black trashcan
  • Family photo – bathroom, on the floor inside the book

    Chapter 6 – "From Russia with Love"

  • Hidden artifact – "Russian Babushka dolls"
  • Nursery – left side in the window, close to the green curtains.
  • Nursery – bottom left corner, next to the beach ball
  • Family photos – nursery – on top of the green dresser, right side of the room

    Chapter 7 – " Big Chief, Big Heart"

  • Hidden artifact " Native American stone mallet" –
  • Shed, top left side by the pile of wood on top of the red cash register.
  • Shed – left side – in front of the pile of wood that is under the window
  • Shed – right side, on top of the lawnmower, that is next to the red trashcan
  • Family photo – master bedroom – on the dresser, right side of the bed.

    Chapter 8 – " Like a knife through butter"

  • Hidden artifact" Japanese Samurai Katana" –
  • Laundry room – right side in between the washer and the shelf
  • Laundry room – left side, behind the dryer
  • Family photo – garage – on the back window of the car.

    Chapter 9 – " Jeweled Jealousy"

  • Hidden artifact – "Victorian Brooch"
  • Attic – bottom left, on the saddle of the rocking horse
  • Attic – bottom left on the chest that is next to the rocking horse
  • Family photo – grandparents room – on the bed, next to the toaster

    Chapter 10 – " Magic Market" –

  • Hidden artifact – "Arabian Golden Lamp"
  • Lounge – top right corner, on top the armoire
  • Lounge – top left , on the second shelf
  • Family photo – shed – bottom left corner

    Chapter 11 – " Golden Spooks"

  • Hidden artifact – "South American Inca Mask"
  • Girls room – top right corner, on the framed picture
  • Girls room – bottom left side – behind the big pink teddy bear

    Family photo

  • Boys room, above the right side of the bed
  • Study – on the desk, left side of the computer

    Chapter 12 – "Treasure under the Table"

    Hidden artifact "Chinese Ming Vase"

  • Grandparents room – back wall, left corner, between the green chair and the bed
  • Grandparents room – bottom right corner
  • Grandparents room0left side, behind the dresser, close to the window

    Family photo

  • Conservatory – left door window, close to the wooden chair that is on the left side
  • Attic – bottom part of the stone pillar, in the picture frame

    Chapter 13 – "Twin Flight Ride"

    Hidden artifact: "Persian Carpet"

  • Cellar – top left next to the steps on the wall
  • Cellar – bottom left at the bottom of the steps
  • Cellar – on the ground, close to the blue carpet

    Family photo:

  • Dining room – large picture on the right side of the wall
  • Pantry left side, on top of the grey box, under the snail that is close to the purple party hat

    Chapter 14 " A Case of Delhi Belly"

    Hidden artifact:"Indian Maharaja’s Jeweled Turban"

  • backyard – against the back fence, behind the well. [ALTERNATE SOLUTION: behind the ladder, second step up – thanks to Tim Golding for the tip.]

    Family photo:

  • Backyard – bottom right, next to Scruffy’s dog house
  • Laundry room – right side of the floor, on top of the blue ironing board

    Chapter 15 – "A Monstrous Chance"

    Hidden artifact :Deep Sea Black Pearl"

  • Guest room – bottom left corner, close to the left edge of the red briefcase.
  • Guest room – against the back wall, in between the stack of pillows on the bed.

    Family photo:

  • Guest room – top right corner, in the round frame that is on the back wall
  • Cellar – bottom right corner, next to the yellow fire hydrant


    After you’ve completed all 15 chapters, you will have to find 5 hidden gems that are scattered in various rooms in order for you to unlock the final door. The gems may not always be in the same location within the rooms every time you play but they WILL be in the same rooms each time. For example the ruby will always be found in the shed. Even though it’s always in the shed, it may not always be in the same place in the shed, it could be on the left or the right side etc.

    I played the game 4 times and came up with the following location for the gems. In my experience the same colored gems always stayed in the same room, even though they were found in different places. Someone else may have a different experience but this is what I encountered. If you don’t want to know the locations of the gems, please do not read any further. Thank You.

    Final Chapter "Grandpa Says. . . " These are the locations for the gems.

  • Shed – ruby – (red) left corner on the purple trashcan
  • Guest room – emerald ( green) left side on top of a wooden piece, it is on the wooden ship, in front of the frog.
  • Guest room – emerald (green) top left side, on the large framed picture that is on the wall.
  • Guest room – emerald ( green)bottom right corner, inside the leaves
  • Attic – topaz (yellow) left corner, inside the bookshelf that is against the wall
  • Attic – topaz (yellow)on the front of the rocking horse ( left side of the room)
  • Pantry – sapphire (blue) bottom left corner, inside the box with the clear front.
  • Pantry – sapphire (blue) on the left side of the floor, in front of the broom
  • Pantry – sapphire(blue) left side on the 3rd shelf of the first bookcase
  • Cellar – diamond (clear) right side of the steps, inside the small bookshelf that is against the back
  • wall.
  • Cellar – diamond (clear)bottom left corner, in the middle of the "Simon" game( circle with red, blue, green and yellow)

    Gem Lock Door

    To unlock the door you must follow the sequence of the lights as if you were playing the "Simon" game . For those of you who may not be familiar with the Simon game, you have to mimic the sequence of lights as given by the computer. If you fail to repeat the sequence correctly, you will have to start all over again with a new sequence in order to finish. Each time you complete successfully a sequence, one of the smaller gems around the door will light up. The door will automatically open once you’ve done 12 correct sequences.

    The sequence is different every time you play, so I cannot write a specific sequence to follow but if you write it down it will make things a lot easier for you since you will not have to actually memorize it. This level is not timed so you can take your time and do it, no big pressure. When you are watching the lights pay close attention to the last color of each round because if you get that wrong you will have to start again with a different pattern.


    Here is a list of where you can find the majority of the bones in specific rooms.

  • Attic – on the top right side of the picture frame that is on the stone pillar/ on the right side of the floor by the red briefcase/ bottom right corner of the stone pillar/ left side, inside the shorter bookcase
  • Backyard – bottom right corner, on Scruffy’s dog house/ at the bottom of the well, on the stone itself/ on the ground by the gnome/bottom right corner, on a brown background
  • Bathroom – middle of the room on the medicine cabinet/top right side, on the small towel/ on the floor, on top of the mat
  • Boys room – right side on the blue lamp/left side of the shelf that is hanging on the wall/ bottom left corner in the green toy box/ bottom right corner, on Pinocchio’s nose
  • Cellar – bottom right side of the steps/ bottom right side, above the empty frame and in front of the orange dryer
  • Conservatory – on the wooden chair closest to the window/right side on the floor, next to the chair/ top left corner, on the right edge of the framed picture/ right side of the window, on Scruffy’s dog house
  • Dining room – top right of the wall by the picture/right side at the bottom of the wooden shade that is on the wall (sometimes the wooden shade is open so it would be located at the bottom right corner of the window)//under the left edge of the table/bottom left corner, on a long wooden piece.
  • Front of the house/right side on the fender of the car/ right top part above the doorway/left side of the car, on the box marked this side up/ top left corner, at the top of the ladder
  • Garage – cork – board on the back wall/right side of the car, next to the stop sign/bottom right corner, on the floor/ top right corner, on the edge of the first shelf
  • Girls room – top right corner, above the armoire/ on the left bedpost/ next to the right side of the bed, on the side of the armoire/top right corner, on the edge of the framed picture/ on the floor in front of the bed
  • Grandparents room – on the chair that is by the window, on the left arm/ bottom left corner, on the dresser/top right corner, on the curtains
  • Guest room – on the bottom right side of the picture frame that is hanging on the wall/ back wall, under the welcome sign/ on the side of the bed, against a brown paper bag/ on the bottom left corner, above the x – ray
  • Kitchen – left side on top of the stove/ bottom left corner, on the red plate of cookies on the table/under the window, in the middle of the cabinets/

    top right corner, above the microwave

  • Laundry – left side on the wooden coat hanger that is next to the dryer/ above the dryer, in between the folded towels/top right, on the towel that is underneath the lamp
  • Lounge – top right, on the upper part of the armoire/on the right arm of the beige sofa/left corner on the left arm of the beige sofa
  • Master bedroom – right side of the headboard/ on the top right side of the gold frame that is on the wall/left side of the headboard, under the gold frame/top right corner, on the frame that has a picture of a tractor
  • Nursery – on the floor between the green dresser and the crib/top right side of the wall, in the corner of the shelf that is on the wall/top left corner, in the window
  • Pantry – right side inside the 4th shelf/ top left corner by the dartboard/left side of the pantry, shelf that is under the hanging blue lampshade/top right corner, on the edge in between the last two bookshelves
  • Shed – top left corner, on the left side of the pile of wood / bottom right, on the floor, between the red trash can and the lawnmower/right side of the screen, close to the lit light bulb/ top left corner between the window and the board
  • Study – left side – by the bottom of the window, on the box marked fragile/on the window, by the alien/ top left corner, above the window, on the piece of art/on the right, under the white picture frame/bottom right corner in front of the chair
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